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Posted: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 2:27:25 PM
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I rewatched Last Jedi.
I had the purpose of seeing if I liked Rose.

After my first watching I did not like her. After the second I thought she was ok.

Her line to Finn was a good line as well. I thought the Canto Bight sequence was good as well. I think it was a weak point of the movie but I thought it played its part.

It played a large part in Poe's growth, showing the state of the Universe, and spreading the resistance.

Also, if we are looking at Star Wars there are always parts that are not 100% needed. Look at Han and co. in the worm hole. Look at the Ewoks.
looking at Clone Wars and Rebels we have endless numbers of these "side stories" that play a part in the overall story.
I see Canto Bight as a "not as good" part of the story that plays its part in the verse.
The Horse chase sequence was pretty awesome either way. DJ's character just being there is plot, but c'mon, if you are mad about that you have to be mad at many other conveniences....
Millenium Falcon beingt here, Luke's lightsaber being there.
Han and Chewbacca finding the Millenium Falcon.. etc etc

But the politically sided parts of the movie are not that exaggerated imo. Everyone knows that people can find wealth in arms dealing during war time. Lord of War was a great movie. but I thought it was fun to see that War has "evil" on either side.
Just like the Jedi and Sith. I thought it helped that narrative.
Than animal cruelty... I didn't really see it as animal cruelty as much as I did just cruelty of a lower class/slaves. which everyone agrees with.

In a nutshell I think Rose was a good addition to the verse if she stays a side story and we can move on from her.
Posted: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 2:44:53 PM
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I liked the character. I didn't like just about everything she was involved with.

I hated Canto Bight. You make some excellent points about universe expansion and such, and I applaud you for finding the good in even the parts some people didn't like. Personally, I don't think random side stories like that have any place in a movie, though. I thought The Last Jedi was kind of messy and chaotic, and I was disappointed that Finn and Rose's side quest ended up not accomplishing anything.

Rose's line at the end was a great line, and very true... except at that moment. If it hadn't been for Luke, Rose would have just finished the Resistance for good. Excellent character growth for Finn, but otherwise... stupid. (That's ignoring the plot hole of how Rose caught up to Finn in the first place).

But, for all my griping, they establish Rose as a character pretty nicely, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with her in the future. I'm just hoping to forget most of what they did with her before that future.
Posted: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 3:04:36 PM
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I am with you, but the sad thing is that this side plot will probably end up being really important and they will want to expand on it more. For instance, Jabba the Hutt ended up being a HUGE side plot. Who would have known that it would play such a role after A New Hope?

The good thing about that "side plot" is that it had some amazing scenes and characters in them.

The reason why I want this to stay a side plot is because Finn is a waste of camera. In Force Awakens he was forgettable and he was even more forgettable in this one.

Literally, he went with Rose and didn't do anything at all. Can someone please name one accomplishments of Finn in either movie?
I think all he did was semi-save Poe...

Point being that if Rose is attached to Finn and Rose is going to be seen more because they want to expand the side plot, than that means more Rose and Finn.... which is not a good thing imo.

Best case scenario, Rose stays in a coma and Finn stays at her hospital bed.
Posted: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 5:15:50 PM
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Does anyone else think that Hux/Kylo Ren is based on real life, and there are the seeds of a popular uprising against him in the Canto Bight scenes? I think those scenes on Canto Bight and the closing scenes with Leia's dialogue on the Falcon and the kid using the force point the way forward for some of the plot in Episode 9.

“I won’t have you question my methods!” General Hux barks at Kylo Ren. Domhnall Gleeson described his STAR WARS character General Hux as a man who wants the throne, needs to be the center of attention, and wants everyone to know he’s important. Sound familiar? If it reminds you of current politics, Domhnall Gleeson wouldn’t necessarily disagree.
One can’t help notice similarities to political leaders today, and Gleeson was asked if Hux was a metaphor for today’s leaders. “Most pieces of great art reflect the times that we’re in no matter when we’re living,” Gleeson replied, “there’s never a lack of evil in the world, and there are always people that want to do more for themselves than others.”
Posted: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 6:21:07 AM
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After the Last Jedi the entire first order is nothing but throw away characters, except for maybe Kylo. Hux went from a possibly inspiring leader to an inept Lapdog.

As for Rose she's ok.

I understand the purpose of the events of Canto Bight, and they are OK. The real problem with the scene for me is, what monetary system does the planet run on. It's unlikely that the First Order would be rolling in New Republic Credits, and it's unlikely that all those weapons dealer would be so interested in Imperial Credits. In the Phantom Menace Watto wouldn't accept Republic Credits, as they were useless so far from the core. The money problem just doesn't make the idea behind the scene work at all.

And what purpose would having a coin launcher in BB-8 be? Does he double as a clothes washer/dryer?
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