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Grant you the rank of Jedi Master, Bloo Milk does not.

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6/24/2017 1:11:44 PM

That's a pretty solid build. Obviously Ozzel would make it better, but I also know your stance on him, so I understand why he isn't around.
6/23/2017 5:26:55 PM

Since she doesn't benefit from Vader IC or Felucian Stormtrooper Officer, in this squad she maxes out with an effective Defense of 36 instead of 46. Still pretty impressive. Although more than likely you'll either get cover *or* Doctrine of Fear, not both. So 32 in practice.
6/23/2017 5:21:49 PM

Well - so much for this. Phasma in fact does *not* have Willing to Serve. It's in BlooMilk but not on her card. (Late removal during the design process... swinefeld had already entered into BlooMilk when it was removed. But BlooMilk didn't get the update.)
6/23/2017 3:01:46 PM

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General, for 66 points will give them Extra Attack
6/23/2017 11:24:12 AM

It'd be great to get the rangers double or twin somehow
6/23/2017 4:44:20 AM

+10 damage to jarael as well. So she can possibly drop 90. Repair will definitely help. Haha sithbot.. I am glad you remembered that, salt in the wound.. haha that's what you get for eating my roast beef sandwich
6/23/2017 4:14:11 AM (Updated: 6/23/2017 4:16:00 AM)

Wait, I don't quite get the squad - what is Camper there for? Repair? WAIT - is it Technological facilitator, so Elbee gets +4 Defense all the time?
6/23/2017 4:08:50 AM

Dude. Unnecessary.
6/23/2017 3:37:14 AM

said your wife when I came over
6/23/2017 1:33:08 AM

this is too funny. all the defense in the world can't help. Sounds like Mayweather vs Mcgregor
6/23/2017 1:29:37 AM

Oh - and to add insult to injury, IT-O has Torture 2. Anything it damages gets another -2 Attack for the rest of the skirmish. And it stacks.
6/23/2017 1:27:56 AM

Despite the absurd defense (crit to hit for everyone!), this squad is not likely to do well. Not enough damage output, and while Phasma can't be touched, the support that is boosting her defense can be.
6/23/2017 1:26:30 AM

hahaha this is crazy haha
6/23/2017 1:21:53 AM

Nice looks fun! I built a couple new Vong ones too using this new guy
6/23/2017 1:20:55 AM

Nice build! And I like the shrouded as a counter to blast bug
6/23/2017 12:46:03 AM

18 rolls GF / Round if set up.
6/23/2017 12:35:25 AM

I merely meant his cost
6/22/2017 8:05:02 PM

Yun-Yammka = 8th Cortex Shaper
6/22/2017 7:53:10 PM

Yun-Yammka=8th Cortex Shaper.
6/22/2017 4:27:32 PM

That looks fun, but might have too many eggs in one basket. I like the barada use movement is essential for force using Jedi in Separatist since their is not a good movement breaker
6/22/2017 2:42:14 PM

Typically, it just forces enemies to activate before you run out of activations yourself. Forcing the hand of 3 enemies might be useful, but probably better to dominate your offensive pieces.
6/22/2017 8:31:25 AM

It's a great build, check out my old take on it that I have been only too successful with:
6/22/2017 5:06:50 AM

That is a really interesting build. Good job!
6/22/2017 4:58:50 AM

Its been established that when you dominate a character, CE that trigger "at the end of turn" are triggered. So you activate 3 enemies, or, make sure you stick the one you need. Might not be the best squad with this, but its definitely worth looking into to see what would be!
6/22/2017 4:32:50 AM

umm... mara? I am guessing you mean the epic mara spy? than yes that squad would blow chunks, but that Mara is Epic and can't be used in 200
6/22/2017 2:41:14 AM

Brilliant sir this squad is brilliant lol
6/22/2017 2:40:50 AM

Okay, thank you. WOW that's evil!
6/22/2017 2:31:11 AM (Updated: 6/22/2017 2:33:43 AM)

Warus purification. It allows the Jedi sith clone to get fr1. Than he can use that characters fp. So go last, swap in, unleash, master tact init, unless again
6/22/2017 2:29:07 AM

Holy junk that is hilarious. What are your thoughts on this brilliant squad? It's a fun build imo
6/22/2017 2:10:47 AM

