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Wargames Factory crazy deal? Options
Posted: Thursday, August 6, 2015 7:37:34 PM
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apologies for a spammer-seeming title,
but... there's a sale on for Wargames Factory stuff, extended for a while,
they have FEMALES - with decent sculpting and detail, perfect for Halo or other contexts
for female troopers etc. Apologies, but so many local gamers have been looking for player-tokens or Sisters of Battle alt figs for a long time - with proper attire etc, and now there are some options.

To make jedi, I highly recommend their "Heroine" collection and the Hoplite collection.
Statesiders also have a better deal, as there's cheaper postage.

as an idea for price;
~13USD for 35 female heroes (and 4 extra weapon sprues, you could make more than 35 easily)
~15USD for 30 female hoplites,
~11USD for 27 female civilians
~18USD for 10 female "Clone Commando"/"Halo" style stormtrooper armor.

There's also a not-Aliens APC, and a not-Titan, and those are only $30USD a piece!
And, if you ask kindly, they might have various robot-sprue too, to make Securitrons etc...
(similar to Brother Vinni's stuff, it's AWESOME).

So, looks like the 'Brotherhood" of Steel has a female legion in the wasteland,
that I can make proxy female Spartan-Clix
and there were some secret female Mandalorian clonetrooper commandos.
Posted: Friday, August 7, 2015 7:30:33 AM
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where can we find this awesome deal?Confused
Posted: Friday, August 7, 2015 8:31:03 AM
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excellent question Jak
(I am not imbursed or rewarded - they just make dang good minis - and decently-attired female models that are anatomically correctish,
at prices you just can't beat).

EDIT: I forgot to also mention,
they make a helluva 'not-Tomb Kings":
I just ordered 2 legions worth of skeletons, chariot, hoplites and anti-zombie heroes.

This is better than their Black Friday sale prices, even with Intl' shipping to my present locale.

It gets better -
keep it under your hats, but...
rumor has it, Knight something-something sells not-Wars stuff they don't have in their not-inventory;
if you don't ask, you don't get - I don't know how much or what is left, but I do know if I can get my hands on their droids or stormies, I will be quite happy (as will locals)
be sure to try your luck and see, if you missed out on their 34mm stuff back in its run.

EDIT: It gets better...
WarGames Factory is looking at making a few new sci-fi kits -
I recommend people
i) support some cheap sweet kit,
ii) suggest that 'robots and droids' are the kits they design - the only catch is, whatever is designed, has to be something that'd move 500 units, or 100 supporters on a kickstarter campaign, or both... hehehe
(any kind of notwars stuff would be handy).
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