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Boring conversation anyway.

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7/5/2020 8:51:15 PM

I wish he had 30 more hit points.
7/5/2020 9:20:11 AM

AWESOME. A piece really deserving of the name Chewie. So in character, and some really useful abilities.
6/30/2020 10:32:29 PM (Updated: 6/30/2020 10:33:31 PM)

Looks like we're getting a new Luke ghost! Good to see I'm a fortune teller (not exactly), lol
Cassus fett
6/19/2020 7:53:19 PM

^ Really is a great way to do things. Classic, Modern, Degenerate and V-Sets. I was dead set on classic being RS - UH in my own mind, but extending to bounty hunters is totally viable.
6/19/2020 2:57:18 AM

Assuming you mean Coordinated Command, it should be plural "commanders".
6/19/2020 2:12:43 AM

Is specialization supposed to says "commanders", or is it 1 commander
6/17/2020 2:54:54 PM

More hit points. Costs less. Adds Disruptive. I'd say yes.
6/17/2020 1:16:09 PM

Is this better than 2 czerka scientists?
6/11/2020 4:15:18 PM (Updated: 6/11/2020 4:16:45 PM)

Sorry to be inflamatory, but Defense is the least-worthwhile stat right now. Characters used to be tough if they had above 20 Defense, now they can't last a single round unless they double- or triple-stack on defensive abilities. 23 Defense on an elite Commando is not OP if a huttspawn Stormtrooper can still roll to hit over half the time. All that said: yeah, they are pretty good, and maybe I'll be proven wrong. I appreciate your detailed analysis of them, they are better than I thought at first. But I don't think they're a problem.
6/11/2020 4:05:21 PM (Updated: 6/11/2020 4:06:41 PM)

I was comparing them to other Imperial squads because no matter how good Storm Commandos are, if another Imperial squad is better, the Storm Commandos are not the problem. And I will reiterate that as long as it's easy for Stormtroopers to get +16 Attack, we have no room to complain about Elite Commandos getting boosted. There has not been a legitimate complaint about a high defense stat on this entire website in 10 years.
6/11/2020 8:01:01 AM

Don't forget Grand Admiral Thrawn to give those Elites a further +3 Attack/+3 Defense and swap. I'm really looking forward to playing Storm Commandos now- they might even be good enough for a GenCon squad?
6/11/2020 5:37:18 AM

Pair them with reg Storm Commandos, to cover the cunning aspect, throw in Palleon to nullify Force users, gives Imperials another Tier 1 option. These guys, with all the Imperial nastiness, is just ridonkulous! They run circles around Republic Commandos, who need 55 pt Obi to boost Defense and attack, 33 pt Rex for greater mobile, and 21 pt commander dude for opportunist! Adding Sarkli, puts them over the top. I'm sorry, but you're missing a lot here bud!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/11/2020 5:35:31 AM

Corelliancomedian) Lol! First of all, why are you comparing them to Imperial squads? 2nd of all, the Elite Storm Commandos, are the ones that really become mini beasts! With opportunist, on the move with greater mobile, ( twin from Weir and shields to boot), they are attacking at + 16, 20 dmg x 4 times! This guy gives them 23 defense (higher than Lord Vader), and recon!
6/11/2020 5:30:17 AM

6/10/2020 5:06:35 PM

Gha Nhackt, for example, didn't even deserve a piece.
6/10/2020 3:48:55 PM

^I mostly agree with you CC, save that I think the SWTOR companions are pretty good characters in their own right, so I don't mind good squads revolving around them. One-shot Clone Wars villains though, yeah, those shouldn't be top-tier. Neither should Jar-Jar, San Hill, or Ozzel, yet those are three of the best WOTC pieces. -_-
Cassus fett
6/10/2020 3:18:19 PM

His CE also just gives out recon. I mean, it's a good ability but you only really need 1 character with it. I'm sure Pre-Errata Daala was infinitely worse.
6/10/2020 3:08:20 PM

Uh... I don't think Sarkli's THAT good. Unless I'm missing something, regular Storm Commandos are only at +14 Attack. That's a good attack rating for a piece that can attack 4 times, but it's also right in the ballpark of where regular Stormies end up with their dogpile of CEs. I don't think it makes much sense for elite commandos to be less accurate than can't-hit-the-broad-side-of-a-bantha Stormtroopers. The Defense, on the other hand, I agree is a bit much, especially on the Elites... but again, 5-point Stormies that can run 12 and reliably take down a Storm Commando in a single hit.
6/10/2020 7:54:57 AM

The rich get richer. This is ridiculous! Why do the designers keep adding to the already best faction in the game? Now the Imperials have another tier 1 squad, with Storm Commandos. Wtf???? They were already damn good. They are now better than Republic Commandos. Can you send some love the Republic way? Unbelievable................
6/10/2020 12:00:50 AM

Haha true! Although we also don't have a V-set Malak. Be interesting to see what way they go with him. I think moderately tough beat with a huge trooper boost would be cool - enough of a boost so that he isn't cost-effective as a lone beatstick, but not raising his cost so much that he isn't worth the points in a fight. (I think commander effects need to be devalued a bit in higher-cost characters - granting Opportunist shouldn't add as much cost on a 60-point beatstick as it does on a 30 HP intern who's just there because of the CE).
6/9/2020 10:23:52 PM

We don't really have a top tier Sith Malak.
6/9/2020 9:40:26 PM

So while some of the KotOR pieces could probably be toned down a bit, I think it's acceptable given their legendary status within SW continuity.
6/9/2020 9:40:15 PM

