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Vsets finding all "recommended minis" Options
Posted: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 5:37:38 PM
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Would it take a lot of effort to link every vset mini to its corresponding WOTC mini? Some WOTC minis are used several times. I dont know if anyone else has wanted this, just thought Id ask.
Posted: Thursday, June 28, 2018 2:12:38 PM
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Don't need exactly this, but as someone who only plays maybe once a year, it would be great if the v-set characters said what their recommended mini is. I don't always know what mini the picture is.
Posted: Thursday, June 28, 2018 5:25:23 PM
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crazybirdman wrote:
Don't need exactly this, but as someone who only plays maybe once a year, it would be great if the v-set characters said what their recommended mini is. I don't always know what mini the picture is.

I have a list (spreadsheet) that is quite out of date, (by numerous sets). When I'm done inputting v16 stats I'll get a fresh data dump and will be able to update said list, if I can find time.

Otherwise (not knowing what device/browser you are using) on PC you can right-click on the image and get some info from the filename using the menu options. (I use Firefox, but I assume most browsers have something similar)

One problem there is that on a handful of the early v-sets the image files were copied/renamed to reflect 'v-set' usage. I'm not sure why that was done (maybe some edited images to remove sabers or something?) I can probably fix those back to the WotC filenames, but it would be pretty time-consuming and so way down on my priority list.

All that said, feel free to ask anytime. :) Here, bloomail me, or whatever. BlooMilk
Posted: Saturday, June 30, 2018 5:35:39 AM
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Remember the WotC mini is just recommended you can use any blasted piece, even your lil' ponies, should the mood strike.
speaking of strike,
that's exactly what I wanted to do to my opponent when she proxied ponies for Luke & Han, and the rest of the squadThumbDown
Posted: Saturday, June 30, 2018 12:06:02 PM
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jak wrote:
Remember the WotC mini is just recommended you can use any blasted piece, even your lil' ponies, should the mood strike.
speaking of strike,
that's exactly what I wanted to do to my opponent when she proxied ponies for Luke & Han, and the rest of the squadThumbDown

Was that in a tournament? It does have to be something that doesn't confuse people, and that certainly sounds confusing.
Posted: Saturday, June 30, 2018 1:14:17 PM
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Yes, If I am remembering correctly, it was at the Indiana Regional about 5-6 years ago. I don't think that person is still an active payer at this point though as I haven't seen or heard of her being at any events for years now.
Posted: Saturday, June 30, 2018 2:37:54 PM
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gholli69 wrote:
Yes, If I am remembering correctly, it was at the Indiana Regional about 5-6 years ago. I don't think that person is still an active payer at this point though as I haven't seen or heard of her being at any events for years now.

Yeah, I remember that person (from the Gamers forums I think, don't recall if she was active here).

Posted: Monday, July 2, 2018 11:47:44 AM
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jak wrote:
Remember the WotC mini is just recommended you can use any blasted piece, even your lil' ponies, should the mood strike.

I understand, but it makes it much easier when playing the game if the mini matches the character pictured on the card. There is enough to keep track of in the game. I don't want to add this dude is actually that dude if I don't have to.

Also, sometimes I need the mini for a different game, or for a custom, so I'll search "Bothan" for example.

I realize that isn't the site's intended purpose, but it would be nice if the feature existed.
Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 1:51:34 PM
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tangentially related: When doing a character search, I would love one toggle button that I could click, that would select all of the v-sets, or all of the Wizards sets, or everything.
Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2018 11:26:29 AM
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I have a list for all V-sets figures, which to use.
It is in a form of table, but putting simply copy - paste, looks like this.

Virtual Sets

Master Kavar (65) REPUBLIC Anakin Skywalker
Master Thon (64) FRINGE Boma
Master Vandar (60) REPUBLIC Yoda, Jedi Master
Nomi Sunrider, Head of the Jedi Order (60) Nomi Sunrider
Lucien Draay, Jedi Master (57) Master Lucien Draay
Belth Allusis, Jedi Master (55) REBEL Master Kota
Va Zallow, Jedi Master (46) REBEL Luke Skywalker, Young Jedi
Valenthyne Farfalla (45) NEW REPUBLIC Kol Skywalker
Smuggler (44) REBEL Luke Skywalker, Hero of Yavin
The Revanchist (42) EMPIRE Reborn
Vanguard (40) REPUBLIC Galactic Marine
The Jedi Exile, Hero of Onderon (39) Jedi Exile
Beast-Lord (38) FRINGE Utapaun Soldier
Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas (38) Vodo-Siosk Baas
Satele Shan (37) NEW REPUBLIC Leia Organa Solo, Jedi Knight
Atton “Jaq” Rand (36) Atton Rand
Qyzen Fess (36) FRINGE Bossk
Corellian Jedi Lord (36) NEW REPUBLIC Exceptional Jedi Apprentice
Arca Jeth, Jedi Master (35) REPUBLIC Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Beast Rider on Drexl (35) FRINGE Utapaun on Dactillon
Odan-Urr (35) REPUBLIC Jedi Master Kit Fisto
Kira Carsen (34) NEW REPUBLIC Young Jedi Knight
Ulic Qel-Droma, Jedi Knight (34) SITH Ulic Qel-Droma
Bastila Shan, Jedi Master (33) Bastila Shan
Vima Sunrider (33) EMPIRE Arden Lyn
Army of Light Jedi Lord (32) EMPIRE Imperial Knight 20/60
Xesh (32) REPUBLIC Anakin Skywalker, Champion of Nelvaan
Covenant Protector (31) FRINGE Twi’lek Scoundrel
Tott Doneeta (31) NEW REPUBLIC Shado Vao
Mical, The Disciple (30) Jedi Consular
Jedi Diplomat (30) NEW REPUBLIC Young Jedi Knight
Arkanian Jedi General (30) Jedi Sith Hunter
Arfan Ramos (30) NEW REPUBLIC Kyle Katarn, Combat Instructor
Green Jedi Commander (30) Jedi Healer
Carth Onasi, Old Republic Soldier (29) Carth Onasi
Kerra Holt (29) NEW REPUBLIC Jaina Solo
Shoaneb Culu, Jedi Knight (28) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper with Repeating Blaster
Aric Jorgan (28) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper with Repeating Blaster
Jedi Seer (27) REPUBLIC Jedi Guardian
Theron Shan, SIS Operative (27) FRINGE Dash Rendar
Covenant Hand (26) SITH Sith Apprentice
Green Jedi (26) Jedi Watchman
Admiral Saul Karath (25) IMPERIAL Imperial Officer
Sylvar, Betrayed Jedi (25) REBEL Bothan Spy
Admiral Oteg (24) REBEL Yoda of Dagobah
Jedi Shadow (23) IMPERIAL Disciple of Ragnos
Elite Gunner (23) REPUBLIC Senate Commando
Master Q’Anilia (23) REPUBLIC Luminara Unduli
Jace Malcom, Old Republic Trooper (23) REPUBLIC Saleucami Trooper
Dowutin Soldier (23) FRINGE Kintan Strider
Old Republic Veteran Trooper (22) EMPIRE Death Star Trooper
Bao-Dur, Tech Specialist (21) Bao-Dur
Covenant Defender (21) NEW REPUBLIC Exceptional Jedi Apprentice
Krynda Draay (20) REBEL Leia Organa, Senator
Old Republic Trooper (20) IMPERIAL Stormtrooper Commander
Mirialan Jedi Knight (20) REPUBLIC Luminara Unduli, Jedi Master
Army of Light Soldier (20) FRINGE Human Mercenary
Padawan on Swoop Bike (20) FRINGE Dark Hellion Marauder on Swoop Bike
Tactical Officer (19) REBEL Rebel Leader
Covenant Executor (19) IMPERIAL Emperor’s Hand
Old Republic Jedi Knight (18) NEW REPUBLIC Exceptional Jedi Apprentice
Crado, Jedi Apprentice (18) REBEL Bothan Noble
Arca Jeth, Jedi Spirit (18) REBEL Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Spirit
Antarian Ranger Tactical Soldier (18) FRINGE Mercenary Commander
Wookiee Commander (18) REBEL Wookiee Freedom Fighter
Covenant Consular (17) REPUBLIC Jedi Knight
Old Republic Rocket-Jumper (17) EMPIRE Imperial Navy Trooper
Old Republic Drop Pilot (15) FRINGE Dark Hellion Swoop Gang Member
Army of Light Consular (15) REPUBLIC Jedi Knight
Old Republic Senator (14) REBEL Mon Calamari Medic
Forn Dodona, Fleet Admiral (14) REBEL Deena Shan
Old Republic Tech Specialist (13) REBEL Mon Calamari Tech Specialist
Elite Old Republic Soldier (12) FRINGE Mon Calamari Mercenary
Padawan Learner (9) REPUBLIC Jedi Padawan
Togruta Covenant Seer (9) REBEL Twi’lek Scout
M6, SIS Droid (8) FRINGE R4 Astromech Droid
Army of Light Trooper (5) MANDALORIAN Mandalorian Warrior
Old Republic Rookie (4) REPUBLIC Naboo Soldier

