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I can't creat a custom set Options
Posted: Friday, January 5, 2018 9:07:03 AM
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so i am new here to Bloo Milk, and i have created a new character and wanted to put him into a set so that i can find it among the rest of the custom sets. i named my set, gave it an abbreviation and then added my character into the set and clicked create. the quick "Please Wait" little icon in the bottom left corner appeared for a second, and then nothing happened. thinking it was created, i went to Customs, Sets, My Sets, and there was nothing. no set, just nothing. so i tried it again, and again and even asked another member for help. he got the same result. so i am just posting this to let people in charge know that there is a problem here.
Posted: Friday, May 4, 2018 12:42:33 PM
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I'm having this same problem. I kinda hope someone eventually looks into this.
Posted: Friday, May 4, 2018 4:53:27 PM
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Welcome to bloomilk one and all. BlooMilk
so, thanks for bringing this to folks like Shinja's attention.

I know what you mean --- that set-creator feature has always been a little 'touchy/finicky",
we are working on that hehe. It's part of Bloomilk's charm though on some level,
kinda like the "funny sayings banner" near the Bloomilk Logo.

I do have to ask though;
in the 'set name', did you use any of the following type of characters? |'#*&^%" | etc?
if so, that can cause an issue when the set is made, including "characters beyond ASCII etc" format.
So, make your sets name ~15characters or less, and only using the 26 letters and 10 numbers,
any other character seems to be "forbidden character/might not work well" hehe BigGrin
and it should be okeedoke. That's a "handle" or a "set-name", as compared to the "long-title" hehe. BigGrin
unfortunately, folks that wish to use languages other than english for their set title are unable to do so at this time from the set-itself,
though, you sure can append an image of the language-specific variant of that set. It's a kludge, though it avoids some other complications hehe.
EDIT: I stand corrected, as new character support is added

If you haven't made many forum posts, I think its 10 or 20,
I don't know the exact triple-by-time/post counter etc.
some privileges and features won't come online yet.
so, you won't be able to make a lot of the custom sets etc until then or so, as in the past we had unfortunate 'spam-set' incidents etc.
This step is ostensibly part of combatting 'spambots' etc, as Bloomilk takes many approaches to filter out spambots etc,
and even with that, we still get the occassional spam-griefing hehe.

A Great way to boost your post-count, is
by making a thread in "Customs" board, to showcase your custom statblocks or
your custom physical miniatures, statcards WorksInProgress etc
You are by all means welcome to put the statblocks there too, and at a later time, pivot those.

Thanks for reading.
I do hope you'll persevere and share your custom SWMinis, whether that be 'virtual' and stats-only,
through to physical statcards or the miniatures themselves.
I hope this helps somewhat,
and I look forward to seeing what customs and miniatures you make.
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