I'm not sure if this reflects the design team's philosophy, but I think the most memorable characters should be the most powerful pieces. I'm not sure how wide KotOR's following is, but I think it's a safe bet that it's one of the most beloved EU stories ever. If the game has to be dominated by someone, it should be the well-known and well-loved characters. I'd much rather have either of the Ebon Hawk crews as top dogs than one-off Clone Wars villains or the companions from SWTOR.
6/8/2020 3:11:10 PM

Because that's the first thing that didn't make perfect logical sense? The game has always made logical leaps for balance reasons even going back to the WOTC days (running 8 of sev at the same time comes to mind)
6/8/2020 2:50:21 PM

logic of design? doesn't seam to be any. arrows that shoot only adjacent? silliness like this is why I left
6/7/2020 7:41:29 PM

As far as the other part, we wanted a slight movement breaker that was slightly different than just another troop cart or skiff, so it represents that one of the nearby ewoks jumped on for a ride as i rolled past, and a hang glider would have been unable to really do that (in our estimation).
6/7/2020 7:39:41 PM

The low attack partly captures the idea that the battle wagon was essentially a battering ram that could attack only 1 direction, but since facing doesn't matter in our game, a low attack score was used to achieve that
6/6/2020 11:59:23 PM

Guess you cant use the troop cart for everything. 12ft spinning rims it is
6/6/2020 11:30:17 PM

Needed a huge proxy with wheels.
6/6/2020 6:42:53 PM

Why not include the glider? Why such a low attack score? Why the wheel Droid proxy?
6/6/2020 9:31:13 AM

Adam is there a specific part you had questions about?
6/6/2020 7:11:15 AM

@CC - I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Hang Gliders. Cool sculpt, but that awful square base... @adam - I was not involved with that design, but if you have specific questions, I might be able to shed some light.
6/5/2020 9:48:53 PM

Can we get F's in the chat for the Ewok Hang Gliders?
6/5/2020 9:42:10 PM

Haha. To be fair, though, seeing Imperial Entanglements boosters on clearance at Target was one of the things that got me excited about Miniatures, and Logray's card was on previewed on the back. To an uninformed observer, Logray looks pretty interesting. Sentiment aside, yeah, he would have been way better even if they had just taken Opportunist out and dropped his cost 2-3 points, or swapped it for stealth or +1 Force. Still not useful in any specific capacity, but so many of WotC's overcosted grab-bags would have been at least marginally useful if the grab-bags had useful abilities.
6/5/2020 1:11:02 PM

WOTC sure knew how to design a piece that would get a lot of use
6/5/2020 1:01:05 PM

This piece is so weird. I'd love to know the design logic.
6/4/2020 8:00:31 PM

Oh, Lyra. Troublesome as ever.
5/28/2020 11:34:11 PM

That’s great to hear. Laura (UrbanShmi) was lead on them and deserves credit. I think a subtlety of design that some people miss is that it’s better to design a piece that inspires other designers to build support for, than to make a piece that is so solid on their own that designers have to design around to not make them too strong.
5/28/2020 8:12:46 PM

@TimmerB123 The Hunters are awesome! They were the inspiration and motivation for Mother Talzin. If they hadn't been designed so well we wouldn't even have a Mother Talzin that boosts Nightsisters or them so well.
5/28/2020 4:23:01 PM

As a designer on this set, I'm glad we proceeded with a bit of caution. They are good, and now with Talzin I think playable competitively. If we had stuck with original design they would be dramatically overpowered now imo. Lots of ways to boost them. I love with Talzin how they can be cloaked accurate sentries - sort of standing back and clearing out fodder, sniping important support pieces, but when they get approached, they become very deadly.
5/28/2020 3:14:45 PM

Seems extremely good. Combos hard with talzen like the old hancannon combo.
5/28/2020 4:01:39 AM

Eh... I think it's a good pick. Hair matches, jacket color matches. I can't think of a dual-pistol piece that would looks as close to Beckett as this Luke does.
5/27/2020 2:51:09 PM

They are Unique. It's on the card, just didn't make it onto Bloomilk. Ping swinefeld on it.
5/27/2020 2:02:07 PM

Wait - they are non-unique?
5/25/2020 9:17:24 PM

I don't like saves making huge swings ever (or other luck based abilities), regardless of what the save number is. Save 6 on Flak Shield for example is perfectly fine, since it's a relatively minor effect.
5/25/2020 9:11:52 PM

I see what you are saying. All i can say is that the percentages play games sometimes. I just think save 6 and save 16 are poor designed imo when the powers are game changers. Example: DM: false emperor... That save 16 ruins the design.
5/25/2020 9:07:17 PM

Escape death need no ever be repeated. Nor avoid defeat for that matter. Yes, we have a dice game. Yes you should play the percentages (always). My issue here is that there is no way to play that percentage as an opponent. What do you do, not try and kill the piece because it may not work? This is an ability that can make a piece live forever. The game already has plenty of luck innately, and far too many save rolls. We don't need more things to allow the game to go longer due to luck
5/25/2020 6:05:02 PM (Updated: 5/25/2020 6:06:21 PM)

Yeah, that's what I mean - if your opponent makes an Escape Death save, it feels like nothing more than a successful Evade save, so it's annoying, but you saw it going into it. When your opponent makes an Avoid Defeat save, it doesn't feel like they fairly used an ability, it feels like they cheated the game. A good player will anticipate that Avoid Defeat might happen, but you're still "lucky" if it works.
5/25/2020 5:42:31 PM

It's why i have never played a piece with betrayal.
5/25/2020 5:41:11 PM

Always have to pay the percentages. I remember one time killing cay qeldroma with mace lots with an attack. I had mof2 and had my first roll second roll and third roll to make the save. Failed all, game over. The results of some abilities are devastating and should not be unexpected. Like rolling. A 1 with master tact. We have all seen it. For that reason the unexpected can become the most valuable.
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