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I would not eat them with some Wookiees. I do not like Bloo Milk and cookies!

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6/11/2024 3:27:34 PM

do these guys get Twin Attack from General Weir? His CE says any character whose name contains Speeder gains twin attack
6/8/2024 1:22:59 AM

I think they have quite enough abilities already
6/7/2024 8:43:20 PM

This character should have Shadow Collective
6/6/2024 6:23:16 PM

No comments? We've had great luck running 5 or 6 of them with Old Daka and Talia to grant them opportunist. 10 attack for 20 isn't amazing but if you can seize the moment and pop something to get another zombie, it's not so bad
6/6/2024 3:02:51 AM

Ithorian is melee-only. Also an IG Lancer could sneeze twice and destroy your entire squad. But still a fun idea to try sometime.
6/6/2024 2:14:38 AM

So, why not use the Specforce Technician for Twin and Jolt? Seems like a perfect opportunity. Add Rieekan and Ithorian Commander, Twi'lek Vigo, and you're set.
6/5/2024 9:36:37 PM

great in a Meetra + Jedi General squad. Could even add a Killik Queen for more damage
6/5/2024 5:54:00 AM

6/3/2024 5:01:03 PM

If I use the 100pt Dooku, can I reroll this guy's "replaces turn" attack with Dooku's +4/+10?
3/19/2024 10:09:50 PM (Updated: 5/31/2024 3:48:18 PM)

A true strategic piece. Excellent CE balanced by below average stats and LoS condition (though his HP is decent for an 11pt RS mini). Any game piece that lets you break a rule AND choose how to do it is at least worth looking at.
5/30/2024 10:56:42 PM

So where would I find that FAQ above mentioned? There's so many ways I could break this.
5/25/2024 2:21:09 PM

Try this... --Three Suns in the Sunset-- 30 Xizor 28 Ziton Moj, Head of Black Sun 27 Ziro the Hutt 26 Mighella, Black Sun Bodyguard 25 Alexi Garyn, Head of the Black Sun 36 Falleen Black Sun Bodyguard x2 35 Falleen Spy x5 18 Klatooinian Black Sun Thug x3 (225pts. 15 activations)
5/24/2024 1:36:50 PM

My friend wants to play this character but I am struggling to make him good. It seems like you're 100% going to bring in Xizor HotBS, but he is only OK imho.
5/21/2024 2:35:04 AM

I just wanted to chime in and say that I think this piece functions well. It makes not good Anakins good, and it makes 501st great, especially with Clone Commander.
5/20/2024 4:48:01 PM

To clarify, Goad works even if the targetted ally has already activated?
5/13/2024 8:58:46 PM

So who's best to bring in with the reserves? I'm thinking Boushh for Grenades.
5/12/2024 1:26:56 AM

Good point! Good reminder for me not to run my mouth if I'm not keeping up on subfaction synergies... or at all. Thanks for the insight!
5/11/2024 10:02:43 PM

I think it's somewhat useful in a Mando's Ally squad since Din Djarin has Triple, and IG-11 and Fennec Shand get Double/Twin but no built-in GMA. So a movement breaker for them is helpful.
5/11/2024 8:40:45 PM

Tracking Fob. With that many restrictions on it just save the card text and hand out Charging Fire for a turn. Good grief… er, Greef.
5/10/2024 12:39:55 AM

Oh, thanks
5/10/2024 12:37:43 AM

I think the comment is about the Yammosk stealing Tulak's CE.
5/10/2024 12:10:58 AM

How would you can Tulak and Vong in the same squad?
5/9/2024 10:38:52 PM

Unfortunately, we don't move that fast around here.
5/9/2024 10:19:03 PM

Thanks! Can someone fix this (in the next 24hrs please?)?
5/9/2024 2:42:54 PM

Very astute of you, Lightsaber. Yes, Faith in the Force does cancel out Force Aura if she's within 2 squares of Thon. That's a fairly big oversight for her design, since the idea of Force Aura was for her to be able be mounted on Thon without taking the Repulse damage. Maybe you should be doing quality control for the V-sets.
5/8/2024 11:03:49 PM

QUESTION: How does Faith in the Force and Force Aura work, in relation to Master Thon? Thon's Force Repulse affects all characters within 4 squares, but Nomi is not affected because of Force Aura, but her Faith in the Force means that Master Thon's Repulse can't be prevented from affecting characters...
5/8/2024 10:56:07 PM

Yes, Darth_Reignir, attack and damage boosts also apply to attacks made with Twin Blaster or Throw Object.
5/8/2024 9:13:27 PM

Is it Guildmaster Cradossk
Cassus fett
5/8/2024 8:55:37 PM

Fake fan! Doesn't know who Bossk's dad is!
5/8/2024 8:53:40 PM

Nothing showed up when I searched him up.
5/8/2024 8:53:20 PM

Who is Craddosk
5/8/2024 7:09:03 PM

Would his Twin Blasters 10 benefit from Jabba Desilijic Tiure's +4/+10 CE?
5/8/2024 1:10:07 AM

Question, Can I invisibility potion through walls?
5/5/2024 2:16:06 AM

Not that the piece isn’t still terrible in practice, but the design intent finally dawned on me. This is an elegantly streamlined Jedi interference piece. On paper, he’s got a ton of staying power against a melee opponent - probably more than anything else in the price range. He doesn’t do much damage, but if he can tie up Mace or Maul for a couple turns, that’s not nothing.
4/29/2024 6:31:57 AM

No, you can't end your move in an already occupied space.
4/29/2024 4:41:17 AM

Does Dominant Manouevre allow the player to clear out their landing space?
4/29/2024 12:29:39 AM

Don't forget Thon's Force Repulse - 40 to all characters within 4 squares, but Nomi has an Aura that protects her. Love this character, its going to hurt some feelings.
4/22/2024 10:41:16 PM

I think he is overcosted TBH
4/4/2024 9:02:04 PM

no, because they also have to be the specific character, not just have the letters in their name. it's in the glossary entry for name contains:
4/4/2024 8:54:07 PM

Just got a question: The "Ebon Hawk" special ability states that sllies whose names contain x, x, x, or Mira are also considered Ebon Hawk. Grand Ad-Mira-l Thrawn enter?
3/29/2024 10:05:19 PM

I see this piece in my nightmares
3/29/2024 1:50:14 AM

I love pieces like this. Doesn’t cease to amaze me how the team can continue to breathe life into old pieces like this.
3/29/2024 12:23:42 AM

welp... (maybe that will change with fringe Asajj 0.0)
3/28/2024 11:43:18 PM

You can't, it is called an easter egg.
3/28/2024 11:29:41 PM

I dont understand how you could even get Asajj into a squad with him.
3/26/2024 1:39:04 AM (Updated: 3/26/2024 1:46:22 AM)

This is a cool piece, but I’m a little confused I guess. Feels like it should either be Separatist or have synergy with Jabba. Why would I play this in a Jabba squad when it means I can’t run Bib Fortuna with him? Not only that, but why not work with Ziro since he is the built in Separatist Hutt Cartel piece?
3/23/2024 11:24:27 PM

Cool! I like design insights like that!!
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