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9/19/2021 11:27:29 PM

Love that she is in the game now!
9/19/2021 10:40:40 PM

Fun piece as well! I don't know how I feel about armorsmith. That Beskar wasn't easy to come by! but Crowd Fighting, Stealth, and GMA are all spot on!
9/19/2021 10:38:22 PM

Very fun and fitting piece!
9/18/2021 3:15:52 AM

IG-11 will probably be the better choice in most squads.
9/14/2021 6:31:15 AM

I looked back through Eryl's design thread, and it seems like the connection was indeed that it was the name of a book in the same series, plus the conceptual link between a vector and what they wanted to do with the ability. To be clear, this is not intended as a criticism of the designers- I'm mainly pointing it out to say that having Vector Prime as an ability name here is not much more of a stretch than putting it on Eryl.
9/14/2021 6:15:36 AM

I don't even see how Vector Prime (as an ability name) made sense on Eryl Besa in the first place. It was the Yuuzhan Vong term for their invasion path of the galaxy. Eryl's Force ability enabling her to determine her location, the basis for the mechanic of the ability, seems unrelated to Vector Prime except for the fact that they were in the same series. But I haven't read most of NJO, including Star by Star, so there might be a further link there that I don't know about.
7/21/2021 5:41:59 AM (Updated: 9/14/2021 4:45:16 AM)

For all he does he's like a 9. But since he does it to a nearly unplayable subfaction, 7. Let's the actual attacking insects get shots off and not die right away (and maybe hit some stuff?). The Geonosian Overseers now let other Geos get double. Stack with Whorm to give double twin and it's a lot of shots, but mostly pretty low attack ratings.
Cassus fett
9/8/2021 7:15:25 PM

Indeed I know about Saberan Macoss and Joak Quiller. I'm just really curious where the idea for this CE came from. Out of all the options I think Palpatine or Joruus are the best options.
9/8/2021 7:00:30 PM

There are actually 2 more. They were a group of stormtroopers who deserted after a massacre of innocent civilians but decided to keep using their imperial equipment to help those in need. Kind of like an imperial A-team. But they were deserters which 8th why they have independent outfit.
9/8/2021 5:31:16 PM

I don't even know what QC is..... but I love to help out when I can!
9/8/2021 2:02:18 PM

Udorian84, want to join QC? Lol. I take the blame for the less than ideal wording for Impact Dispersion Armor.
9/8/2021 2:01:06 PM

For the record, I have zero problems with what the Wraith Squadron special ability does. It just should have been named anything other than Wraith Squadron. The literal name of a subfaction should only be used as a special ability that does nothing other than identify the piece as a member of that subfaction. We should have learned our lesson from WotC’s Black Sun fiasco.
Cassus fett
9/7/2021 10:34:23 PM (Updated: 9/7/2021 11:41:37 PM)

The Hand of Judgement Pieces are so weird. I love them. Is there a piece missing from their "team"? Was there some diplomat or something they protected? That CE is so oddly specific and there are so few pieces that meet the 0 damage qualifier.
9/7/2021 7:50:51 PM

The Wraith Squadron ability?! I can foresee that causing designers problems...
9/7/2021 7:48:33 PM

As one of the main contributors to the Wraith Squadron ability, I unreservedly apologise. But, I'm not sorry. *ha!*
9/7/2021 4:51:25 PM

The wording for Impact Dispersion Armor isn't ambiguous and it fits on the card, so QC/rules never changed the wording. Udorian's suggestion is better.
9/7/2021 4:46:31 PM

can means must? then we should definitely use optional. Ya, I don't know, straightforward seems best to me and find the best way and stick with it. If optional is what we like, then I say we go with that from now on.
9/7/2021 4:07:46 PM

“Can” sometimes means “must” in SWM. “Optional” is very clear. As to the specific wording with restrictions (impact dispersion armor), you’ll have to ask QC/rules committee why they felt that was the best route. Perhaps at least in part because prior abilities followed a similar structure (with a restriction often citing adjacent attacks or attacks by lightsaber)
9/7/2021 3:30:07 PM

Wraith Squadron has so much going on I have been afraid to try to tackle it to be honest. Kind of like the Rogue One squad. So many different things it takes away from game play trying to figure it all out. I played the Rogue One squad and couldn't keep up with the bonuses and things.
9/7/2021 3:28:43 PM

Counter Tech: optional? I have not seen that word before isn't it usually "can"? it can gain +2 to the save. I just think the same wording and direct wording would be easier and flow better. It is hard to keep up with the "negatives" and " restrictions" like going through a checklist trying to figure out if it works.
9/7/2021 3:26:58 PM

I don't like long worded Special Abilities that are "in the negative" the piece has more limitations then it does effects. I think we could have written Impact Dispersion Armor as: Whenever this character takes more then 20 damage from an attack from a non-lightsaber melee attack, immediately reduce it to 20........." that way it is right to the point. The first sentence is like "Sweet!" then the next is like "oh, nvm".
9/7/2021 2:57:12 PM

As always, people have to find SOMETHING to complain about. If “Name is too long” is what people are complaining about, I’m fine with that.
9/7/2021 2:54:23 PM (Updated: 9/7/2021 2:54:51 PM)

“Ace” was getting really old and not accurate in many cases. We thought more distinction for their specific roles was warranted. With “Wraith Squadron” being a required part of the name due to the very poor decision to name an ability for a subfaction (as opposed to it being simply an identifier), our options were very limited. “Of Wraith Squadron”? Awkward and silly. “Wraith Squadron Pilot” boring and lame. We decided to add 12 more letters and give her a proper title for her role.
9/6/2021 2:54:18 PM

