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Still effective inside Thrawn's Force bubble.

The Choice

Waves - 1/6/2019 2:19:03 AM (Created: 1/5/2019 8:57:47 PM)

Card Text

If this character defeats a character on the opposing squad whose name contains Obi-Wan, Ben Kenobi, Sidious, or Palpatine, she gains a +30 bonus to her maximum health, recovers all health and Force points, gains +4 attack and +4 Defense, Twin Attack, Force Renewal 1, and loses Conflicted Loyalty for the rest of the skirmish. If she defeated Obi-Wan or Ben Kenobi, she loses Force Lightning 1, gains Force Lightning 2, and is renamed Darth Tyrosus, Sith Apprentice for the rest of the skirmish. If she defeated Sidious or Palpatine, she loses Force Lightning 1 and Sith Sorcery, gains Force Heal 30 and Surprise Move, and is renamed Siri Tachi, Redeemed Jedi for the rest of the skirmish. This ability can only trigger once.

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