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How you get so big, drinking Milk of this kind?

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2/19/2024 1:32:17 PM (Updated: 2/19/2024 1:32:46 PM)

did Jar Jar eat too many donuts in the senate? lol! Love the idea of Immediately Emergency Powers!
2/19/2024 1:29:22 PM

love it! the flavor text made me smile
2/17/2024 5:26:23 AM

A polar opposite to what you would expect after looking at my last character, but that is only WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT...
2/12/2024 9:48:21 PM

2/11/2024 9:27:41 AM

Also as he is atm, 81 seems quite high cost for what he brings, imo
2/11/2024 9:26:38 AM

Cool another whovian! A good start but I would suggest making sa’s to help portray the flavour of the character. Sonic screwdriver, timelord, jellybabies to name a few
2/11/2024 9:24:12 AM

Love seeing someone else making Who customs! As darkdracul says needs the iconic exterminate sa o similar. Also you could have sa’s around dalekanium, rapport for Davros or emergency temporal shift to give a few ideas
2/10/2024 10:08:30 PM

Needs Exterminate
2/9/2024 5:21:37 AM

2/9/2024 5:21:28 AM

Hey Troy at least I got spinning balde attack to work
2/5/2024 7:50:26 PM

Hey Sam, Looks alot like my one
12/14/2023 11:37:55 AM

Force Counter is really cool!
12/12/2023 7:02:22 PM (Updated: 12/12/2023 7:04:35 PM)

Originally created in Dec 2010. Tweaked only to up Renewal from 2 to 3...and MOTF from 2 to 3...and add Force Counter. Speed 2 is to show how slow this guy was normally...but he can use the Force to move faster...and to really up his combat ability.
12/12/2023 7:00:57 PM

Don't understand what your going for here.
12/6/2023 8:25:33 AM

Maybe make 40 unpreventable damage replace turn?
12/5/2023 10:11:54 PM

This piece was made purely because of an exchange I had with a yoga teacher.
Cassus fett
11/22/2023 11:36:12 PM (Updated: 11/23/2023 8:38:44 PM)

I think my comment was misinterpreted seeing this revision. I meant to pick between Sep with Sith affinity (or vice-versa), or just make him Fringe. As it stands, he's still just ultimately a Fringe piece. edit, he is no longer just a Fringe piece.
Cassus fett
11/23/2023 8:38:10 PM

Can we please just not?
11/23/2023 7:42:21 PM

I enjoy playing Barabels occasionally, they can be fun especially if your opponent brings a melee heavy squad. Not so much fun against shooters, and I think the rapport you have here would help a lot as most of the time I seem to want a few more points when building with them.
11/23/2023 6:06:25 PM

I was going through vsets to build squads to play with my kids and noticed Eelysa. I wondered why there is t a bit more cohesive and powerful Barabel subfaction. Looking over Saba, while good, she seemed to miss some key things to her portrayal in the books. Instead of going for a full-blown new version I just tweaked the vset version to beef up the Barabels a bit. Input appreciated.
11/18/2023 10:02:26 PM

Pretty accurate representation
Cassus fett
11/18/2023 6:10:07 PM

Basic, but solid. I’d probably add stealth. Having Sith, Sep, and Fringe is redundant as Fringe trumps other Factions. So, you’ll want to pick between sep/sith or Fringe.
Cassus fett
11/12/2023 2:07:41 AM

Jacen as he appeared at the Lake of Apparitions. Unapologetic about his actions, but still helpful. Can bring Mettle into Sith (who knows if that's a good idea!). Dark Master plus Light Spirit allows you to juice two different characters. I envision this piece helping 2 lower tier guys at once. But, you have to get stuck in to get all the benefits, as he isn't moving from his spot, you have to come to him.
11/5/2023 4:43:30 PM

for Pawn of Sidious SA, I like bodyguard, but also think he should not count as unique for the Pawn of the Darkside FP. It would be a very targeted way to get around the non-unique restriction normally associated with Pawn of the darkside.
Cassus fett
11/5/2023 2:06:22 PM

But Maul was "dead" before Dooku became a sith?
11/3/2023 9:52:48 PM

This is interesting. I don't think you'd ever use his regular attack, but it opens you to gaining twin from a czerka scientist, which can be used with blaster 20
12/23/2020 3:45:46 PM (Updated: 11/3/2023 1:31:40 PM)

Alliance and Empire character but reduce points from 41 to 31, add Bounty Hunter +2, Mobile Attack, and Sniper.
11/3/2023 2:37:20 AM

Very true
Cassus fett
11/2/2023 6:25:54 PM

Yub yub
11/2/2023 5:02:18 PM

Not that It makes sense, but I think she's next in line for the role of Chief. This would be a cool piece.
11/2/2023 8:47:00 AM