Yoda, Hero of Geonosis (100) Yoda, Jedi Master
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker (85) REBEL Luke’s Landspeeder
Mace Windu, Legacy of the Light Side (65) Master Windu
Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala on Reek (65) FRINGE Reek
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Negotiator (62) Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master
Pong Krell (61) SEPARATIST General Grievous, Jedi Hunter
Oppo Rancisis (56) FRINGE Ephant Mon
Qui-Gon Jinn, Follower of the Living Force (56) Qui-Gon Jinn
General Obi-Wan Kenobi on Boga (55) Obi-Wan on Boga
Mace Windu, Lightning Squad Leader (50) AT-RT
Cin Drallig, Jedi Battlemaster (48) Jedi Weapon Master
Sifo-Dyas (48) OLD REPUBLIC Cay Qel-Droma
Shaak Ti, Republic Hero (46) Shaak Ti
Yarael Poof (44) FRINGE Kaminoan Medic
Yaddle, Jedi Master (44) REBEL Yoda of Dagobah
Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth (43) SEPARATIST Darth Sidious
Plo Koon, Republic Hero (42) Plo Koon, Jedi Master
Quinlan Vos, Double Agent (39) Quinlan Vos
Anakin Skywalker, The Chosen One (38) Anakin Skywalker
Tyvokka (38) FRINGE Wookiee Commando
Chief Tarfful (37) Tarfful
Master Tholme (36) General Kenobi
Commander Cody CC-2224 (36) Clone Commander Cody
Boss Nass (35) SEPARATIST Wat Tambor
Wookiee Jedi (35) Wookiee Berserker
Adi Gallia (35) Stass Allie
KI-Adi-Mundi, Jedi Master (34) Ki-Adi-Mundi
Null ARC Trooper Captain Ordo (34) IMPERIAL Stormtrooper Commander
Jocasta Nu (34) OLD REPUBLIC Jedi Guardian
Infantry Support Platform (33) ISP Speeder
Eath Koth (32) Agen Kolar
Commander Fox (31) Clone Commander Gree
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Padawan (30) Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan
Serra Keto (30) Jedi Crusader
Supreme Chancellor Valorum (30) EMPIRE Imperial Dignitary
Commander Bly (30) Clone Trooper Commander (10/60)
Aayla Secura, Jedi Knight (29) General Aayla Secura
Bombad General Jar Jar Binks on Kaadu (29) Gungan Cavalry on Kaadu
Jedi Battlemaster (28) FRINGE Genoharadan Assassin
Etain Tur-Mukan (27) OLD REPUBLIC Jedi Crusader
ARC Trooper Captain Fordo (27) 501st Legion Clone Commander
ARC Trooper Fives, Republic Hero (27) Clone Trooper 9/60
Republic Commando Niner (26) IMPERIAL Felucian Stormtrooper Officer
Elite Republic Commando – Boss (26) Republic Commando – Boss
Clone Commander Wolffe (26) REBEL Han Solo in Stormtrooper Armor
Ric Olie with R2-A6 REBEL General Rieekan
Elite Republic Commando – Fixer (25) Republic Commando – Fixer
Elite Republic Commando – Scorch (25) Republic Commando – Scorch
Elite Republic Commando – Sev (25) Republic Commando – Sev
Republic Commando Darman (25) IMPERIAL Darktrooper
Republic Commando Atin (25) IMPERIAL Shock Trooper
Republic Commando Fi (25) IMPERIAL Snowtrooper
Senator Padme Amidala (24) Queen Amidala
Foul Moudama (23) FRINGE Talz Chieftain
Coleman Kcaj (23) Nahdar Vebb
Covert Ops Clone Trooper (22) Clone Trooper Pilot
Republic Commando Jind (22) EMPIRE 501st Legion Stormtrooper
Republic Commando Dev (22) EMPIRE Shock Trooper
Senate Commando Captain (21) Senate Guard
Antarian Ranger Captain (20) SITH Sith Trooper Commander
Queen Padme Amidala (20) Queen Amidala
Captain Panaka of Theed (20) Captain Panaka
Padawan Commander (20) NEW REPUBLIC Young Jedi Knight
Bail Organa, Father of the Rebellion (20) Bail Organa
Gungan Elite Infantry (19) Gungan Soldier
Jedi Temple Guard (19) SEPARATIST Bodyguard Droid (28/60)
Elite Wookiee Commando (19) REBEL Wookiee Soldier
Gungan Warrior (18) FRINGE Gungan Bounty Hunter
Royal Handmaiden (17) OLD REPUBLIC Old Republic Recruit
Felucian Clone Trooper (17) EMPIRE Sandtrooper 17/40
Qui-Gon Jinn, Force Spirit (16) Qui-Gon Jinn
Coruscant Guard Clone Trooper (16) Clone Trooper Sergeant (21/40)
ARC Trooper Scout (14) ARC Trooper
Coleman Trebor (14) OLD REPUBLIC Jedi Instructor
Wolfpack Trooper (13) Clone Trooper (1/60)
Clone Trooper with Flamethrower (11) Utapau Trooper
Naboo Pilot (11) FRINGE Human Blaster-for-Hire
Jedi Holocron (11) FRINGE ASN Assassin Droid
Kaminoan Clone Technician (10) FRINGE Kaminoan Ascetic
Padawan Learner (10) Mon Calamari Knight
Naboo Trooper (7) FRINGE Bespin Guard
Spaarti Clone Trooper Demolitionist (5) Clone Trooper (6/60)

