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Has never underestimated the power of the Dark Side.

Face Your Destiny


Card Text

Force 3, usable only on this character’s turn: choose an enemy within 12 squares regardless of line of sight and cover; that character gains Savage and is not affected by Empathy until the start of this character’s next turn or until this character is defeated; save 16. While affected by this ability: on its turn, the chosen character must move adjacent to this character if it can.

Glossary Text

(Force: 3 Force points) One enemy within 12 squares gains Savage until Darth Malgus next activates or or until Darth Malgus is defeated. Line of sight is not needed and cover is ignored, but you can't trace a path through a wall (count around it instead). The chosen character is immune to Empathy and must end its move adjacent to Darth Malgus if it can (if it can’t reach Darth Malgus or an enemy, it moves normally). The target can avoid the effect with a save of 16. This ability is usable only on this character's turn.

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