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Cassus fett
4/24/2022 12:38:08 AM

I dislike most of Old Republic. Not this guy, he's one of my favourite pieces in the game.
Cassus fett
4/19/2022 7:52:25 PM (Updated: 4/19/2022 7:53:20 PM)

An interesting choice to single out for power creep. Din is pretty underpowered for 41 points with only triple (no GMA) and no inbuilt damage boost. He’s almost more of a tech piece with battle ready, MI, and his CE.
4/18/2022 8:58:09 PM

I like the CCC versions better. I have been out of the game a while, but power creep is running wild. 41 points? You can capture Din Djarin's general skills in a few less wordy skills. He doesn't need all that "mando's ally" stuff or Pilot or MI. At the end of the day, he's a bounty hunter with a soft spot for Grogu.
Cassus fett
4/15/2022 3:30:04 PM

How is this dork a 7? He's got 40 HP for 22 points, one attack, no defensive options and hands out a sub-par ability to non-unique followers.
Cassus fett
4/12/2022 12:47:52 AM

Supremely interesting to see how over costed he is, especially now. He should've cost maybe 40. No offensive power past Corruption, little defense (none against shooters). Yeezus.
4/5/2022 11:59:54 PM

He's better now than ever before, with all the ewok and fringe bonuses the v-set's given us. I'd say he's just the right price too. Outside of those builds, he's a cheap unique force users, and those are sometimes useful to sacrifice.
Cassus fett
4/5/2022 5:47:39 PM

What an odd choice to call out for being overcosted. I think he's pretty spot on.
4/5/2022 11:07:34 AM

Way too fragile for the cost. Force corruption can come up but without stealth he is likely to bite the dust shortly after getting in range to use it.
Cassus fett
4/5/2022 2:01:41 AM

Literally didn't know this piece existed. For 11 points in Vong... not bad.
Cassus fett
4/3/2022 1:19:53 AM

Love this piece. Absolutely captures Grand Master era Luke.
3/28/2022 3:46:36 AM

I'd have used a Storm Commando or Shadow Stormtrooper as a proxy, since Hunter's armor is black/charcoal gray.
3/12/2022 7:39:14 AM

Doomed to mediocrity due to the figures released after him. I mean his CE makes rebel troopers significantly better but he is completely outclassed by the Czerka Scientist which does more for less (unless you desperately need someone who can do some damage as well as grant the ability. Still playable but for less points you could get an Elite Rebel Commando or Veteran Republic Commando.
Cassus fett
3/12/2022 12:12:29 AM

Can we please errata trooper onto these guys? Please?
2/23/2022 6:22:20 AM

He'll be cool with Daala if she ever comes back. :)
2/18/2022 4:26:47 PM

2/18/2022 2:29:32 PM

Does Sith Weapon stack with Bandon's CE?
2/17/2022 2:01:57 PM

Force Phase is only on his turn so a Loth Cat can't shove him through a wall.
2/16/2022 5:23:02 PM (Updated: 2/16/2022 5:43:42 PM)

If you use a Loth Cat to move this character 3 squares, can you Force Phase to move through a wall? Just read Glossary and it says "on its turn" so I don't think it can, but wanted to make sure
Cassus fett
2/15/2022 5:43:21 PM

Its a joke based on the game rules. In the rule book and I believe later in an FAQ, they definitively state, "a character is not considered its own ally". Which I've always found funny because that should be obvious based on the definition of the word ally.
2/15/2022 4:54:50 PM

Why can't one be their own ally? Sometimes our only ally is ourself. But I love the look of this piece and if we get enough "Mission" pieces I think it can create a type of Mission tournament where you get 1 point in the match or something.
2/15/2022 4:52:26 PM

I enjoy this piece quite thoroughly!
2/15/2022 1:12:23 AM

I know urbanjedi has gone without one before. If you already have the +4 from somewhere else (eg GGDAC), depending on the droids you have, another +4 might just be overkill. In which case 8 more points of attackers may be worthwhile. Once you're hitting regularly, at a certain point a higher Attack rating doesn't help much.
2/14/2022 11:49:49 PM

I think this is the definition of a "10". Any Separatist or Droid squad is worse off without this piece and the rangeless buff it can provide at only 9 points is outstanding.
Cassus fett
2/13/2022 5:12:20 PM

That's an oddly accurate sentiment. Blows my mind this guy and Cad Bane are in the same set.
2/13/2022 5:03:53 PM

The last few sets by WoTC feltweird. It was like they tried to go back to the power level of the game state a few years prior. 60 pts for this fisto would have made sense at some point, but by this GaW, fisto's cost should have been in the high 40's, maybe low 50's at the most.
Cassus fett
2/13/2022 3:00:35 PM

