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Commander Effect

Card Text

You decide who goes first each round regardless of initiative check, unless you roll a 1. Characters in your squad can spend Force points from this character. (A character still can't spend Force points more than once per turn and can't combine this character's Force points with their own.)

1 Characters
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# * Name Rarity Cost HitPoints Defense Atk Dmg Special Abilities Force Powers CE Rating
BHC 1 Imperial Darth Sidious, Sith Mastermind 100 150 22 17 20 Unique, Melee Attack, Triple Attack, Evade, Jedi Hunter, Parry, Rapport (Darth Vader, -10), Synergy +4 (Vader, +4 Attack) Force 3, Force Renewal 3, Master of the Force 2, Force Lightning 4, Lightsaber Assault, Sith Rage Has CE 8.07 (15)
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Characters

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