Old Ben Kenobi (100) Obi-Wan Kenobi, Unleashed
Galen Marek (66) IMPERIAL Vader’s Apprentice, Unleashed
Luke and Leia on Speeder (55) Commando on Speeder Bike
Kanan Jarrus (51) Dass Jennir
Chewbacca and Ewoks in AT-ST (50) IMPERIAL AT-ST
General Rahm Kota (50) Master Kota
Han Solo, Captain of the Millenium Falcon (48) Han Solo
Son of Skywalker (45) Luke Skywalker of Dagobah
Chief of State Mon Mothma (44) REPUBLIC Mon Mothma
Master Joda (44) Joda of Dagobah
Luke Skywalker, Hero of Endor (44) Luke Skywalker, Legacy of the Light Side
Ahsoka Tano, Champion of the Rebellion (43) REPUBLIC Ahsoka Tano
Wedge’s Snowspeeder (39) Rebel Snowspeeder
Kyle Katarn, Rebel Operative (39) FRINGE Dash Rendar
Commander Luke Skywalker (39) Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun
Han Solo, Rebel General (38) Han Solo, Rebel Hero
Chewie (38) Chewbacca, Rebel Hero
Ben Kenobi (35) Obi-Wan Kenobi
Dash Rendar, Rebel Informant (35) FRINGE Dash Rendar
Hera Syndulla (35) FRINGE Mission Vao
Kyle Katarn, Rebel Hero (34) NEW REPUBLIC Kyle Katarn, Jedi Battlemaster
Zeb Orrelios (31) OLD REPUBLIC Bao-Dur
Jyn Erso (31) OLD REPUBLIC Old Republic Recruit
Dice Ibegon (29) FRINGE Gundark
General Lando Calrissian (28) FRINGE Lando Calrissian, Hero of Tanaab
Ezra Bridger, Padawan (28) FRINGE Boba Fett, Young Mercenary
Biggs Darklighter, Rebel Pilot (27) Biggs Darklighter
Captain Rex, Veteran (26) REPUBLIC Captain Rex
Captain Cassian Andor (26) OLD REPUBIC Atton Rand
Admiral Ackbar, Supreme Commander (25) Admiral Ackbar
Laranth Tarak (25) FRINGE Ayy Vida
Sabine Wren (25) MANDALORIAN Mandalorian Gunslinger
Baze Malbus (25) NEW REPUBLIC Talon Karrde
Bria Tharen (24) Juno Eclipse
Crix Madine, SpecForce Commander (23) General Crix Madine
Lieutenant Page (22) Veteran Rebel Commando
Luke Skywalker, Red 5 (22) Luke Skywalker, Hero of Yavin
Chirrut Imwe (22) IMPERIAL Kir Kanos
Jon “Dutch” Vander (21) IMPERIAL Baron Fel
Lando Calrissian, Infiltrator (21) FRINGE Tamtel Skreej
Orrimarrko (21) Dressellian Commando
SpecForce Marine (20) REPUBLIC Star Corps Trooper
C1-10P “Chopper” (20) REPUBLIC R2-D2, Astromech Droid
20 Bail Organa, Father of the Rebellion (20) REPUBLIC Bail Organa
Princess Leia, Rebel Commando (19) Princess Leia, Rebel Hero
Red Squadron Ace (19) NEW REPUBLIC Galactic Alliance Scout
Gold Squadron Ace (19) OLD REPUBLIC Old Republic Guard
Bodhi Rook (19) EMPIRE Jagged Fel
Major Bren Derlin (18) Rebel Officer
Jan Ors (18) Juno Eclipse
Davin Felth (18) IMPERIAL Sandtrooper (50/60)
Wedge, Antilles, Rogue Three (18) Wedge Antilles, Red Two
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) (18) R2-D2
Commander Jun Sato, Phoenix Squadron Leader (18) EMPIRE Moff Morlish Veed
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Armor (17) IMPERIAL Stormtrooper Officer (35/60)
SpecForce Vanguard (17) FRINGE Human Mercenary
Roan Lands (17) Han Solo, Rogue
Kota’s Militia Officer (16) IMPERIAL Death Star Trooper
Rebel Scout on Tauntaun (16) Rebel Trooper on Tauntaun
Rogue One Marine (16) Red Hand Trooper
SpecForce Infiltrator (15) SEPARATIST Commando
SpecForce Technician (15) FRINGE Aqualish Technician
SpecForce Urban Combat Specialist (15) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper Commander
Luke Skywalker, Farmboy (15) Luke Skywalker, Rebel
SpecForce Wilderness Fighter (15) Elite Hoth Trooper
Veteran Rebel Trooper (13) Rebel Trooper (8/40)
Jek Porkins (13) FRINGE Gha Nachkt
See-Threepio (C-3PO) (12) C-3PO
Rebel Commando Munitions Expert (11) Rebel Commando (15/60)
Bothan Spymaster (11) Bothan Commando
Crimson Fury Pilot (11) Rebel Soldier
Phoenix Squadron Pilot (11) OLD REPUBLIC Old Republic Soldier
Snowspeeder Pilot (10) Rebel Pilot (17/60)
Green Squadron Pilot (6) FRINGE Cloud Car Pilot
Golden One (5) C-3PO, Ewok Deity
Tantive IV Trooper (5) Rebel Heavy Trooper

Dooku (100) Count Dooku
Darth Sidious, Supreme Chancellor (69) SITH Darth Sidious, Sith Master
NR-N99 Droid Enforcer (65) Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
Grievous on Tsmeu-6 Wheel Bike (63) Grievous’s Wheel Bike
Scorpenek Annihilator Droid (61) Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid
Darth Maul on Swoop Bike (59) Darth Maul on Speeder
Count Dooku, Separatist Leader (57) Count Dooku of Serano
Darth Maul, Sith Infiltrator (57) Darth Maul
Durge on Speeder (56) Durge
Sev’rance Tann (55) FRINGE Deliah Blue
Corporate Alliance Energy Pummel (48) FRINGE Telosian Tank Droid
Dooku, Separatist Hero (45) Darth Tyranus
General Grievous, Separatist Hero (45) General Grievous, Supreme Commander
Cad Bane, Bounty Hunter (43) FRINGE Cad Bane
General Grievous, Hero of Hypori (42) General Grievous, Scourge of the Jedi
Savage Oppress (42) SITH Darth Maul, Sith Apprentice
Kul Teska (42) Wat Tambor, Techno Union Foreman
Series II Destroyer Droid (37) Destroyer Droid
Asajj Ventress, Nightsister (35) Asajj Ventress, Separatist Assassin
Alto Stratus (34) REPUBLIC Agen Kolar
Aurra Sing, Assassin (33) Aurra Sing, Jedi Hunter
Sora Bulq (33) FRINGE Weekuay Leader
Red Hand Syndicate Boss (31) OLD REPUBLIC Old Republic Recruit
B2 Grapple Droid (28) FRINGE Guard Droid
IG-110 Lightsaber Droid (27) EG-05 Jedi Hunter Droid
Taxtro Grave (27) REPUBLIC Clone Commander Bacara
Admiral Trench (27) FRINGE Ponda Baba
MagnaGuard Officer (27) IG-100 MagnaGuard 12/40
Ziro the Hutt (27) FRINGE Jabba, Crime Lord
Elite Commando Droid (25) OLD REPUBLIC Juggernaut War Droid
General Kalani, Separatist Hero (25) REBEL 2-1B
Octuptarra Combat Droid (24) Octuptara Droid
Nimbus Commando (22) REBEL Elite Rebel Commando
Armored Scout Tank (22) Battle Droid on STAP
Commando Droid Officer (22) SITH Krath War Droid
Grievous’s Bodyguard Droid (22) Bodyguard Droid
A-DSD Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid (21) Dwarf Spider Droid
T-Series Tactical Droid (21) IMPERIAL RA-7 Death Star Protocol Droid
Dooku’s Acolyte (21) Dark Side Acolyte
Droideka (20) Destroyer Droid
OOM-9 (20) Security Battle Droid
A-Series Assassin Droid (19) Heavy Super Battle Droid
Battle Droid Lieutenant (19) Battle Droid Sergeant
BX Commando Droid Spotter (19) Battle Droid
Parwan Bounty Hunter (18) FRINGE Quarren Bounty Hunter
Viceroy Nute Gunray (17) Nute Gunray
Geonosian Soldier with Sonic Cannon (17) REBEL Hoth Trooper with Atgar Cannon
Geonosian Elite Soldier (16) REPUBLIC Wookiee Scout
Red Hand Syndicate Thug (16) FRINGE Gamorrean Thug
BX Commando Droid Sniper (15) Battle Droid Sniper
Muun Guard Colonel (15) FRINGE Muun Tactics Broker
Iotran Guard (15) REBEL Rebel Honor Guard
Umbaran Soldier (15) MANDALORIAN Mandalorian Commander
Lok Durd (15) Wat Tambor, Techno Union Foreman
BX Commando Droid Infiltrator (14) OLD REPUBLIC Juggernaut War Droid
Techno Union Combat Engineer (13) Techno Union Warrior
Shu Mai (13) REPUBLIC Polis Massa Medic
Passel Argente (13) REPUBLIC Mas Amedda
Rune Haako (12) Captain Mar Tuuk
Neimoidian Trooper (12) Neimoidian Soldier
Dr. Nuvo Vindi (12) FRINGE Dannik Jerriko
D-60 Assault Droid (12) FRINGE E522 Assassin Droid
Haor Chall Engineer (12) REBEL Verpine Tech
Poggle the Lesser (9) Geonosian Overseer
B2 Super Battle Droid (8) Heavy Super Battle Droid
Oom Security Battle Droid (8) Battle Droid 2/40