He can't "Party" Mace because This Party's Over.
6/22/2017 2:10:19 AM

Waitwaitwaitwait a minute. Where do you get double Unleash the Force? He'll only have enough FP for one go of it unless you need it again during the 6th round, and he can't use it more than once in a turn, right?
6/22/2017 2:02:29 AM (Updated: 6/22/2017 2:02:54 AM)

I think it works haha. So first hit against living would be for 50. Second for 40. Needs good positioning
6/22/2017 2:01:37 AM

You could spare asajj as well for some 18 atk at 40 dmg each room attack. Let me ask. Let's say she starts within 6 of cad so she can charging assault? But than ends away from ce but within 6 of a mouse does she than get the +4 +10 from Celeste?
6/21/2017 11:37:20 PM

I love the felucian
6/21/2017 11:02:22 PM

geez this sucks. you and your stupid felucian
6/21/2017 7:41:44 PM

this really looks like a lot of fun lol. use the purification on the clone, use the glitterstem to kill the felucian, allow embo to charge a ton of squares swap in herthir for the double unleash the force.
6/21/2017 2:37:33 PM

Or 4's. That's what Andy was doing all last night.
juice man
6/21/2017 2:08:53 PM

It also helps not rolling 1's and 2's. :(
6/21/2017 7:25:42 AM

accurate shot also hammers on hexes as once you pick off the healers, the droids will fall.
6/21/2017 3:49:47 AM

A number of things that will take Hexes apart very quickly... unavoidable damage, obvoiusly. Hit and run of any sort. Mobile Attack, swap in & out, etc. Just dealing in 30 or 40dmg shots. VoL is all 20s. Grand Inquisitor does 30s, but he was the one missing all game long.
6/21/2017 3:47:53 AM

The squad is that good, but it's very matchup-dependent. VoL+Inquisitors isn't actually that great. VoL really needs a force battery. VoL himself is tier 1, but the Inquisitors are tier 2. In the second game, the VoL squad rolled horribly. I still give the Hexes the advantage over that squad, but not an auto-win. Ghost Crew was very close. That was a few months ago and I don't recall the details.
6/21/2017 2:51:50 AM

geez, beat ghost crew and VoL? this is better than I thought. I must ask, was your positioning just better or is the squad itself powerful?
6/21/2017 2:49:25 AM (Updated: 6/21/2017 2:50:20 AM)

ya, I think you might be right and Blizz as reinforcement is really good thinking, but for my "fun squads" I like to stream line them a tad. blizz is a great reinforcement I will probably be using that more often. now that I think about it I havent seen little Wicket pop his head out anytime soon. I need to get that guy in a squad as well.
6/21/2017 2:46:53 AM

You can see what I ran. Blizz was my Lobot reinforcement. Then an XT-6, R7, ugnaught. But I think a bodyguard or two would probably work better once door control is covered. Like maybe Lobot (move Blizz to reinforcment) and then the 8-pt 10hp Killik bodyguard.
6/21/2017 2:42:39 AM

wow, definitely need blizz. that means the droideka haas got to go though, which is sad ;(
6/21/2017 2:28:43 AM (Updated: 6/21/2017 2:33:20 AM)

Funny. I just finished playing Hexes fifteen minutes ago and then login to see this squad. Biggest thing missing here: Blizz. Adds auto-damage and adds another healer. Possibly a bodyguard for Bao-Dur. He's really the key to the squad. Unlikely to earn 3 point wins, so it's unlikely to be successful at a tournament, but it's really (really) tanky, especially if the opponent only does 20dmg at a time.
6/21/2017 2:31:23 AM

Beat a Vader of Lothal + Inquisitors squad on Great Library in a rout game 1. In the rematch, Seventh Sister rolled past the droids and got to Bao-Dur. That made a game out of it, but Hexes still pulled it out. I was down to one Hex + Bastila versus VoL. Quad shooting Hex and neither of mine had any dmg so we called it.
6/21/2017 1:56:03 AM

Things I don't know. If droideka is needed. I like Anson because he can repair. I thought about the droid that can activate people think it costs 16
6/21/2017 12:34:12 AM

I'd consider Momow here for the anti-swarmer.
6/20/2017 9:27:15 PM

the rakghoul can woot
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