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If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the web site that it's farthest from.

Why Bloo Milk?

I wanted something iconically Star Wars (think Nickname's The Holocron or I spent a long time digging through Wookieepedia looking for different terms I could use. I wanted something short and easy to remember, but (obviously) I wasn't afraid to be a little whimsical.

I finally found "Blue Milk" which was the drink that Luke's Aunt Beru served at dinner on Tatooine. I thought it was just obscure enough that people who knew what it was would feel like an insider on a joke or something. I decided to put a sub-title under the logo that said: "Just like Aunt Beru used to make" so that people who didn't quite get it would maybe know what it was. But then I came up with a lot of other phrases I wanted to have as sub-titles to the website name, so I set it up to display a random phrase each time the page is reloaded (including the original Aunt Beru reference).

When looking at domain names, I found that was already registered. I could've taken or something, but I thought a non-standard ending on the web address might it harder for people to remember. So I adjusted the spelling to "Bloo Milk". And who knows, maybe having "oo" in the name is the key to a successful website. Seems like it worked out alright for Yahoo! and Google...

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