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Pseudo-Sealed Options
Posted: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 6:29:32 PM
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Just played an awesome game of pseudo-sealed. (Not an official format.)

I took my Vset 13 cards - the ones that are not already built into squads and split them into Uniques and non-Uniques. Dealt half of each pile to myself and my opponent (AndyHatton). Then we built 100pt squads.

Captain Rex, Veteran
Elassar Targon


Captain Phasma
Lando Calrissian, Galactic Entrepreneur
Korlo Brightwater on Speeder Bike
Queen Allana Solo
First Order Stormtrooper

Although I just added that up and he shouldn't have had the Stormtrooper. It died before doing anything anyway.

Played on Dark Academy.

Rathtar has to roll over and through his squad due to Savage. Kills the Stormtrooper and deals a couple others some damage, but then the Rathtar just sits there and takes a bunch of damage. That's its story over the next round as well. Only gets one chance to attack and misses 2 of 4 attacks on Phasma. DR10 does some work for a while, but once Phasma's Merciless 20 kicked in, Rathtar went down pretty quick.

Meanwhile, Rex dropped Korlo down to 10hp. Then Korlo strafed and attacked him back, but missed the Strafe. Elassar finished Korlo, and the next round Lando put a crit on Rex, but he was Presumed Dead and with Intuition was back in the action pretty quickly.

When Lando went down, things looked pretty good for me. Rex and Elassar were both untouched. Phasma was down to 40hp and Allana also had taken damage. But then Elassar took a crit and then a hit from Phasma, which would have killed him. Lucky Break kept him alive at 10hp. Next round, he took a shot to get Phasma down to 20 and then ran away to hide behind Rex.

Phasma moved up and had to target Rex, taking him down to 30hp and then Allana stunned him.

Next init, Phasma kills Rex. With only 10hp left, Elassar has to choose between Allana and Phasma. Phasma's the bigger threat, but if Allana lives she might kill him this round. Elassar kills Allana (needing Gambler's Luck to hit) so it comes down to an init. Phasma wins init and wins the game.
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