Darth Sidious, Sith Mastermind (100) SITH Darth Sidious, Sith Master
Darth Vader, The Dark Lord (100) Darth Vader, Imperial Commander
Emperor Palpatine, Reborn (83) Emperor Palpatine
Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith (72) Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter
Darth Vader, Agent of Evil (65) Darth Vader, Dark Jedi
Lord Hethrir (57) REPUBLIC Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
The Inquisitor, Jedi Hunter (56) FRINGE Tion Medon
Joruus C’Boath (51) SITH Sith Lord
Count Denetrius Vidian (49) Grand Moff Tarkin
Blizzard Force AT-ST (47) AT-ST
Dart Vader of Lothal Lord Vader
Roan Fel, The True Emperor (43) Emperor Roan Fel
Carnor Jax (40) Imperial Sovereign Protector
Desann (39) REPUBLIC K’Kruhk Jedi Master
General Rom Mohc (39) SEPARATIST Durge
Nightsister Shaman (33) FRINGE Human Force Adept
Fifth Brother (33) SITH Elite Sith Assasin
Seventh Sister (33) REPUBLIC Luminara Unduli
Agent Kallus (31) General Veers
Jerec (30) SITH Elite Sith Assassin
Mara Jade, Hand of Judgment (30) Mara Jade, Emperor’s Hand
Spacetrooper (29) Dark Trooper Phase II
Wrenga “Jix” Jixton (29) FRINGE Human Scoundrel
General Weir (28) REPUBLIC Kashyyyk Trooper
Imperial Knight Master (28) Imperial Knight (20/60)
Daric LaRone (28) REPUBLIC Captain Rex
Death Trooper (28) Shadow Stormtrooper
Imperial Knight Strike Team Leader (27) Imperial Knight (21/60)
Nightsister Mother (27) YUUZHAN VONG Yuuzhan Vong Shaper
Admiral Daala (27) REBEL Deena Shan
Textro Grave (27) REPUBLIC Clone Commander Bacara
Korlo Brightwater on Speeder Bike (27) Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike
Captain Phasma (27) SEPARATIST Separatist Commando
Director Orson Krennic (27) Imperial Security Officer
Ysanne Isard (26) REBEL Princess Leia of Cloud City
Grodin Tierce’s Clone (26) REPUBLIC Alderaan Trooper
Luuke Skywalker (26) NEW REPUBLIC Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master
Kylo Ren (26) SITH Darth Revan
First Order Flametrooper (26) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper with Repeating Blaster
Moff Disra (25) Imperial Security Officer
Elite Reborn (25) SITH Dark Jedi
Head of State Jagged Fel (25) Jagged Fel
Imperial Knight Armorer (25) Imperial Knight (20/60)
Security Sandtrooper on Dewback (23) Sandtrooper on Dewback
Reborn Shadowtrooper (23) MANDALORIAN Mandalorian Warrior
Imperial Governor (23) Imperial Security Officer
General Hux (23) Imperial Officer (30/60)
Colonel Dyer (22) REPUBLIC Captain Typho
Stormtrooper Sniper (22) REPUBLIC Heavy Clone Trooper (15/40)
Purge Trooper (21) Dark Trooper Phase I
Elite Snowtrooper with E-Web Blaster (21) Snowtrooper with E-Web Blaster
Major General Veers (21) Major Maximilian Veers
Supreme Leader Snoke, Hologram (21) FRINGE Telosian Tank Droid
Noghri Warrior (20) Noghri
Alpha Squadron Pilot (18) Imperial Pilot
Rukh (18) Noghri Commando
Viper Probe Droid (18) Probe Droid
Galen Erso (18) REBEL General Crix Madine
Admiral Gilad Pellaeon (16) REPUBLIC Admiral Yularen
Grand Admiral Rulf Yage (16) Moff Morlish Veed
Security Officer Stormtrooper (16) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper Commander (8/60)
Flim (15) FRINGE Chiss Trooper
IT-O Interrogator Droid (14) FRINGE ASN Assassin Droid
Scout Trooper Officer (14) Scout Trooper (31/60)
Elite Scout Trooper (13) Scout Trooper (33/60)
First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper (13) REPUBLUC Elite Clone Trooper Grenadier
Snowtrooper Officer (12) Snowtrooper Commander
Stormtrooper Advance Scout (11) Scout Trooper (31/60)
Veteran Snowtrooper (11) Snowtrooper (15, 33)
Admiral Motti (11) Star Destroyer Officer
Captain Needa (11) Imperial Officer (30/60)
Imperial Missionary (10) REBEL Rebel Leader
Stomtrooper TK-421 Stormtrooper Officer (35/60)
Jedi-Sith Clones (9) SEPARATIST Dark Side Acolyte
Bothan Saboteur (8) REBEL Bothan Spy
First Order Stormtrooper (6) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper Sergeant (10/60)

