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Indiana 2014 Regional Save the date Options
Posted: Sunday, April 27, 2014 9:49:09 PM
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swinefeld wrote:
Congrats Tim BlooMilk

I was a bit surprised to see Gamblin' Han in the squad, that's cool. BigGrin


Han was absolutely key. Not only does Han GAMBLER add to the theme of the squad name "Karrde Trick", but gameplay wise too. He's a rock solid accurate shooter. He's always shooting at a +12 for 30, and can reroll if he misses at a +16. He's my R2 killer. I'd trade him for the tin can at a point loss almost everytime. A Rodian can't cut it vs droids. Also, Han has evade and 60 hp, so if need be he can take an enemy shot or 2 and live. I have both in my squad to kill Lobot if he ever pokes his head out. In most games my first pseudo-intuition (Talon's CE) is Han moving up, and then if I outactivate I move Han last to sprint him in position for a beginning of round 2 snipe.

This squad had dash as the big gun threat of course, and the Klats are hugely important, but often the big plays were Han Smuggler. This squad is built to control the action. It's not a slugger squad, or a rock squad, or a scissor squad, or a paper squad. It has counters to many things built in. It's a squad best used to systematically pick apart your opponents tech and isolate bigger threats. Han Gambler is a well made piece that finally gets to shine with Talon Karrde IB. He is a perfect fit for this strategy.
Posted: Monday, April 28, 2014 5:08:55 AM
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nice report Timmy!
wish I was thereSad
juice man
Posted: Monday, April 28, 2014 8:22:28 AM
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Wanted to be there too, but had a function to attend for my nephew. However the function was ..... BATTLING ROBOTSThumpUp . He was on a High School team (they went 2-2).This was pretty exciting, if he is on next year I'll bring a big, fat seat cushion.
Posted: Monday, April 28, 2014 8:23:28 AM
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My weekend
Rumble - Mace LOTLS and Rex - Boba Merc Commander and IG 88 Assassin Droid - Sidious, Supreme Chancellor and Farios Olin

Game one I had to face three different versions of Sion. But after an extremely slow start I made the winners table. I made it based on points by scoring over 300. There I faced two more Sions. What made this a fun night was the smack talking 12 year old, Dillon, that seldom was quiet. This to me is what minis is about and why we have a great community. The kids walks in and beats two Hall of Famers and no one was mad or upset. It was a fun night.

I run
Quinlin Vos (Set6)
Sidious (set 6)
Asajj (set 6)
Drones x10
Lobot - Monmaw and Crumb

Match One vs Bryan Hole
Bryan is running a Black Sun squad with Talon IB and a Czerka to get twin on Peaceful City.
He gets Talon and he squad in gambit. So disruptive and Yslamri. Grrr....
Palpy runs in to make some noise while Monmaw goes around the other side of the room and hasa drone open door so he can get in. I am able to war throat and kill all but one mouse, the czerka, and uggies. That is pretty much the game changing moment. Everyone loses twin and thus not to big of a threat when they can shoot my cloaked pair.

Game two - the closest game I have play in 5 years.
I take on Chris Pullis and his Durge on lancer, Cad Bane, and Asajj. Theed
He gets to gambit first. Puts 40 on my assajj with cad befre I can cloak her. He swings Durge around but Palpy winds up chewing him up with quad and rage. Cad shoots almost all my drones. Asajj nails cad and vos lighting him at the begining of the next round to finsih him off. Asajj on Asajj action goes in his favor and then runs back to gambit. I lighting a rodian. and realize that I cannot kill the 2 points as the time as already called. It was a great close game and lots of fun. Some questionable moves that we talked about later would have changed think more in his favor.

Look for a pub crawl minis event at GenCon in the future. Two Pubs, 3 drink minimum at each. Come back to the minis hall and have to play a sealed where you just get the names of your characters. You then have 25 minutes to sort through a box to get cards and a separate box of D&D minis combined with Hero clix mins to use as figs then create your squad. The to top it off it is a Mystery Map.

Round three-
Buzzed Laura vs Buzzed Les I won the margarita challenge between us, but she won the game.
I was a square off and could not do much against the Disruptive and Yslamri. Monmaw did get some kills again but not as many as against Bryan.

Round Four - vs Randy
The dice gods smiled at me and threw Randy under a bus. He missed at least 8 shots needing to roll 6 or less. Monmaw and drones dealt with the Imp. Dignitaries.

2-2 not bad for the first time playing this squad and not rolling a single map choice.

