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Cassus fett
2/27/2024 11:08:14 PM

Ahhhh so that's why no GMA. Free movement breaker on failed evade saves.
2/27/2024 9:12:28 AM

I just noticed that I missed one of the abilities on his card when uploading the subset- "Boring Conversation Anyway" is added now.
2/26/2024 3:56:09 AM (Updated: 2/27/2024 2:56:31 AM)

@TheHutts Don't see how there wont be? As long as she is mounted to Thon, he has Evade 7 that gets around Plasma Bolt and Suppressive Fire. Plus Thon Charges for 40/30 with Revan SC, then Nomi can hit for 60 on Thon's back
2/26/2024 2:49:37 AM

I am guessing the intent here is to run Honorable Scoundrel as a Versatility swap for HS Reb General. For 1 point you can gain Accurate Shot, Life Debt, or Opportunist +20. Could theoretically take Camaraderie if you're not running Luke, RH. That being said, its a hard argument, as Rebel General's CE is very solid and he's a little more "versatile". I suppose it'll all come down to your build, and if you really need Never Tell me the Odds on the board. Over time, I expect Hero of Endor will gain more support, and make this piece the more valuable.
2/26/2024 2:34:28 AM

i just noticed the medium restriction. That's a shame.
2/25/2024 3:08:34 PM

I love how laser-focused this piece is to help the One Sith. Really fun piece.
2/25/2024 12:21:35 AM

they would if the CE affected them, but Trevor changed it to only affect a Medium Chewie. missed opportunity to make the AT-ST useful, IMO
2/25/2024 12:13:17 AM

His low attack and damage is deceptive. In the right build he can really mess up the enemy while in range.
2/25/2024 12:04:20 AM

Chewie and ewoks in at-st have an impressive Disruption bubble
2/25/2024 12:02:11 AM

Love this piece. Works great with tulak for access to distraction. A blast to play.
2/24/2024 2:51:50 AM

Teamwork is a cool ability
2/17/2024 10:57:34 PM

I am here after 17 years to give this piece a 1 out of principle. Annoying to store.
2/15/2024 2:47:34 PM

Governor Pryce gives out Rebel Hunter to non-unique Troopers and Pilots. Really nice combo with Dedra Meero if you want to go with pilots! Kallus actually does become playable now with Dedra because she can help him get Rebel Hunter to boost his damage and attack, and Kallus also is a ISB character so he works with Dedra's CE thanks to the glossary definition for ISB. Will be fun to see what squads people come up with for her!
2/15/2024 2:17:47 AM

@Cassius, I know. That was something thought about in initial concept, but didn't know if it would work and be cost effective.
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 6:41:46 PM (Updated: 2/14/2024 11:05:24 PM)

Being able to trigger Rebel Hunter whenever you want makes Kallus a far more attractive choice. Edit, idk what I was smoking talking about Kallus, I thought his CE gave Rebel Hunter, it does not. Is it Pryce who gives out Rebel Hunter?
Cassus fett
2/14/2024 10:49:56 PM

I think I know the answer but I shall ask. Once brought in can Pellaeon use his CE to replace NR commanders? I'm thinking no because his CE specifies IMPERIAL characters.
Cassus fett
2/14/2024 10:46:22 PM

I love the force point. I assume no GMA because he can get it from someone?
2/14/2024 3:28:38 AM

Chewbacca Enraged Wookie!
2/13/2024 10:00:00 PM

Hopefully there's a competitive-ish build with her and Thon.
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 6:45:46 PM (Updated: 2/12/2024 6:53:50 PM)

Oh no she's back! Here to bring the NR to the top of the meta just like last time. Why doesn't she let Boba into NR though?
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 6:50:57 PM

Well, he exists. I may be unfair just because I can't think of an squad building with him.
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 6:43:49 PM

Yes babe.
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 6:39:52 PM

OH MY WORD! The missing knight. And she's... fine. Probably a 7?
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 6:36:56 PM

Yeah, alright, I see the team was really cooking on most of this set.
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 2:55:34 AM

Very TFU. Big rapport for Maris, I like. Jar'kai and momentum is a nice synergy. I'm not sold on the swarm stuff though.
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 2:43:54 AM

I like the cost being 100, along with the built in Mando affinity makes this pretty viable to build around. I get a real Bounty Hunter's Challenge vibe from this piece.
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 2:39:58 AM

Any chance of a new Jaden Korr to go against this guy?
Cassus fett
2/12/2024 2:38:46 AM

Hey, this is pretty great. I usually hate OR but this makes me interested.
2/12/2024 1:29:08 AM

Quite the powerhouse . . . a lot of eggs in this basket.
2/12/2024 1:27:54 AM

Good in a One Sith squad.
2/12/2024 1:26:10 AM

Finally, someone worthy to ride Master Thon.
2/11/2024 5:20:47 PM

Oh my GOD! After all this time, FINALLY this card has been made! So excited to put this into action! I'd love to see other "two-somes" come to life that have been custom made by other players in the past! Great job!
1/16/2024 2:13:19 AM

how many of these should u run in the a competitive attempt
1/16/2024 12:00:53 AM

I thougt it said Killer queen. LOL
1/11/2024 6:26:07 PM (Updated: 1/15/2024 7:40:04 PM)

There is a movie called Almost Heroes. It is sad since Chris Farley and Matthew Perry star in it. But Perry is teaching Farley the alphabet and Farley is struggling. He is like: ENOUGH! Do you my head to explode? that is me trying to figure out this piece.
1/11/2024 9:14:24 PM

when every piece can become a Killik, the possibilities are vast. brainstorming for this piece is more akin to a hurricane swirling in your head lol
1/11/2024 12:36:16 PM

yeah, this mini was a very hard one to playtest. slows down the game also with all the dice rolls do need to do for Join. Can be some really fun combos tho with many factions, so there is a ton of possibilities!
1/10/2024 3:25:28 PM

Still trying to wrap my head around her even after PT and Design, solid piece but it makes my head hurt.
1/1/2024 1:26:10 AM

Fixed, thanks
Master Skywalker
12/31/2023 3:44:00 AM

Attack should be +12
12/30/2023 2:34:52 PM

Can make for a strong base for a ghost crew squad without the usual ashoka, kanan, Ezra combo.
Master Skywalker
12/30/2023 3:47:00 AM

Name should be Ochi of Bestoon, Sith Assassin.
12/28/2023 4:39:26 AM

Thank you - fixed.
12/28/2023 2:36:25 AM

Looks to be missing ghost crew and evade here
12/24/2023 3:50:42 AM (Updated: 12/24/2023 3:54:29 AM)

Good catch. It's fixed now. The cards take precedence over the bloomilk database except when an errata has been issued. For the 3 you just noted, no errata was ever issued.
12/24/2023 3:49:40 AM

Good catch. Now fixed.
12/24/2023 3:41:44 AM

The card. We'll get that fixed. Thanks.
Master Skywalker
12/24/2023 3:12:05 AM

Another instance where the card says it has +11 attack.
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