Lord Krayt (114) Darth Krayt
Marka Ragnos (76) EMPIRE Emperor Roan Fel
Darth Malgus, The False Emperor (72) Darth Malak
Darth Nihilus, Lord of Hunger (71) Darth Nihilus
Exar Kun, Dark Jedi (69) Exar Kun
Karness Muur (68) REPUBLIC Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master
Ajunta Pall (66) REPUBLIC Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight
Darth Bane, Sith’ari (63) Darth Bane
Darth Revan, Sith Lord (62) Darth Revan
Lord Vitiate, Sith Emperor (61) REBEL Vader’s Apprentice, Redeemed
Leviathan (60) FRINGE Young Krayt Dragon
Darth Plagueis, The Wise (60) Darth Plagueis
Darth Caedus, Sith Lord (54) Darth Caedus
Darth Sion, Lord of Pain (53) Darth Sion
Bastila Shan, Fallen Jedi (52) OLD REPUBLIC Bastila Shan
Darth Cognus (50) REPUBLIC Saesee Tiin, Jedi Master
Juggernaut (49) FRINGE Jensaarai Defender
Darth Vader of Scarif (49) EMPIRE Darth Vader, Scourge of the Jedi
Darth Zannah (48) NEW REPUBLIC Mara Jade Skywalker
Sarasu Taalon (46) SEPARATIST Darth Tyranus, Legacy of the Dark Side
Darth Maul, Death Watch Overlord (45) SEPARATIST Darth Maul, Champion of the Sith
Sith Meditation Sphere (45) SEPARATIST Droid Starfighter in Walking Mode
Darth Desolous (45) Darth Plagueis
Dessel (42) MANDALORIAN Canderous Ordo
Lomi Plo (42) SEPARATIST Asajj Ventress
Lord Scourge (41) REPUBLIC Plo Koon
Imperial Agent (40) FRINGE Chiss Trooper
Warb Null (40) EMPIRE Darth Vader
Darth Baras (40) REPUBLIC Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
The Huntress (38) FRINGE Iktotchi Tech Specialist
Aleema Keto, Sith Sorceress (38) EMPIRE Marasiah Fel
Darth Traya (36) FRINGE Kreia
Darth Maladi (36) EMPIRE Imperial Knight
Lord Kaan (36) REPUBLIC Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Trainer
Ommin, Sith Sorcerer (35) REBEL Dressellian Commando
Dread Master (34) FRINGE Dread Master
Welk, Night Herald (34) Dark Jedi Master
Ludo Kressh ^ REPUBLIC Saesee Tiin
Kaliyo Djannis (31) FRINGE Kaminoan Ascetic
Sith Blademaster (30) Sith Marauder
Krayt’s Sith Trooper (30) EMPIRE Imperial Engineer
Lost Tribe Isolationist (30) Dark Side Enforcer
Darth Talon, Sith Assassin (28) Darth Talon
Darth Bandon (27) Sith Apprentice
Khem Val (26) Massassi Sith Mutant
Darth Nihl, Hand of Krayt (25) Darth Nihl
Sith Inquisitor (24) EMPIRE Emperor’s Shadow Guard
Alema Rar (24) REPUBLIC Aayla Secura
Vestara Khai (22) FRINGE Guri
Dark Jedi Assassin (22) EMPIRE Dark Side Adept
Sith Acolyte (21) SEPARATIST Dark Side Acolyte
Sith Pureblood (21) Massassi Sith Mutant
Sith Saber (21) EMPIRE Emperor’s Hand
Darth Wyyrlok III (20) REPUBLIC Mas Amedda
DRK-1 Dark Eye Probe Droid (20) FRINGE ASN Assassin Droid
Sith Knight (20) EMPIRE Dark Side Marauder
Queen Amanoa (20) REPUBLIC Mon Mothma
Skyborn Ranger on Uvak (20) FRINGE Shyrack
Sith General (19) FRINGE Mercenary Commander
Sith Alchemist (18) EMPIRE Imperial Inquisitor
Gloom Walker Sniper (18) MANDALORIAN Mandalorian Supercommando
Naddist Cultist (18) REPUBLIC Naboo Soldier
Marka Ragnos, Dark Force Spirit (17) EMPIRE Emperor Roan Fel
Sorcerer Acolyte (17) REPUBLIC Jedi Guardian
Fallen Jedi (16) REPUBLIC Jedi Guardian
Gloom Walker (16) REPUBLIC Saleucami Trooper
Sith Witch (16) YUUZHAN VONG Advance Scout
Sith Holocron (15) FRINGE Treadwell Droid
Exar Kun, Dark Force Spirit (14) Exar Kun
Tetan Shock Trooper (14) FRINGE Abyssin Black Sun Thug
Sith Wrangler (13) FRINGE Varactyl Wrangler
Gloom Walker Infiltrator (13) MANDALORIAN Mandalorian Soldier
Krath Death Witch (12) FRINGE Mystril Shadow Guard
Freedon Nadd, Dark Force Spirit (11) Freedon Nadd
Dark Disciple (11) YUUZHAN VONG Yuuzhan Vong Jedi Hunter
Keshiri Warrior (9) FRINGE Weequay Mercenary
Sith Recruit (4) EMPIRE Reborn
XT-6 Droid (3) FRINGE ASP-7

Luke Skywalker, Master of the Order (100) Grand Master Luke Skywalker
Corran Horn, Jedi Master (60) Corran Horn
Mara Jade Skywalker, Jedi Master (58) Mara Jade Skywalker
Jaina Solo, Sword of the Jedi (56) Jaina Solo
Cade Skywalker, Legacy of the Force (54) FRINGE Cade Skywalker
Kol Skywalker, New Republic Bastion (52) Kol Skywalker
Luke Skywalker, Galactic Hero (48) REBEL Luke Skywalker, Young Jedi
Kyp Durron, Jedi Master (48) Kyp Durron
Kam Solusar (47) FRINGE Zayne Carrick
Saba Sebatyne (45) FRINGE Trandoshan Scavenger
Han Solo Corellian Legend (45) REBEL Han Solo, Scoundrel
Colonel Jacen Solo (45) Jacen Solo
Garm Bel Iblis, Ruthless Tactician (42) Garm Bel Iblis
Leia Skywalker, Mal’ary’ush (42) Leia Organa Solo, Jedi Knight
Anakin Solo, Galactic Hero (40) Anakin Solo
Tesar Sebatyne (40) OLD REPUBLIC Vodo-Siosk Baas
Gantoris (39) SITH Ulic Qel-Droma
Wolf Sazen, Jedi Master (37) Wolf Sazen
Jovan Drark (37) FRINGE Rodian Mercenary
Shado Vao, Jedi Master (35) Shado Vao
General Leia Organa (35) REBEL Princess Leia, Hoth Commander
Jedi Master K’Kruhk (34) REPUBLIC Master K’Kruhk
Keneth Hamner (34) SITH Darth Caedus
Mirith Sinn (34) OLD REPUBLIC Mira
Tionne (34) REPUBLIC Stass Allie
Chewbacca with Bowcaster (34) REBEL Chewbacca of Hoth
Jacen Solo, Jedi Knight (33) Jacen Solo
Jaden Korr (33) Exceptional Jedi Apprentice
Queen Mother Tenel Ka (33) REPUBLIC Dark Woman
Streen (33) SEPARATIST Count Dooku of Serenno
Han Solo with Bowcaster (33) REBEL Han Solo, Rogue
Chewbacca, Galactic Hero (32) REBEL Chewbacca, Enraged Wookiee
Lando Calrissian New Republic Liaison (32) REBEL Lando Calrissian, Rebel Leader
Zekk (31) OLD REPUBLIC Jedi Consular
Gray Jedi (30) OLD REPUBLIC Jedi Watchman
Captain Shevu (30) EMPIRE Admiral Piett
Prince Isolder (30) REPUBLIC Captain Antilles
Jedi Demolitionist (29) OLD REPUBLIC Jedi Sentinel
Lowbacca (29) REPUBLIC Merumeru
Winter (29) REPUBLIC Padme Amidala, Senator
Poe Dameron (27) REBEL Wedge Antilles
Ulaha Kore (27) OLD REPUBLIC Jedi Healer
Queen Allana Solo (27) REPUBLIC Queen Amidala
Tycho Celchu (26) REBEL Rebel Captain
Barabel Jedi Knight (26) FRINGE T’surr
Mirax Terrik (26) REBEL Princess Leia of Cloud City
Cilghal (25) REPUBLIC Nahdar Vebb
Tekli (25) FRINGE Chadra-Fan Pickpocket
Callista, Force Spirit (25) REBEL Han Solo in Carbonite
Rey (25) REBEL Leia, Bounty Hunter
Kell Tainer, Wraith Squadron Ace (24) FRINGE BoShek
Ben Skywalker (24) REBEL Luke Skywalker, Jedi
Tahiri Veila (23) REPUBLIC Depa Billaba
Jedi Infiltrator (22) FRINGE Duros Mercenary
R2-D2 and C-3PO, Galactic Heroes (22) REBEL C-3PO and R2-D2
Ben Skywalker (22) REBEL Luke Skywalker, Jedi
Galactic Alliance Officer (22) Corellian Security Officer
Admiral Gar Stazi (22) EMPIRE Admiral Ozzel
Dathomiri Clan Mother (20) FRINGE Human Force Adept
Wraith Squadron Pilot (20) REBEL Rebel Commando 17/60
Elassar Targon, Wraith Squadron Ace (20) Devaronian Soldier
New Republic Tactician (19) OLD REPUBLIC Old Republic Scout
Galactic Alliance Special Forces Trooper (19) EMPIRE Shadow Stormtrooper
Finn (19) EMPIRE Stormtrooper Officer (39/60)
Jedi Trainee (18) REPUBLIC Jedi Knight
New Republic Elite Trooper (18) REBEL Kota’s Militia
Voort “Piggy” saBiring, Wraith Squadron Ace (18) Gamorrean Thug
Galactic Alliance Special Guard (17) REPUBLIC Elite Clone Trooper
New Republic Veteran Trooper (17) REBEL Rebel Commando Pathfinder
Resistance Officer (17) Mon Calamari Mercenary
Chief of State Borsk Fey’lya (16) REBEL Bothan Noble
Leia Organa Solo, Chief of State (16) REBEL Leia Organa, Senator
Resistance Commando (16) REBEL Kota’s Elite Militia
Dathomiri Witch (15) EMPIRE Nightsister Sith Witch
Wraith Squadron Grenadier (15) REBEL Rebel Commando Strike Leader
Hapan Loyalist (15) REPUBLIC Alderaan Trooper
Eryl Besa (15) REPUBLIC Depa Billaba
Kol Skywalker, Force Spirit (14) REBEL Anakin Skywalker, Force Spirit
Resistance Trooper (14) Duros Mercenary
BB-8 (13) FRINGE R4 Astromech Droid
Snap Wexley, Resistance Pilot (13) REBEL Wedge Antilles, Red Two
Jedi Training Droid (12) SEPARATIST IG-100 MagnaGuard (28/40)
967 Commando (12) EMPIRE Death Star Gunner
R2-D2, Galactic Hero (10) REBEL R2-D2 with Extended Sensor
Resistance Medical Officer (10) FRINGE Human Engineer
Galactic Alliance Guard Sniper (8) REPUBLIC ARC Trooper Sniper
Rogue Squadron Rookie (6) REBEL Rebel Pilot (20/60)