Yes, I saw the V-set version, but I thought she was too OP for 35 points.
11/2/2023 8:41:16 AM

Yes this should be a large base, good catch.
11/2/2023 3:26:46 AM

I sorta figured that if Kneesaa was a princess she must have some claim to the throne (if there is one, don't blame me I haven't watched Ewoks)
11/2/2023 2:46:31 AM

Already one of these
11/2/2023 2:42:09 AM

large base?
4/5/2021 6:23:02 PM (Updated: 10/27/2023 5:23:22 PM)

Universe character but change Missiles 20 to Improved Missiles 20, add Close-Range Targeting Computer, Cunning Attack, Phrik Armor, Pummel, and Speed 8. (edit: changed Dark Armor to Phrik Armor after researching them more...I always thought they had Cortosis in the armor...never knew about Phrik)
10/27/2023 3:13:54 PM

Yeah, originally I used “Teamwork” to achieve the double-use effect, but that was a little too versatile - they could run 12 and pull an ally 6. That seemed a little too good, and I wanted the focus to be on healing and not offensive movement breaking. Maybe Overload would work better - they could still do the Lookout/Heal combo on the move - but then they can heal 40 on the move and that seems like too much.
10/27/2023 3:00:35 PM

For the record, Disney Star Wars is not Star Wars. Live in delusion.
10/27/2023 2:56:10 PM

Nice Stuff! Looks perfecto to me. Only thing I would say is since it is a "team" and not a single character, maybe add a SA that represents that? Extra Effort kinda already does that though. Would be cool to see a Fringe version of this piece for use in any squad.
10/27/2023 3:21:08 AM

Trying to make an interesting Heal piece. A big problem with healing is that it's hard to pull big pieces out of the fray to patch them up; this piece does that for you. It's too fragile to be effective as an offensive movement breaker but is elusive enough that it isn't free points for your opponent. Healing 40 at a time is a lot but you have to start your turn adjacent to the target.
10/20/2023 10:58:04 AM

Adam Bond, thank you. It's annoying because I don't think our comments here should be about the properties or the people creating them, but simply on the stats themselves. Gustav1091 I thought about Leap because of the TIE Fighter scene in TRoS but I gave her Speed instead because of the deleted scene from TLJ that was in the trailer where she is running to a caretaker settlement because she thinks it is being attacked when they're really just having a festival. My recent stats are for figures I have been 3d printing and I haven't made a Kylo yet lol. I appreciate all the feedback though!
10/22/2020 7:16:53 PM (Updated: 10/19/2023 1:43:54 PM)

Clone Strike character but reduce points from 52 to 32, change Lightsaber Block to Defense, then add Lightsaber Riposte and Master of the Force 2.
Cassus fett
10/17/2023 6:15:27 PM

Is the lack of stats intentional?
10/17/2023 12:46:37 PM

Let's keep these debates in the forums and leave them out of our creative designer's space
10/17/2023 5:19:30 AM (Updated: 10/17/2023 5:20:17 AM)

I will not waste a second of my life watching the Ahsoka show, so I had no idea that it had Death Troopers in it.
10/17/2023 5:17:31 AM

Lucas's greatest mistake was selling Star Wars to Disney... Never mind, it was leaving Kathleen Kennedy in charge of Lucasfilm.
10/17/2023 5:15:20 AM

@adamb0nd: The Prequels may have had backlash, but it was nothing compared to the devastation the Disney and the Sequels did to the Star Wars franchise. The Prequels didn't ruin the main characters of the original trilogy, the Sequels did that. The Prequels weren't dedicated to feminism and diversity, the sequels were. The Sequels and Disney are an abomination to the earth and should be wiped from the face of the planet. Disney and Lucasfilm have ruined Star Wars in the eyes of 90% of its viewers, especially the EU lovers. You cannot defend their catastrophic failure. There is no greater sin.
Cassus fett
10/17/2023 2:55:26 AM

Ah, if it’s Ahsoka Night-Troopers than you probably don’t need melee
10/17/2023 12:25:35 AM

Oof, never came back to add Melee. I couldn't remember off the top of my head if they could still use blasters. @FreeMountain I meant this to be the zombified Death Troopers from the Ahsoka season finale, not the original zombified Stormtroopers from the book. These guys were shot and punched to absolutely no effect - it took a lightsaber to the skull to down one of them. 110 HP might be overkill but I like the idea of a hulking meat shield that eats blasters for breakfast but melts to lightsabers.
10/17/2023 12:16:45 AM

HP seems a little low but with reduction and dark armor fits well. I would add a melee sa representing their strength
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