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Set / Faction Set / Faction Character

Imperial Seventh Sister 33 
Counts As: Seventh Sister
Hit Points: 80
Defense: 19
Attack: 12
Damage: 20
Rarity: Rare
Base: Medium
Gender: Female
Seventh Sister

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
  • Double Attack (On her turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
  • Acrobatic (Ignores enemy characters when moving)
  • Agile (This character can move 2 extra squares at the end of her turn)
  • Immediate DRK Droid Reserves (If you roll exactly 5, 10, 15, or 20 for initiative, you can add a character named DRK-1 Dark Eye Probe Droid from any faction to your squad, adjacent to this character, immediately before your first activation of the round)
  • Synergy +2 (+2 Attack and +2 Defense while an ally whose name contains Fifth Brother is within 6 squares)

Force Powers

Commander Effect

Droids are subject to this effect: Allies named DRK-1 Dark Eye Probe Droid gain Jedi Hunter.

Average Rating: 8.25 (4)
Synergy Providers ()
Synergy Receivers ()

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