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11/16/2019 5:32:30 PM

Wouldn’t it be 40/30?
11/16/2019 5:14:31 PM

Very good and towing pretty easy to do 40/40 and death shot at same.
11/3/2019 6:07:02 PM

14 squares if you wanted
3/29/2019 10:10:05 PM (Updated: 10/24/2019 6:13:39 AM)

At last Lethal Alliance is represented! The Merc shooters have extra attack, GMA and Evade to help lay on the damage and survive. Defensive stance helps with being outactivated.
10/18/2019 5:24:11 PM

Octa Ramis would be fun here.
10/17/2019 11:35:25 PM

good mix
10/14/2019 5:43:46 PM

If you drop ponda baba and the 2 Nikko pirates you could throw in Cham Syndulla who would give her assassin as well, but not sure that is better than the 3 minor attackers. Would definitely make vette more extreme though.
10/13/2019 4:43:59 PM (Updated: 10/13/2019 4:44:40 PM)

Round X. Turn 1: Durge Activates... then Sly Tries to Reactivate Durge. Turn 2: Monk Tries to Reactivate Durge, DS Pawns Monk which tries to Reactivate Durge.
10/13/2019 1:41:12 PM

then the Monk goes 2x ?on Durge, and Sidious?
10/13/2019 1:41:17 AM

@TheHutts DS pawns the B’omarr Monk which can Dominate Durge again.
10/13/2019 12:42:21 AM

How does Sidious pawn him? Hi
10/12/2019 7:12:15 PM (Updated: 10/12/2019 7:21:47 PM)

Durge is triple twinning if he doesn't move. Use Jolee buffs him +2 Attk/Def or use a bodyguard to protect support/Durge, I chose Jolee. Uses DS force points to reroll failed Dominates/attacks.
10/12/2019 7:12:27 PM (Updated: 10/12/2019 7:12:59 PM)

Round 1....Durge Activates 1st time normally. Use Monk to try to reactivate Durge a 2nd time. Use DS Pawn on Monk to reactivate Durge a 3rd time. Use Sly to reactivate him a 4th time. Note each successful Dominate, Durge removes 20 damage and can attack 6 times. In theory, Durge could attack someone 24 times in one round, and remove 80 damage. If Durge dies, the squad is done, but at least Durge is as strong as he was in the CW show.
10/8/2019 10:59:18 PM

Thanks for the feedback! BtwTaung warriors are in there to be 8 point 40hp bodyguards
10/6/2019 6:56:35 PM

I agree Taung Warriors aren't very useful for this squad. Drop them both and drop R7 for a quartermaster to give your mandos +4 attack. If you want more activations, swap a Captain for a Czerka scientist and add Ugnaughts.
10/6/2019 3:13:53 AM

looks pretty solid, only thing I might change would be to drop 1 mouse and both taung warriors for another scout. it drops you from 17 acts. to 15, but that 4th scout will probably be a lot more useful than the taung warriors. Even if you just use it to pick off fodder like mice or uggies for the first couple of rounds until you can start getting the opportunist bonus going more frequently.
10/5/2019 3:12:34 AM

This... isn't terrible
10/3/2019 3:00:14 AM

Let alone the idea that the squad had limited door control and its "tech" is definitely worth killing. I might just forget rylo altogether.
10/3/2019 2:58:19 AM

Brainiac gives you the best defense against shooters? How do you figure that? He doesn't do anything to stop boba fett, vindicated, jangalore. He really only held against morrigan and cad bane. But there are easy ways to get within 6
10/2/2019 2:46:35 AM (Updated: 10/2/2019 2:48:42 AM)

Reylo has 30def in cover. That's pretty hard to hit for many shooters. Jaina has LS Deflect and MotF2. BB-8 has Rolling Evade. Not much apart from that.
10/2/2019 2:29:45 AM

How is it stopping ranged attacks?
10/2/2019 1:25:49 AM

Good looking squad there.
9/26/2019 6:27:22 PM

dubble solo
9/25/2019 8:42:46 PM

Kezzamachine is there any other squads that I could use for any other battes many thanks Fynn
9/25/2019 8:41:05 PM

9/25/2019 8:40:57 PM
9/25/2019 8:06:09 PM

bounty hunter rules
9/25/2019 4:39:16 AM

You are most welcome!
9/25/2019 4:01:34 AM

kezzamachine you are the man thanks for building me a squad
9/24/2019 11:18:03 PM

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is a-mazing.
9/21/2019 1:32:35 PM

Drop a RA-7 for BB-9E?
9/20/2019 1:41:45 AM

Thanks - I know you realized that, but I just wanted to clarify.
9/19/2019 3:41:36 AM

Beat Resistance (GenLeia/Han/Chewie/Holdo/Captain/Nien/Poe/BB8/3×CobaltPilot) 208-48 on Freight Transit Station.
9/19/2019 2:06:03 AM (Updated: 9/19/2019 2:15:34 AM)

Droopy is great because you can set him up next to a door to let your guys go further with Battle Ready, which you probably don't want to do with Palps since he can't move.
9/19/2019 1:30:26 AM (Updated: 9/19/2019 1:32:01 AM)

I'd recommend dropping Droopy for some ugnaugts, with Vader's surprise move and battle ready you can easily get to gambit within the first round. Even if you don't, you can set up Palps anywhere on your half of the map.
9/17/2019 9:15:39 PM

I changed my wording - they do cost points obviously.
9/17/2019 6:18:12 AM

The porgs come in for free but they are worth points when defeated.
9/17/2019 4:05:34 AM

Hate how porgs promote MTB use.
9/15/2019 8:00:46 PM

was that the squad u used on satuerday hoped u win
9/15/2019 3:42:17 AM (Updated: 9/15/2019 3:43:09 AM)

I think Artoo is very good - I mainly put him in because playing Endor means you miss out on the Rebels' best movement breaker, but that +2 attack boost is surprisingly crucial, and he's very robust door control when you can only have one Ugnaught. He's expensive and doesn't fit every Rebel squad, but he works very well here. He's pretty good at taking out fodder too, with a +8 attack.
9/15/2019 2:52:41 AM

It's crazy how many force points everyone had floating around too.
9/15/2019 12:12:57 AM

Good point about the Bravado.
9/14/2019 9:49:09 PM

Bravado+10 favours the cheaper Covenant guys- they can get the bonuses to attack and damage more often than Lucien, especially since Bravado checks printed cost (so Rapport 6 from Q'Anilia doesn't help him get it more often). The 57pt Lucien probably won't be getting Bravado 80% of the time, and though he does have a cannon shot, the Senator is much cheaper. Speed 8 would be very useful but I didn't think he was worth it. Even the cheaper Lucien won't get Bravado more than half the time, so he's mostly a beefy 60dmg GMA attacker- which I didn't think was quite worth the cost either.
9/14/2019 6:12:03 PM

Congrats! How was Artoo in this squad? Worth the points?
9/14/2019 6:10:46 PM

Interesting that the best build (so far) is one without either Lucien.
9/14/2019 6:54:28 AM

NZ Nationals champion 2019
9/13/2019 4:54:48 PM

could i run that squad sir from Fynn
9/13/2019 3:00:22 AM

Rrrroger Taylor!
9/11/2019 10:20:35 PM

Levitation does look nice, so I put Luke in. To get Luke in with an R7 and an ugnaught, I added some lower cost Rebel pilots.
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