Epic Fantastic Four
Epic Maul, BHC Douku, Wicket, Twilek BG

Game 1 vs Jake - I bring a knife to a gun fight. That never ends well.
Game 2 bye
Game 3 vs Randy - Masaki Style saves the day. Randy wins the Sportsmanship award during this game :)

Xwing 14 players or so.

Posted: Monday, April 28, 2014 4:42:29 PM
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I played:

Talon's Hat Trick
Talon Karrde, Information Broker
Marn Hierogryph
Dash Rendar, Renegade Smuggler
Lobot (!!!!!)
2 mice
1 uggie

My map was Peaceful City

Round 1 I played against Amanda P with a Mando squad (Kelborn, Vindicated, a couple of scouts, etc.). I took the twin CE with Con Artist and brought in a Czerka Shield Tech and Salacious Crumb with Lobot, three extra uggies with Marn's Bribery. Jarael dropped one of the scouts in round two, then the second one a couple rounds later, and her uniques could not withstand my damage output. Also, her dice hated her, which didn't help. 1-0, 3 pts.

Round 2 I was matched against Etienne (atmsalad on Bloomilk) and his OR troopers. This is a really clever squad (wound up winning the squad award) and very well played. I brought in Young Boba (the v-set one) with Lobot, and Marn brought in an R7 (we were playing on his map, and I wanted to make sure I had adequate door control). This match did not go well. I lost Jarael early, which is always hard to come back from, then sacrificed Embo for 30 damage on the Arkanian Jedi General. I did manage to kill one of his OR troopers and several of the soldiers, but I didn't really have much chance in this game, particularly since my saves were NOT going my way at all. 1-1, 3 pts, lunch time.

Amazing Mexican food and margaritas. Les ran the next round pairings before we left, so I knew that we would be meeting up after lunch. This proved to be a big advantage, since I had all of lunch to think about what I could do to counter his squad, especially the Sidious. I had actually played the Sidious the night before, in the Royal Rumble, so I was pretty familiar with just how devastating he could be.

Round 3 vs. Les. I took the Force Renewal CE, Marn brought in a Twi'lek Bodyguard, and Lobot brought in Greedo, Bounty Hunter and an ugnaught. We played on Peaceful City, and I ran my squad into the middle for early gambit/positioning. In round two, Les Force Cloaked Quinlan and brought Sidious up toward the center room, and I moved my bodyguard and Talon toward the door (the bodyguard was hiding around a corner, so not an easy target). Now Sidious is in the bubble and Talon is activated, so I don't have to worry about his Leaping Assault OR his Ambush this round. I also managed to get a cover-free shot with Greedo, sticking Quinlan, and Embo ran in and put some hurt on Assaj. Assaj attacked back, missing one, and leaving him with 30. Then Sidious moved a couple squares over and lightninged Embo...unfortunately for him, DR 10 kicked in, leaving Embo alive. Momaw came in and put 10 on...well..pretty much everyone in the room, killing most of my fodder. The next round, Sidious moved up and dropped four attacks on Talon, but the bodyguard took two of them, meaning that Talon also lived. From there, my squad finished off Quinlan and Assaj, losing Embo in the process, and Les conceded once Sidious also went down. 2-1, 6 pts and in the top four going into the last round.

Round 4 vs. Chris P. I took the Close Quarters Fighting CE and brought in a LIN Demolitionmech and an R7 with Lobot, a Camaasi Noble and something else with Marn. We played on my map and he established himself very well in the center room, basically directing my attacks away from Cad and toward Durge. Durge went down very quickly, thanks to the Close Quarters Fighting on Jarael, among other things, but that still left the problems of Assaj and Cad. I unfortunately set up pretty much my entire squad in a straight line down the middle, and Cad got a furious assault off on basically everyone. I was rolling my saves well, but it didn't make much difference. Eventually, everybody on my side was dead except Jarael, and he still had a full health Cad plus his filler and commanders. We played it out, but once Talon died, there was really very little Jarael could do. 2-2, 6 pts, 6th place (Etienne was 5th due to beating me head to head).

Overall, I had a great time with this squad, and I was super happy that we finally have a Fringe squad as regional champ (even if it wasn't mine). Thanks to Les, Bryan, and everyone else for a great event. Looking forward to Chicago in a little over a month.

Posted: Friday, May 2, 2014 10:03:05 AM
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Lol, a few people asked me where my squad was in bloomilk, didn't realize I accidentally had it set to "private".

It's public now. Let the "1" bombings begin.
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