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6/12/2024 10:59:53 AM (Updated: 6/12/2024 11:25:32 AM)

love it! it needs more attack and hp i think to be actually playable at that cost. Heavy Weapon is really a detriment but with the right support it can be pretty good
6/11/2024 11:49:26 PM

This deserved to be an actual piece
6/11/2024 11:48:00 PM

SSM is crazy
6/11/2024 11:46:47 PM

I love this piece!!!
6/11/2024 4:03:24 PM

This is the unidentified imperial speeder with the targeting drone and mounted cannon seen occupying Ferrix in Andor.
6/11/2024 12:42:55 AM

It seems a bit good given that it has one less defense that a normal stormtrooper, costs one less but has stable footing.
6/5/2024 12:48:39 AM

I added Double specifically so she could not be tapped with Yaddle or Yoda, otherwise she is too OP imo. Same with renewal. There are ways to get her renewal without breaking the piece.
6/4/2024 10:07:16 PM (Updated: 6/4/2024 10:07:30 PM)

I think she needs renewal, its hard to give Republic characters renewal (or maybe get rid of double attacks so you can Yaddle her)
Blah Blah Words
6/4/2024 7:44:51 PM

At best this piece should be 17pts or so.
6/1/2024 11:23:54 PM

Nice, you payed attention in history.
6/1/2024 9:43:46 PM

There are some OR pieces that currently have it
6/1/2024 2:51:57 AM

Oooh I like that ability.
5/31/2024 6:09:34 PM

Defender (When an ally with a Force rating and Melee Attack within 2 squares is hit by an attack from a nonadjacent enemy, this character prevents the damage with a save of 11)
5/21/2024 1:39:36 AM

um. Vehicle? R2-D2 just turns into Darth Maul? Seems like a massive plot twist...
5/7/2024 10:01:23 PM

... I don't get the point, but it is funny. Add speed 4 maybe?
5/6/2024 9:36:09 PM

I think quad attack is still over powered with Force choke.
5/6/2024 4:02:22 AM

he has a very high damage output- can do 6 attacks for 30 damage each standing still and spending 2 Force- but he needs to be good if he costs 62 points. seems very weak defensively for that cost, with only 18 defense and no LS Defense, Shien Style or armour ability. quite similar to Lord Vader (71pts). I think it might be good to add a defensive ability and maybe drop the offense slightly by dropping Rage or switching from Double/Twin to Quadruple.
5/5/2024 11:30:54 PM

I think he is a bit powerful with Force Attund.
4/12/2024 7:22:54 PM

I don't use V-set logic as a measurment for creating my characters, so 53 pts would be far too low. As for not giving or receiving synergy, that's the point of this piece.
4/8/2024 2:24:54 AM

Idk the exact extent of synergy between the sith and separatists that would require this piece to be expensive as a balancing measure. Could probably make this cost around 53 points imo
4/7/2024 11:42:14 PM

Thank you
2/9/2024 5:21:28 AM (Updated: 3/7/2024 8:24:22 AM)

Hey Troy at least I got spinning blade attack to work
2/19/2024 1:32:17 PM (Updated: 2/19/2024 1:32:46 PM)

did Jar Jar eat too many donuts in the senate? lol! Love the idea of Immediately Emergency Powers!
2/19/2024 1:29:22 PM

love it! the flavor text made me smile
2/17/2024 5:26:23 AM

A polar opposite to what you would expect after looking at my last character, but that is only WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT...
2/12/2024 9:48:21 PM

2/11/2024 9:27:41 AM

Also as he is atm, 81 seems quite high cost for what he brings, imo
2/11/2024 9:26:38 AM

Cool another whovian! A good start but I would suggest making sa’s to help portray the flavour of the character. Sonic screwdriver, timelord, jellybabies to name a few
2/11/2024 9:24:12 AM

Love seeing someone else making Who customs! As darkdracul says needs the iconic exterminate sa o similar. Also you could have sa’s around dalekanium, rapport for Davros or emergency temporal shift to give a few ideas
2/10/2024 10:08:30 PM

Needs Exterminate
2/9/2024 5:21:37 AM

2/5/2024 7:50:26 PM

Hey Sam, Looks alot like my one
12/14/2023 11:37:55 AM

Force Counter is really cool!
12/12/2023 7:02:22 PM (Updated: 12/12/2023 7:04:35 PM)

Originally created in Dec 2010. Tweaked only to up Renewal from 2 to 3...and MOTF from 2 to 3...and add Force Counter. Speed 2 is to show how slow this guy was normally...but he can use the Force to move faster...and to really up his combat ability.
12/12/2023 7:00:57 PM

Don't understand what your going for here.
12/6/2023 8:25:33 AM

Maybe make 40 unpreventable damage replace turn?
12/5/2023 10:11:54 PM

This piece was made purely because of an exchange I had with a yoga teacher.
Cassus fett
11/22/2023 11:36:12 PM (Updated: 11/23/2023 8:38:44 PM)

I think my comment was misinterpreted seeing this revision. I meant to pick between Sep with Sith affinity (or vice-versa), or just make him Fringe. As it stands, he's still just ultimately a Fringe piece. edit, he is no longer just a Fringe piece.
Cassus fett
11/23/2023 8:38:10 PM

Can we please just not?
11/23/2023 7:42:21 PM

I enjoy playing Barabels occasionally, they can be fun especially if your opponent brings a melee heavy squad. Not so much fun against shooters, and I think the rapport you have here would help a lot as most of the time I seem to want a few more points when building with them.
11/23/2023 6:06:25 PM

I was going through vsets to build squads to play with my kids and noticed Eelysa. I wondered why there is t a bit more cohesive and powerful Barabel subfaction. Looking over Saba, while good, she seemed to miss some key things to her portrayal in the books. Instead of going for a full-blown new version I just tweaked the vset version to beef up the Barabels a bit. Input appreciated.
11/18/2023 10:02:26 PM

Pretty accurate representation
Cassus fett
11/18/2023 6:10:07 PM

Basic, but solid. I’d probably add stealth. Having Sith, Sep, and Fringe is redundant as Fringe trumps other Factions. So, you’ll want to pick between sep/sith or Fringe.
Cassus fett
11/12/2023 2:07:41 AM

Jacen as he appeared at the Lake of Apparitions. Unapologetic about his actions, but still helpful. Can bring Mettle into Sith (who knows if that's a good idea!). Dark Master plus Light Spirit allows you to juice two different characters. I envision this piece helping 2 lower tier guys at once. But, you have to get stuck in to get all the benefits, as he isn't moving from his spot, you have to come to him.
11/5/2023 4:43:30 PM

for Pawn of Sidious SA, I like bodyguard, but also think he should not count as unique for the Pawn of the Darkside FP. It would be a very targeted way to get around the non-unique restriction normally associated with Pawn of the darkside.
Cassus fett
11/5/2023 2:06:22 PM

But Maul was "dead" before Dooku became a sith?
11/3/2023 9:52:48 PM

This is interesting. I don't think you'd ever use his regular attack, but it opens you to gaining twin from a czerka scientist, which can be used with blaster 20
12/23/2020 3:45:46 PM (Updated: 11/3/2023 1:31:40 PM)

Alliance and Empire character but reduce points from 41 to 31, add Bounty Hunter +2, Mobile Attack, and Sniper.
11/3/2023 2:37:20 AM

Very true
Cassus fett
11/2/2023 6:25:54 PM

Yub yub
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