Mandalore the Vindicated (58) EMPIRE Royal Guard (60/60)
Jango Fett, Mandalore (56) SEPARATIST Jango Fett
Mandalore the Preserver (55) Canderous Ordo
Jaster Mereel (54) SEPARATIST Jango Fett
Mandalore on Basilisk War Droid (49) Basilisk War Droid
Te Ani’la Mand’alor (47) Mandalore the Ultimate
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Honorary Mandalorian (40) REPUBLIC General Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mandalore the Resurrector (38) EMPIRE Coruscant Guard
Tor Vizsla, Death Watch Founder (38) SITH Darth Malak
Bo-Katan Kryze, Death Watch Lieutenant (38) REPUBLIC Captain Rex, 501st Commander
Cassus Fett (37) REPUBLIC Clone Commander Cody
Mandalore the Lesser (37) SITH Naga Sadow
Bardan Jusik (36) REPUBLIC General Obi-Wan Kenobi
Goran Beviin (36) REPUBLIC Senate Guard
Mandalorian Training Sergeant (34) SEPARATIST Neimoidian Warrior
Shae Vizla (32) SITH Dark Side Enforcer
Venku Skirata (32) REPUBLIC Saesee Tiin, Jedi Master
Kal Skirata (30) REPUBLIC Republic Commando Training Sergeant
Mandalorian Squadron Leader (30) EMPIRE 181st Imperial Pilot
Mandalorian Knight (30) SITH Sith Marauder
Pre Vizsla (29) REPUBLIC Captain Argyus
Death Watch Overlord (29) Mandalorian Quartermaster
Kelborn (28) EMPIRE Kir Kanos
Neo-Crusader Officer (28) Mandalorian Commando
Demagol (27) EMPIRE Sandtrooper-17
Fenn Shysa (27) Mandalorian Soldier
Mirta Gev (27) Mandalorian Gunslinger
Ghes Orade (26) REPUBLIC Republic Commando-Boss
Elite Supercommando (25) SITH Sith Operative
Mandalorian Tactician (24) EMPIRE Evo Trooper
Crusader Blademaster (24) EMPIRE Imperial Sovereign Protector
Neo-Crusader Elite Trooper (23) Mandalorian Trooper
Elite Mandalorian Marauder (22) Mandalorian BladeMaster
Mandalorian Bounty Hunter (22) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper-9
Duchess Satine Kryze (22) FRINGE Human Engineer
Rally Master EMPIRE Royal Guard (32/60)
Death Watch Assassin (19) Death Watch Raider
Mandalorian Flame Trooper (17) REPUBLIC Republic Commando – Scorch
Mandalorian Protector (17) FRINGE Human Soldier of Fortune
Mandalorian Conscriptor (17) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper Gunner
Mandalorian Pilot (17) EMPIRE AT-AT Driver
Neo-Crusader Shock Trooper (17) EMPIRE Elite Snowtrooper
Mandalorian Gunsmith (16) REPUBLIC 501st Legion Clone Trooper
Mandalorian Advance Scout (16) EMPIRE Raxus Prime Trooper
Mandalorian Sniper (15) REBEL Marksman
Mandalorian Technician (15) EMPIRE Imperial Engineer
Neo-Crusader Scout (15) SITH Sith Guard
Mandalorian Sergeant (14) OLD REPUBLIC Old Republic Commander
Mandalorian Strike Force Leader (14) EMPIRE Stormtrooper Commander
Mandalorian Infiltrator (13) REPUBLIC Heavy Clone Trooper
Outrider on Speeder Bike (13) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper on Speeder
Mandalorian Counter-Intelligence Officer (12) EMPIRE Shadow Stormtrooper
Death Watch Berserker (12) REPUBLIC Senate Commando
Death Watch Saboteur (11) REPUBLIC Elite Clone Trooper Grenadier
Mandalorian Scientist (11) SITH Sith Assassin
Neo-Crusader Trooper (10) Mandalorian Marauder
Mandalorian Blaster-For-Hire (8) SITH Sith Trooper-16
Mandalorian Crusader (7) YUUZHAN VONG Yuuzhan Vong Elite Warrior
Death Watch Mercenary (6) REPUBLIC Clone Trooper with Night Vision
Mandalorian Demolitionist (6) IMPERIAL Heavy Stormtrooper
Manadalorian Defenseman (5) REBEL Rebel Honor Guard

