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8/7/2020 5:58:49 PM

Elite Republic Commando
8/7/2020 5:55:41 PM

Hey FA, what's an ERC?
8/7/2020 4:32:32 AM

Tier 1.25 can win GenCon. 😃
8/7/2020 4:03:53 AM

Snowtrooper Officer's Rapport only works for Elite Snowtroopers and Snowtroopers.
8/7/2020 3:56:46 AM

Not a Gen Con winner TJ, I think that's a bit overboard. It is a solid 1.5 - 1.25 squad
8/7/2020 3:54:43 AM

Yeah, what can I say? Really solid. Lol, put a bunch of power 10 pieces together that actually do have some synergy, and I makes a good squad! I'd be tempted to swap the Uggie for an XT
8/7/2020 3:46:03 AM

Good point. But half of the direct damage is Force powers, and Pellaeon helps there.
8/7/2020 3:41:42 AM

Pretty easy for squads with direct damage to get around the 27def and Bodyguard, though.
8/7/2020 2:23:05 AM

He's really good. This squad is actually pretty crazy good. Probably better without Moff Nyna, and you could probably drop the Death Star Troopers. The Death Troopers are 31 Defense in cover, and the way the Bodyguard it's hard to kill any of them. Add Stormtroopers so they get their Squad Assault and they shoot for +16/30dmgx2. And Squad Discipline so it's harder to get around the 27def/31 in cover. (Can still disrupt Vader but can't disrupt the troopers directly.) Drop Nyna and the Death Star Troopers for Pellaeon and a few Stromtroopers and this could be a GenCon winner.
8/6/2020 11:48:57 PM

Director Orson Krennic is not to bad.
8/6/2020 11:28:40 PM

Would it be worth bringing in Bith black sun vigo to make the Aqualish assassins more survivable? They seem vulnerable to a blaster barrage. He would also benefit from Xizor and potentially do 60 damage per turn at +18 attack.
8/6/2020 11:12:08 PM

Yeah. Kanan, Ezra, and Zeb all cost 6 less due to rapport.
8/6/2020 10:09:48 PM

This squad playing itself would be funny - would probably end in like a 25-12 stalemate.
8/6/2020 8:08:04 PM

If you restricting the squad to your own collection, I can take a look if you enter your collection in the collection tracker. Takes a bit of work, to enter it, though. Note that the save button at the bottom of the collection-tracker page works, but the save buttons next to individual pieces aren't working for some reason.
8/6/2020 8:07:38 PM

WotC made 790 minis (not counting reprints). Of those, only 100-200 were strong in competitive tournaments. The Vset power level is targeted to the level of those 100 or 200 more powerful pieces. So when compared to the average power level of WotC pieces, yeah, they will come across as overpowered.
8/6/2020 7:55:22 PM

Probably just against my friend but maybe a tournament at some point. I only recently dusted off my collection after 10 years of it laying in my basement. I haven't looked at the V-sets much, the characters seem a little over-powered for my taste.
8/6/2020 7:34:17 PM

What context do you expect to be playing this squad in? Since all the pieces are WotC pieces, I'm guessing you don't use the Vsets. Is that right? Are you restricting yourself to your own collection? Would you be making a squad for your opponent, or would you be playing against someone who built a squad from their own collection? One-off games or entering a tournament?
8/6/2020 7:26:04 PM

Deceptive only goes to non-Unique allies, but the double-twin from the GATs and Rodian are good.
8/6/2020 7:13:38 PM

I'm counting on my amplified GATs and rodian vigo to take four 20 damage shots per turn, and wedge also benefits from twin attack and deceptive. In optimal conditions I have a chance to do 360 damage per tun. My characters have on average around 7 attack, so of course a lot of that won't go through.
8/6/2020 7:02:08 PM

Strange ranking engine that puts this squad as the #2 150pt squad despite zero ratings. But I'll give it an 8. It's not bad, but it's not great.
8/6/2020 6:46:39 PM

General Wedge + Leia Skywalker is a powerful combination against shooters. I think we don't see it as often these days because neither of them are very good offensively. It's nice that Wedge has Accurate Shot, but his +8/10dmg isn't good for much more than fodder. Same thing for Leia's +9, but her 40dmg on the move at least has a bit more punch if she can hit. And while it makes your squad near-unshootable, it does nothing to stop adjacent enemies.
8/6/2020 6:38:00 PM

Thanks, I see that would be better. I only have about 40% of the the miniatures so I wasn't familiar with him.
8/6/2020 3:43:25 PM

Why not Wedge for Evade?
8/6/2020 2:56:05 PM

"M'name's Ian." "Your intern has an intern?"
8/6/2020 10:30:53 AM

70dam cannon for Mando if he's adjacent and you get outactivated. Then when Mando gets down to half health, Venku can fly double speed and gets a 60dam cannon. That sounds pretty fun.
8/6/2020 2:09:47 AM

