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I make robos... Options
Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 4:42:36 PM
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Greetings folks,
I said in the previous Mega Caddy / NXT Mindstorms thread
"You'll see why in a moment."

I make robots.
I refurb SERCO K5 Knightscope robos,
PETMANs etc.
I teach everything I learned from Mr Imahara,
at local MEGA-Caddy R2 Build Clubs.

I mentioned years ago,
"I made R1-G5, R3G5" etc,
and, it has a clear alien brain dome instead,
as it was like James Bruton's stuff - a "CLAPTRAP" Uni-cycle treaded R2 Unit.

a little Duqi remote control or a modified Android-GLADE controller etc,
and you're good to go!

I show folks how to make their R2 robot,
and, have a server caddy etc,
all the way through to
how to make the vocaloid and phonemeplexes.

Thats why I am always on the lookout for specific parts hehehe.

I make these projects to get folks interested in
SWminis and robots.

I put a miniature R2 or R5 in every actual 1:1 R2 Unit.

I don't make BB-8s. Don't ask me to make those.
I can teach you how you can make those yourselves
but, I dislike SW:VII-IX and do not consider those canonical.
I draw the line at Rhea's Stories - I won't be supporting that much longer either hehe.
Posted: Friday, May 13, 2022 6:35:34 AM
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Yes, folks,
I use the Duqi / Little Controller or my Android-refurb'd Glades
and Tamagotcha Cyberdeck with 40mm touchscreen,
to send the R2 around places.

I don't offer them often at Bloomilk,
but, I have from time to time, the rail guide or the KUDACLIP parts.
the back mount, if you're interested in the MDF and LAZER-CNC polycarb R2 parts,
I don't offer metal or carbon-carbon via Bloomilk.

That is why I have been requesting and trading a lot to get the KUDACLIP parts I need etc,
and the pyraminx parts, so,
many many thanks to the folks at Bloomilk who made that happen painlessly for me,
so I can focus on making these R1, R2 and RB series units.

I have also reconsidered the 'ban' on build BB8,
after some folks PM'd me here at A.S.T. about how they thought
"what's the difference between a Golfball and BB-8?"
"Didn't you say you are working on GERBALL? Whats the difference between that?"

okay... fine, I'll make a BB8 style thing...
but its going to be a while BigGrin
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