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The Force is with Bloo Milk, but it is not a Jedi yet.

Thought Bomb


Card Text

Force 5, replaces turn or when this character is defeated: 80 damage to all living characters within 6 squares; save 11 to reduce damage to 40. Remove this character from play. This Force power cannot be canceled.

Glossary Text

(Force: 5 Force points) Instead of taking its normal turn, a character using this Force power deals 80 damage to all living characters (enemies and allies alike) within 6 squares. Characters can reduce the damage to 40 with a save of 11. Remove this character from play, it is considered defeated and cannot take advantage of any effects that would prevent that result (such as Avoid Defeat). This ability is also usable when this character is defeated, whether by being reduced to 0 hit points or from an ability that defeats other characters (such as Tactics Broker or Transfer Essence). This ability cannot be canceled by abilities that are able to cancel Force powers (such as Force absorb or Force defense).

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