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9/23/2020 2:26:49 AM

I think it's mainly so that if he uses it after being defeated, he actually has HP instead of having zero HP while still on the board.
9/23/2020 12:24:47 AM

Why does force projection reduce lukes hp to 10 if he's immune to damage and dies immediately after. Am i missing some way to deal damage to him?
9/16/2020 5:47:11 PM

Access to Super Stealth...?
9/11/2020 12:27:37 AM

He does not.
9/10/2020 11:35:48 PM

Pretty sure he doesn’t have Count as having a lightsaber
9/10/2020 7:12:44 PM

does this mini count as having a lightsaber?
9/9/2020 5:35:50 PM

no, they all have to be less, Mando
9/9/2020 5:12:25 PM

does prideful work if there is another character worth 27pts in the squad?
9/9/2020 1:25:33 PM

Very easy to boost his attacks, can have some devastating damage output for 23 points. One step ahead can really help with critical turns- I was able to use it to easily remove a gungan shield bearer that may otherwise have been a thorn until late game. Con artist mileage will vary. I'm on the fence about L337, even at 25 pts.
9/9/2020 1:07:39 PM

What kinda lando isn't an opportunist?
9/9/2020 4:21:12 AM

He misses out by not having access to Hutt Cartel or Crimson Dawn. Keeps him in the support role and locks him out of being a more useful cannon. You'd think you'd want to run him with Lil Lando and Baby Han, but they get more use out of a Klat Captrain for 6 points less.
9/7/2020 3:42:43 AM

This is one of my favorite designs in the game. A good mix of flaws and strengths to work around them.
8/28/2020 3:46:11 AM

Synergy would have been fine working with NUs as well. They definitely need it.
8/22/2020 6:39:49 PM

Jabba does a lot and can pair with anyone, so it will be interesting to see what ends up being his best option. He can go into a faction, but you lose the CEs. After Reinforcements, that means 23pts just for Tight Security and Lookout, which doesn't sound like a good deal. But paired with Thrawn or Bastila maybe it's worth it. In Fringe, he can pair with Bib or Talon (but not both). Or also add another Fringe commander like Mother Talzin. It quickly adds up to a lot of points in tech, though, so you won't want to stack too many commanders.
8/21/2020 2:49:27 AM (Updated: 8/21/2020 2:49:38 AM)

Recent tempo control ruling kind of unfairly nerfs this piece, but hey, I didn't really see that many builds with him in 200 in the first place.
8/19/2020 1:43:55 PM

past time to use non-SWM for proxies. using Yoda as dark force anything, proves the idiocy of the design team
8/18/2020 1:17:27 PM (Updated: 8/18/2020 1:18:31 PM)

The CE is used during setup. Johun happens later (same timing as Pellaeon), so whoever Johun brings in can't gain AoL from the Training Sergeant. But they can get Evade from Johun if they start in the squad.
8/18/2020 9:57:38 AM

Probably more useful now with Johun from the newest set. Any Force user eligible for this CE now stands to benefit from Prideful, Master Speed, Evade, Force Bubble and CEs granting extra movement.
8/16/2020 3:07:39 PM (Updated: 8/16/2020 3:14:59 PM)

Can I combine fire on the reroll? Edit: Couldn't find my answer in the FAQ, but just learned today that you can combine fire against enemies that aren't legal targets. 💩
8/15/2020 11:30:27 PM

No, it's an all or nothing.
8/15/2020 8:59:04 PM

For this ability, can you choose not to move an allied Darth into Bane's former space, but still have that character receive his force powers?
8/15/2020 2:40:26 PM (Updated: 8/15/2020 2:42:06 PM)

Wow - great catch. Though it's Rapport for Vodo instead of Rapport for Shoaneb. Rapport (Vodo -5).
8/15/2020 7:39:54 AM

Rapport (-5 with Vodo Siosk Baas) is also on the card
8/11/2020 2:24:58 AM

He doesn't. It's just the RM. This represents any Red Hand Syndicate Thug, and you can use a custom mini of any species.
8/11/2020 1:40:33 AM

Does he count as a gammorean?
8/10/2020 2:42:25 AM

@TheHutts- I think Yoda/Yaddle actually has a better chance against Talon than the average Force-reliant squad. With Acrobatic, Yoda can get towed and then run 10 squares to drop 60 on Talon, then if he can either survive the round or outactivate, Talon is dead. And Yaddle's CE can't be disrupted, so your other Jedi get Shien Style no matter what.
8/10/2020 2:28:09 AM

Yes, my mistake. (Post edited above.) I think he's definitely a 10. He doesn't even need Yaddle.
8/10/2020 1:52:27 AM (Updated: 8/10/2020 2:27:17 AM)

For the single-attack Jedi, Double-LS Assault will generally add up to 120dmg on the move. Seems appropriate for the cost of 2fp and the cost of those characters.
8/10/2020 2:25:36 AM (Updated: 8/10/2020 2:26:33 AM)