Revan, Returned (100) SITH Darth Revan
The Father (99) EMPIRE Imperial Inquisitor
Nightsister on Rancor (62) Felucian Warrior on Rancor
Jabba the Hutt, Galactic Crime Boss (60) Jabba the Hutt
Thrawn, Chiss Emissary (59) EMPIRE Thrawn (Mitth’raw’nuruodo)
Zuckuss and 4-LOM (57) Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter; 4-LOM Bounty Hunter
Xizor, Head of Black Sun (55) Prince Xizor
Celeste Morne (51) Komari Vosa
Rathtar (51) Knobby White Spider
Boba Fett, Assassin for Hire (50) Boba Fett, Mercenary
IG-88A (48) IG-88
Jango Fett, Assassin (47) Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter
Zam Wessel, Bounty Hunter (44) Zam Wesell
Embo (42) Mustafarian Soldier
Sirli (42) Mistryl Shadow Guard
Atris (41) OLD REPUBLIC Jedi Guardian
Urai Fen (39) Blood Carver Assassin
HK-47, Assassin Droid (39) HK-47
Dray (38) REPUBLIC Quinlan Vos, Infiltrator
Jodo Kast (38) Boba Fett
Guri, Black Sun Enforcer (38) Guri
Raynar Thul (Unuthul) (38) OLD REPUBLIC Squint
UroRRuR’R’R on Bantha (37) Tusken Raider on Bantha
Sarlacc (35) SEPARATIST Huge Crab Droid
Dengar on Swoop Bike (35) Dark Hellion Marauder on Swooper Bike
Hex Droid (35) B’omarr Monk
Mako (34) REBEL Deena Shan
Nico Okarr (34) REPUBLIC Captain Panaka of Theed
Aves, Communications Officer (34) REBEL General Solo
Sugi (33) REPUBLIC Commander Ahsoka
Talon Karrde, Information Broker (32) NEW REPUBLIC Talon Karrde
Tyber Zann (31) EMPIRE Imperial Governor Tarkin
Vette (31) Mission Vao
Corso Riggs (31) Jariah Syn
Morrigan Corde (31) EMPIRE Moff Nyna Calixte
Barriss Offee, Rogue Jedi (31) REPUBLIC Barriss Offee
Booster Terrik, Smuggler Chief (31) REBEL Biggs Darklighter
Crimson Nova Guild Leader (30) Crimson Nova Bounty Hunter
YVH 2 (30) SITH Krath War Droid
Chiss Ascendancy Commander (30) EMPIRE Star Destroyer Officer
Brianna (28) Echani Handmaiden
Shada D’ukal (28) REBEL Leia, Bounty Hunter
Mira of Nar Shaddaa (28) OLD REPUBLIC Mira
Zayne Carrick, Jedi Loner (28) Zayne Carrick
Mara Jade, Smuggler (27) EMPIRE Mara Jade, Emperor’s Hand
Mighella, Black Sun Bodyguard (27) EMPIRE Nightsister Sith Witch
Vornskr Alpha (26) Massiff
Chiss Fleet Officer (26) EMPIRE Imperial Officer
Alexi Garyn, Head of the Black Sun (25) Human Bodyguard
Dannik Jerriko, Bounty Hunter (25) Dannik Jerriko
Rakghoul Warrior (25) Gundark
Trandoshan Hunt Master (25) Trandoshan Mercenary
Vilmarh “Villie” Grahrk (25) Devaronian Bounty Hunter
Nightsister Hunter (25) Corellian Pirate
Barada on Desert Skiff (25) Nikto Gunner on Desert Skiff
Rohlan Dyre (24) Grievous, Kaleesh Warlord
Zann Consortium Defiler (24) SITH Elite Sith Trooper
Finn Galfridian (24) REBEL Jax Pavan
Togorian Black Sun Vigo (24) Togorian Soldier
Saw Gerrere (24) Lando Calrissian, Dashing Scoundrel
Nautolan Black Sun Vigo (23) Nautolan Soldier
Wookiee Thug (23) REPUBLIC Wookiee Scoundrel
Elbee (23) T1 Series Bulk Loader Droid
Noghri Dynast (23) Nikto Soldier (55/60)
Tonnika Sisters (22) Human Engineer
Zakarisz Ghent (22) REBEL Elite Rebel Commando
Han Solo, Gambler (21) REBEL Han Solo
Marn Hierogryph (21) Snivvian Fringer
Zann Consortium Droideka (21) SEPARATIST Destroyer Droid (30/60)
Yak Face (21) Whipid Tracker
Amanaman (21) Amanin Scout
Brainiac (21) Djas Puhr
Maz Kanata (21) Bomo Greenbark
Hutt Cartel Kajidii on Hoversled (21) Mantellian Savrip
Dug Black Sun Vigo (20) Dug Fringer
Malakili, Rancor Keeper (20) Gamorrean Guard
Niles Ferrier (20) Peace Brigade Thug
YVH 1 (Yuuzhan Vong Hunter Droid) (20) Guard Droid
Blizz (20) Jawa Scavenger
Bib Fortuna, Majordomo (20) Bib Fortuna
Ewok Chieftain (19) Ewok Scout
Talz Pirate (19) Talz Spy
Zann Consortium Grenadier (19) SITH Sith Trooper (17/60)
One-Arm (19) Wampa
Ewok with Catapult (19) Mustafarian Flea Rider
Lando Calrissian, Galactic Entrepreneur (19) Lando Calrissian
EV-9D9 (19) SEPARATIST A4-Series Lab Droid
Saurin GenoHaradan Liaison (19) Trandoshan Elite Mercenary
Boba Fett, Young Bounty Hunter (18) Boba Fett, Young Mercenary
Klatooinian Captain (18) Klatooinian Hunter
Devaronian Assassin (18) Devaronian Bounty Hunter
Rattataki Warrior (18) Kaminoan Medic
Felucian Shaman (18) Felucian
Prowl (18) ASN Assassin Droid
Falleen Black Sun Bodyguard (18) SEPARATIST Neimoidian Soldier (36/60)
Clawdite Infiltrator (18) SEPARATIST Neimoidian Warrior
Gaeriel Captison (18) REPUBLIC Mon Mothma
Unkar Plutt (18) Gha Nachkt
Greedo, Bounty Hunter (17) Greedo
Jawa Clan Leader (17) Jawa Scout
Gorman “Camper” Vandrayk (17) REBEL Veteran Rebel Commando
Ortugg, Gamorrean Leader (17) Gamorrean Guard (44/60)
Klatooinian Assassin (17) Klatooinian Hunter
Sy Snootles (17) Blood Carver Assassin
Dr. Evazan, Galactic Criminal (16) Dr. Evazan
Baran Do Sage (16) Kel Dor Bounty Hunter
Chiss Captain (16) Chiss Mercenary
Trondoshan Hunt Master (16) Trondoshan Mercenary
Chief Chirpa (16) Logray, Ewok Shaman
Killik Joiner (16) YUUZHAN VONG Yuuzhan Vong Warrior (60/60)
Mace Towani (16) REBEL Luke Skywalker Farmboy
Vision in the Cave (16) EMPIRE Darth Vader, Legacy of the Force
Momaw Nadon (15) Ithorian Scout
Ravenous Vornskr (15) Vornskr
Ponda Baba, Galactic Criminal (15) Ponda Baba
Zann Consortium Underboss (15) Chagrian Mercenary Commander
Tusken Raider Chieftain (15) Tusken Raider
Thracken Sal-Solo (15) NEW REPUBLIC Garm Bel Iblis
Veteran Ugnaught (15) Ugnaught Droid Destroyer
Beast Rider of Onderon (15) Utapaun Warrior
Ree-Yees (15) Gran Raider
Teebo, Ewok Sentry (15) Ewok Warrior 25
Keeper of the Whills (15) Kaminoan Ascetic
Max Rebo (15) SITH Darth Sidious Hologram
Sullustan Pilot (14) Sullustan Scout
Young Anakin Skywalker (14) REPUBLIC Youngling
Corellian Smuggler (14) Corellian Pirate
Zabrak Enforcer (14) Zabrak Fringer
Dianoga (14) K’lor’slug
Lak Sivrak (14) REPUBLIC Voolvif Monn
Pote Snitkin (14) EMPIRE Noghri Commando
Guavian Death Gang Soldier (14) EMPIRE Coruscant Guard
Todo 360 (13) R5 Astromech Droid
Jawa Chief (13) Jawa Trader
Bespin Guard Captain (13) Human Scout
Czerka Shield Technician (13) Czerka Scientist
Glitterstim Dealer (13) Human Blaster-for-Hire
Klatooinian Assassin (12) Klatooinian Captain
Rodian Assassin (12) Rodian Blaster-for-Hire
Shmi Skywalker (12) REBEL Princess Leia Hoth Commander
LIN Demolitionmech (12) SEPARATIST Crab Droid
Kubaz Spy (12) REBEL Twi’lek Rebel Agent
Kaniklub Gang Member (12) REBEL Elite Rebel Commando
Kouhan (12) Toydarian Soldier
Chadra-Fan Pilot (11) Chadra-Fan Pickpocket
Sugi (11) REPUBLIC Commander Ahsoka
Watto (11) Toydarian Soldier
Givin Black Sun Slicer (11) Duros Scout
Sebulba (11) Dug Fringer
Bright Tree Village Ewok (11) Ewok
Dulok Shaman (11) Gundark
Defel Pirate (10) Defel Spy
Figrin D’an (10) REBEL Bith Rebel
Sqiub Trader (10) Ugnaught Boss
Owen and Beru Lars (10) Calo Nord
Gormak Bomb Disposal Expert (10) Trianii Scout
Droopy McCool (10) Varactyl Wrangler
Cindel Towani (10) REPUBLIC Youngling
TC-70 Protocol Droid (10) EMPIRE RA-7 Death Star Protocol Droid
Wuher (9) REBEL General Crix Madine
Nikto Pirate (8) Nikto Soldier
Zygerrian Slaver (8) Arcona Smuggler
Killik Worker (8) REBEL Verpine Tech
Ugor Droid Scrapper (8) SEPARATIST Techno Union Warrior
Sanyassan Marauder (8) Weekuay Leader
Bespin Security Guard (7) Bespin Guard (41/60)
Buzz Droid (6) Gonk Power Droid
Klatooinian Black Sun Thug (6) Klatooinian Enforcer
Salacious Crumb (5) Toydarian Soldier
Kilik Drone (5) REPUBLIC Polis Massa Medic
Loth-cat (4) Vornskr
Prowler 1000 Seeker Droid (4) ASN Assassin Droid