Plus Wuher (from rapport).
8/6/2020 1:00:46 AM

Congrats, Spry!
8/5/2020 8:57:55 PM

Yeah, could go to 3 ZCD and then I'd we good and then some.
8/5/2020 5:50:57 PM

Han for Dug vs Strafe. Figrin for Defuse Bomb vs Self Destruct. Wicket swapped out vs low defense squads. More door control vs Triple Override.
8/5/2020 5:14:24 PM (Updated: 8/5/2020 5:14:49 PM)

One more question while you're doing a deep review. Would you ever use the swap out CE on the hutt on hoversled? What should be primed replacements?
8/5/2020 5:06:26 PM

Max with 4 other musicians. Pull someone 5 squares toward Max. Draw Fire, Soothe, and Pacifism with save 16s. With all boosts, Sy is +17/50dmg (effectively +21 if Wicket's Traps are active). The other musicians except for Teek are also at 50dmg.
8/5/2020 5:01:26 PM

I doubt you could keep her alive, but a Czerka here would be amazing.
8/5/2020 3:51:48 PM

I'd be excited to play it just to troll with "Now... Greedo will shoot first..."
8/5/2020 3:09:59 PM

I like this a lot
8/5/2020 3:00:17 PM

8/5/2020 2:51:46 PM (Updated: 8/5/2020 2:52:10 PM)

I think your comment is a better title than the current title. "Maximum Musician Shenanigans." I'd drop Crumb for a Mouse Droid. You have plenty of Distraction in the squad already and you need Relay Orders to propagate the cannon shots.
8/5/2020 2:25:28 PM (Updated: 8/5/2020 2:32:57 PM)

Great job! First time the ERCs have made the cut at GenCon.
Darth O
8/5/2020 10:53:41 AM

Was really fun playing in my first GenCon with this squad. Made the playoffs but lost to UrbanJedi and his Skybuck.
8/5/2020 1:33:50 AM

Celeste is an interesting choice - counting on making Rakghouls, I guess? Her CE doesn't affect the Rakghoul Warrior, but it would affect the new Raks that it makes.
8/4/2020 10:33:03 PM

Fun looking squad. Boba's Double-Twin-GMA is good for a whole bunch of chances at Disintegration, but you could have done that during WotC days. The new part of this squad is that Vader gets pumped up considerably: GMA, Cunning, Force Renewal 2, and Rolling Evade. So 90dmg on the move, and enough Force points to regularly Force Grip for 20 while on the way to melee range. Tarkin can push Vader 6 extra squares - not quite as quick as swap, but it certainly helps close the gap.
8/4/2020 7:55:14 PM (Updated: 8/4/2020 8:27:29 PM)

IG-88A has Assassin, not Bounty Hunter. He isn't eligible for Hired Gun. He can still be in the squad, though. He just isn't getting any of Jabba or Bib's boosts or the movement breaker.
8/4/2020 7:53:50 PM (Updated: 8/4/2020 7:55:18 PM)

Jabba gives IG-88A Hutt Cartel with Hired Gun, right? Edit: doh, he's not a bounty hunter. i think thats the 2nd time ive made that mistake.
8/4/2020 7:44:46 PM

This squad did well in the GenCon Champs this year. Well done.
8/4/2020 7:19:50 PM

Monstrous. Another 60dmg/round from IG-88A. Hang Glider is really good with Bib. IG-88A can't get Hutt Cartel, so he misses out on the boosts and can't participate in Bib's movement breaker. The two main attacking IGs may have trouble actually getting to that max damage. Only 10 activations, so hard to get Opportunist, and they have to push a scrub or something up far enough to turn on Death Strike. But they're a constant 120dmg, and the potential for 200 is there if you can line it up right. Not on the move, so have to master the movement breaker.
8/4/2020 3:48:42 AM

Dex without Obi? sacrilege.
8/4/2020 2:18:03 AM

The Loth-cat shouldn't be there. I forgot about the lightsaber requirement on the Loth-cat. Dropped for a Prowler droid.
8/4/2020 1:14:14 AM

Why the Loth-cat here? I'm excited to try this one out
8/4/2020 12:58:28 AM

Kenobi is a hard sell and realistically isn't a top tier choice, but the +2 move on the GMA clones and triple 18's is probably a solid B+ option. Which for Clone strike is impressive.
8/4/2020 12:37:46 AM

Ok - you do have a mouse as well, that does change it. You really need at least a mouse to run Revan SL
8/3/2020 11:45:40 PM (Updated: 8/3/2020 11:47:14 PM)

GenSky charging in with Knight Speed and GMA for +20/30dmg x3. ARC Scouts charging 8 squares at +9/20dmg x3, but Targeting would make it effectively +13/20dmgx3. Spaartis also @ +9/10dmg x3, but effectively +13 if a Scout goes first and uses Targeting. I like it. GenKenobi suffers from his Greater Immobility, but he still Triples for +18/20dmg x3. And he does have Doombot to put him in the right spot.
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