Wouldn't they all be hitting for 30 due to his CE? So 120 or 160 if they have an innate damage boost. Not saying he's OP (I really don't have enough of a grasp on meta power level), just that he's definitely a beast
8/10/2020 1:35:11 AM

Is there any way to give him twin apart from Czerka? He wants to be in the front-line with Doctrine of Fear, but he's vulnerable to accurate.
8/10/2020 1:33:16 AM

Feels like a Talon squad with Disruptive and Ysalamari is just about an auto-loss for Yoda and Yaddle.
8/10/2020 1:32:30 AM

For several versions, I think Vader himself gets to top-tier status with Tarkin. Sith Apprentice: 36pts for 130hp, GMA Double/Cunning/Rage to potentially hit for 80 on the move. Rolling Evade vs shooters and Djem So/Riposte vs Melee. Great deal for 36pts. But then you have a 27pt Tarkin, and what he does beyond Vader probably doesn't quite add up to 27pts. Movement breaker+DoF are really good, and Cunning+20 makes him an 8-10pt shooter himself (better than many back-line cmdrs). But gotta make use of YMFWR to make him worth 27pts.
8/10/2020 1:04:13 AM (Updated: 8/10/2020 1:04:23 AM)

I used him with Tarpals for double LS Assault-ick! The damage output he facilitates is pretty nuts. Feels like a faction-defining piece. 10
8/9/2020 11:51:00 PM

None of the Vader options seem quite top-tier since Lothal can't be with him. Unleashed sounds fun with a movement breaker and force renewal 2. Dark Lord of the Sith might be the best option with GMA and Force Renewal 2.
8/9/2020 7:47:32 PM

still think you ruined them. then had to make Talzin, to make them playable, a designing pattern to be sure. F- a piece up, then have to make another piece to counter act the original F-up. don't get me started on the proxy piece. PS- if any one wants a real representation of the piece, I'm selling mine on Ebay
Cassus fett
8/9/2020 5:55:43 PM

I think this Tarkin is really good for some of the older Vaders.
8/9/2020 2:13:05 AM

I'm not sure why he doesn't have independent outfit. It's all his subfaction needed to stand a chance.
8/9/2020 1:49:33 AM

Needs support. His CE is clutch if it triggers, but in most games he's a 15 pt scrub with decent stats and relay orders, without being able to benefit from most other CE's. Certainly higher than a 4.
8/8/2020 4:17:54 PM

I never noticed how badly this had been one-bombed. It isn't the most subtle design, but it's still very solid. If the game had grown differently this would have been a fun piece giving a unique edge to an underused subfaction. It just doesn't look like Kota's Militia are getting out of the freezer any time soon.
8/7/2020 9:34:54 PM (Updated: 8/7/2020 9:37:07 PM)

This has to be the longest comment thread for a vset piece :) Oops looks like Tim beat me to it 3 years ago
8/7/2020 3:19:59 AM

I thought the felucians were a common ithorian commander swarm, but i remembered it wrong.
8/7/2020 3:07:57 AM (Updated: 8/7/2020 3:08:06 AM)

I'm not sure which part of this is my favorite; the 9-year gap in conversation, the suggestion that Felucians might be the best piece in a circumstance, or the phrase "geometric series" showing up on Bloo Milk.
8/7/2020 2:48:52 AM

We just got one in the Rise of Skywalker subset (Vset 20). It's on the new Rey, which isn't in the database yet.
8/7/2020 2:30:33 AM

Did we ever get a force power to trigger off of his CE?
8/7/2020 2:28:43 AM

I had played her quite a bit with various ewok swarms. I think it's generally worth more scrubs instead of shooting for that 25% chance to keep a scrub. I find the small trickle in of scrubs from the starting zone late game isn't as effective as having 6 or so extra units to pressure your opponent during initial engagement. There may be some sort of felucian build or other non-unqiue force user that could work really well with her.
8/7/2020 1:58:44 AM

They do have to go back to the starting zone, though. From there, it may be hard/slow to get them back into the fight.
8/7/2020 1:57:12 AM

The Tyro will get to use Sarasu's Defense and then add the +3 CE to the base defense, making the Tyro harder to hit than Sarasu.
8/6/2020 11:59:52 PM

Her commander effect cannot be understated: each ally has a 25% chance of being resurrected at full hit points. Suppose you have 100 points of non-unique characters on your squad; she is expected to bring back 33 points (if you do the geometric series 0.25 + (0.25)^2 + (0.25)^3 ... That alone easily makes her worth 19 points, and on top of that, she can do damage herself.
8/6/2020 11:42:19 PM

Sarasu Taalon is a good choice for the beatstick. Lost Tribe bonuses and shrouded while adjacent.
8/6/2020 1:36:56 PM

I like my Chomp SA better, put it on Pateesa in '15
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