The "counter-tech expert" part was unnecessary.
9/4/2021 2:50:42 AM

I believe the name is so long so that she can count as Wraith Squadron without having the Wraith Squadron ability.
9/4/2021 2:39:39 AM (Updated: 9/4/2021 2:42:35 AM)

Does this character really need that long of a name? Are they getting another piece? The armor only works on non-lightsaber melee attacks? I guess my One-Arm deck is dead.
9/4/2021 2:03:04 AM

I think ObiKin is pretty good.
Cassus fett
9/3/2021 12:30:34 AM (Updated: 9/3/2021 12:33:09 AM)

Can anyone comment on Death Trooper effectiveness with this Tarkin? The free combine fire and the rolling evade seem pretty sweet.
Rogue 13
8/31/2021 8:16:13 PM

Does GMA interact favorably with Charging Fire? I wanna run these guys with Mandalore the Ultimate
8/26/2021 4:12:06 PM

I think we can all agree the this Bossk is over costed to be I get what you are saying jen'ari. Now if he was closer to 38-40pts...
8/26/2021 2:46:49 PM

For the Record, Momentum Backlash Bossk sounds so fun! and in casual competitive it would be a blast to play.
8/26/2021 2:45:13 PM

The problemis GenSky is not tier 1, (neither is swapping for 100 damage) neither is Hunt Master.... so Bossk might get good, but that squad is not going to be good. Neither of those discuss his 100% weakness.... defense. Triple Stun Mortar if he wanted to use his whole activation stun mortaring instead of doing damage. that is 72 points to try and activate people.... Not really good in a point based game.
8/26/2021 2:16:44 PM can always add him in with a Hunt Master and now he has Ambush and Backlash.
8/26/2021 2:14:43 PM

He can triple Stun Mortar with Tarpals.
8/26/2021 2:10:50 PM (Updated: 8/26/2021 2:13:57 PM)

GenSky he's doing 100 dam to adjacents on the move. (99 pts right there) And with access to Panaka & R2 (131 pts) he'll get just about anywhere.
8/26/2021 12:36:37 PM

The piece just requires more "playing" to maximum it. Boba, you just pop out and shoot. Giving him Opportunist also limits him in Imperials which would have been a very good faction for him.
8/26/2021 3:35:43 AM (Updated: 8/26/2021 3:36:47 AM)

I agree completely. I think it is a very fun design and would probably enjoy playing him over Boba. When he is played it is for the fun factor not the competitive factor imo
8/26/2021 2:54:51 AM

Bossk wasn't played last year, but I've played him in a couple of regionals and others have played him as well. Of course, Boba AFH will usually be taken over Bossk and many others in competitive play. That Boba was specifically designed to compete for table space with Cad Bane (a WotC tier 1 staple). He's an under-cost power 10/11 ultimate fanboy version of Boba Fett. Bossk was designed as a power 9/10 version of a DICE Battlefront I&II character. He has his own unique playstyle, squads, and is fun to play. He was designed to do his own thing, but not to compare with Boba or Cad Bane.
8/26/2021 2:43:40 AM

Had a pretty fun epic 500 game the other day substituting him in for Han Solo and Chewbacca :)
8/26/2021 12:56:22 AM

It is why he is never played
8/26/2021 12:42:01 AM

I would never play bosskk over boba. Whorm is hard to use because of lack of defense and movement in the faction. Boba's gma/triple is too powerful and these characters should always be with a damage boost. Power ranking would never be done solo. It has to be done with the squad
8/26/2021 12:28:29 AM (Updated: 8/26/2021 12:29:34 AM)

In most cases, Boba is still better due to Accurate and GMA. And with a +10, the damage difference is just 90 vs 100. Bossk's best spot may be with Whorm. I agree Boba is generally better, but not in every way.
8/26/2021 12:26:25 AM

Stun Mortar for free makes it easier to get Opportunist/Backlash. If you get him adjacent, that's +18/80dmg on the move without outside boosts, which is better than Boba unboosted. He is Twin-eligible but Boba isn't.
8/25/2021 9:39:25 PM

Bona is better in every single way. Better number of attacks, better targeting, better movement by far, easier damage.
Cassus fett
8/25/2021 8:36:00 PM

Surprised this guy isn't used more, especially in Hutt Cartel. Backlash/Opportunist is a very enticing combo. Are there just more efficient picks? (Black Krrsantan, Boba AFH?)
8/15/2021 2:14:58 AM

Oh man did you guys call it many years in advance ^
8/12/2021 6:06:45 PM

Just coming across this piece and just watched Rex in Bad Batch. The Flavor Text is perfect!
8/10/2021 9:50:07 PM

Yeah, but losing a spaarti is a lot less big deal than losing her. She's also a great tertiary attacker in Death Watch. (btw original design had her handing out thorium charge to all DW allies. We had to shut that down quick)
8/10/2021 4:51:40 PM

With Thorium Charge, it means you don't need so many cheap door control scrubs anyway.
8/5/2021 11:45:22 PM

I was going to point that out as well - "Fringe" by definition isn't a true faction, so thus "Fringe" would not turn to Old Republic as a prerequisite for that CE. So while technically you could steal Talon Karrde's +4/+10, it wouldn't do any good because it would be moot since clearly you don't have all Fringe characters.
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