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About twelve parsecs outside the Rishi Maze

Hit Points: 150
Defense: 21
Attack: 16
Damage: 20
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Creator: AlexTheGreat
Created: 6/6/2019
Updated: 6/11/2019

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
  • Triple Attack (On his turn, this character can make 2 extra attacks instead of moving)
  • Form VI Mastery (This character gains Force Attuned while 2 or more enemies are within 6 squares. When this character is hit by an attack, make a save of 11. On a success, he can make an immediate attack or use a Force Power that replaces attacks or turn against that attacker.)
  • Dark Armor (Whenever this character takes damage, he reduces the damage dealt by 10 with a save of 11. Attacks with lightsabers ignore this special ability.)
  • Lightsaber Duelist (+4 Defense when attacked by an adjacent enemy with a Force rating)
  • Master Tactician (You automatically choose who goes first except on a roll of 1)

Force Powers

  • Force 2
  • Force Renewal 2 (This character gets 2 Force points each time he activates)
  • Force Storm 2 (Force 2, replaces attacks: 20 damage to all adjacent characters)
  • Force Drain (Force 2, replaces attacks: range 6; An enemy with a Force rating is considered activated this round. If the target has Force points remaining, transfer 1 Force point from the target to this character.)
  • Lightsaber Defense (Force 1: When hit by an attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)
  • Lightsaber Throw (Force 1, replaces attacks: Attack 1 enemy within 6 squares)
  • Master of the Force 2 (May spend Force points up to 2 times in a single turn)

Commander Effect

Allies within 6 squares can move 2 extra squares as a part of their move and still make extra attacks.

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