Possibly one of the worst Jedi pieces to see the light of day. Shows that even by galaxy at war WOTC still couldn’t figure out how to cost high level Jedi/Sith
2/9/2022 5:19:04 PM

highly susceptible to Boba on Rancor
2/9/2022 12:53:59 AM

On some maps, it will be easier to complete the Mission than others. It's a pretty big bonus if you do (free turn), but it's not gamebreaking if you don't. What's likely to happen is that you give up Omega's turn to make a run for the Mission so that you give Wrecker or Hunter two turns in the same round. You're likely to lose Omega in the process, but if Wrecker or Hunter take out something big in the exchange you come out ahead. But every skirmish will be different.
2/9/2022 12:41:04 AM

You dont have to put your piece in the square..... tbh I would be happy if people set their team up as a firing squad.
Cassus fett
2/8/2022 11:50:59 PM

So uh, how does the other player not just set up half their team in a firing squad and wait for me to put my bad batch piece into that square?
2/8/2022 11:03:06 PM

All players are aware of which square it is
Cassus fett
2/8/2022 10:26:58 PM

Is the square for M:Acquisition public knowledge or do only I know it?
2/8/2022 6:28:21 AM (Updated: 2/8/2022 3:52:35 PM)

Note that Twin Attack does not stack with Twin Blaster 10. It's not on the card, but it's in the glossary (going back to Ben Skywalker). And also implied by the name.
2/8/2022 3:44:10 PM

Coordinated Command might be the best thing on her.
2/8/2022 3:42:57 PM (Updated: 2/8/2022 3:43:10 PM)

No, you have to get everyone across the board to get twin. and even then.... she has a 10 attack, makes her worthless.
2/8/2022 3:32:59 PM

In a Mando's Ally squad Bo-Katan is an 18 point shooter with Double/Twin.
2/8/2022 3:11:42 PM

It can also grab Beskar from the Armorer if you go that route, giving her a little more survivability. I think the larger issue is that Bo-Katan is worthless haha.
2/8/2022 1:20:26 AM

Too bad Naga Sadow and the Son suck. 18 extra points to do an extra 20 damage is not significant for a piece that can only attack once on the move.
2/8/2022 1:13:56 AM

The recruit fills a gap in Boss Nass' reinforcements. Nass has Reinforcements 20 and Rapport -1 for Gungans. There are 3 Gungans that cost 18. A Recruit plus any one of those 3 fits as a reinforcement option. You Probably Don't Recognize Me pairs well with the Gungan grenades-type abilities. You can run the recruit up and then target him in order hit a group of enemies who aren't adjacent to each other, or to hit a Cloaked enemy who is in cover.
2/8/2022 12:42:09 AM

I must be Frenk, your majesty
2/8/2022 12:26:55 AM

Sith Alchemist is a natural pairing. Which makes him a good bet to go with other non-lightsaber Sith like Naga Sadow.
2/7/2022 11:46:03 PM

I agree that he has some purpose somewhere, just not 1/4 our squad worth. Not unless there is a build for him. He is good enough to eventually be a part of something. I am just not seeing it right now.
2/7/2022 11:27:58 PM

He's also quite the deep strike threat against squishy commanders. He can walk through walls for 10 squares and then kill a 30hp commander. Or he can base someone 16 squares away... which takes him from gambit to the back row in one turn. And then most likely kill them (60dmg) the next turn.
2/7/2022 11:26:06 PM

oh. ok. back to sucking then.
2/7/2022 11:18:28 PM

No. He can walk through walls himself, but they would have to walk around. Gargoyle Form is very situational. Probably only used 0 or 1 time per game. He's mainly a Lightning machine that is surprisingly hard to kill due to the combination of Shapeshifter and Force Phase. In most of the PTs he didn't die at all.
2/7/2022 10:30:18 PM

Wait. Can you carry someone through walls?
2/7/2022 9:00:22 PM (Updated: 2/7/2022 9:00:43 PM)

Closed faction fodder is never good in a faction that is subpar. He will be played by people that want a flavor piece and that is all. The game has a place for that but not in a faction that has no competitive build. This piece should have come out when Balance was found by giving Sith a competitive build.
2/7/2022 8:39:12 PM

A lot has to go right for that to all work out, but it's a nice combination.
2/7/2022 8:38:34 PM

Hunter/Wrecker's deadly combo: Wrecker hits the Mission:Acquisition square and attacks twice with GMA from Rex. Free turn to Hunter, who Twins and cannons Wrecker with Coordinated Strike. Then Hunter takes his regular turn and Twins and cannons Wrecker again. If Wrecker is boosted by Reprisal and the CE, his attacks are 40dmg each. Let's say Hunter is adjacent to an unactivated enemy (Cunning&Gauntlet). In one phase: 40dmgx2; 40dmgx2+40dmg; 40dmgx2+40dmg. 320dmg phase.
2/7/2022 7:24:24 PM (Updated: 2/7/2022 8:06:12 PM)

As a spy, he wasn't intended to be a major beatstick, but rather a balance of multiple things. He has decent offense (+13/40dmg unboosted), minor movement breaker, minor denial, and a situational tech (Force Sense). And with Twin/Backlash he was intended to be easily boosted. You'd need to make use of all of them to get the most out of him, and even then he wasn't designed to be a power 10 piece.
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