Supreme Overlord Shimrra (72) Warmaster Tsavong Lah
Warmaster Nas Choka (60) Praetorite Vong Warrior
Voxun Queen (50) FRINGE Junk Golem
Yuuzhan Vong Firebreather (46) FRINGE Acklay
Commander Sha’kel (44) FRINGE Bib Fortuna
Voxyn (40) FRINGE Boma
Prefect Da’Gara (37) Praetorite Vong Warrior
Onimi, Shamed One (35) REPUBLIC Polis Massa Medic
Commander Tsalok (35) FRINGE Yuzzem
Peace Brigade Commander (35) FRINGE Quarren Assassin
Shedeo Shai (30) Yuuzhan Vong Elite Warrior
Supreme Overlord Quorreal (30) FRINGE Prince Xizor
Vergere (30) REPUBLIC Even Piell
Yuuzhan Vong Slayer (30) FRINGE T’surr
Nom Anor, Executor (30) Nom Anor
Apostle of the Undying Flame (30) REPUBLIC Gungan Infantry
Viqi Shesh (29) FRINGE Jarael
Domain Shai Subaltern (29) Yuuzhan Vong Subaltern
Yuuzhan Vong Droid Hunter (29) FRINGE Dug Fringer
Yu’shaa (28) FRINGE Xizor
Nei Rin (28) FRINGE Tion Medon
Vua Rapuung (28) FRINGE Nilvaanian Warrior
Zenoc Quah (28) FRINGE Garindan
Tsavong Lah, Warrior Elite (28) Warmaster Tsavong Lah
Jakan, Most High Priest (27) Praetorite Vong Priest
Nen Yim (27) Yuuzhan Vong Shaper
Minos, Yuuzhan Vong Warrior (27) REBEL Nien Nunb
Viull Gorsat, Wraith Squadron Ace (26) FRINGE Bossk, Bounty Hunter
Malik Carr (26) FRINGE Utapaun Warrior
Eminence Harrar (24) SEPARATIST Quarren Isolationist
Domain Choka Warrior (24) FRINGE Aqualish Spy
Elan (23) FRINGE Zabrak Fringer
Tsik-Vai (23) REBEL Snowspeeder
Mezhan Kwaad (22) FRINGE Sly Moore
Khalee Lah, Warrior Progeny (22) FRINGE Chagrian Mercenary Commander
Dovin Basal Keeper (22) FRINGE Rodian Hunt Master
Feral Voxyn (20) FRINGE Nexu
Yuuzhan Vong Hunter on Quednak (20) REPUBLIC Gungan Cavalry on Kaadu
Grutchin (20) FRINGE Mynock
Voxyn Handler (20) FRINGE Trianii Scout
Yun-Yammka Fanatic (19) Yuuzhan Vong Subaltern
Warrior Caste Subcommander (19) FRINGE Ishi Tib Scout
Eight Cortex Shaper (19) REBEL Twi’lek Scout
Yuuzhan Vong Consul (18) FRINGE Caamasi Noble
Peace Brigade Soldier (17) FRINGE Gotal Fringer
Domain Lah Subaltern (17) EMPIRE Gotal Imperial Assassin
Yuuzhan Vong Executor (17) FRINGE Rodian Trader
Yuuzhan Vong Paratrooper (16) FRINGE Ewok Hang Glider
Yammosk War Coordinator (15) FRINGE Knobby White Spider
Domain Char Warrior (15) FRINGE Duros Scoundrel
Yuuzhan Vong Hunter (14) REPUBLIC Gungan Artillerist
Shaper Adept (14) FRINGE Aqualish Warrior
Yuuzhan Vong Seer (14) REBEL Ithorian Commander
Yorik-et Pilot (14) Yuuzhan Vong Warrior (60/60)
Yun-Ne’Shel Priest (13) MANDAROLIAN Taung Warrior
Yun-Harla Fanatic (12) FRINGE Aqualish Assassin
Yuuzhan Vong Grafting Shaper (12) FRINGE Kaminoan Medic
Yuuzhan Vong High-bred Warrior (11) Yuuzhan Vong Warrior
Yuuzhan Vong Ossus Protector (11) FRINGE Utapaun Soldier (52/60)
Shamed Warrior (11) FRINGE Tusken Raider (57/60)
Chazrach (10) FRINGE Trandoshan Scavenger
Domain Shai Warrior (10) EMPIRE Noghri
Domain Lah Warrior (10) FRINGE Gotal Mercenary
Praetorite Vong Scout (9) SEPARATIST Geonosian Soldier
Dooje Brolo (9) FRINGE Gungan Bounty Hunter
Domain Carr Scout (8) FRINGE Duros Explorer
Shamed Intendant (7) Fringe Tusken Scout
Zonoma Sekot Scout (5) FRINGE Shistavanen Pilot
Tso’asu (5) FRINGE Massiff
Yuuzhan Vong Worker (4) Far-Outsider
Shamed One (3) SEPARATIST Geonosian Drone
Posted: Friday, July 20, 2018 12:19:23 PM
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What I do for tournaments is to print out my squad (which I do anyway, and keep on top of the squad in the squad box so it's easy to see what's in there if I decide to leave it together). But then I copy/paste any set piece names that aren't blatantly obvious (blatantly obvious example would be Darth Maul Death Watch Overlord - He's the one proxied by any Darth Maul, and he won't be confused with any other mandos.) Copy a character name multiple times for any multiple NUs in my squad.

I then adjust the font size and print it out as labels to the minis, and stick it on with a small dot of clay (I use the stuff you can hang posters on walls with). It literally takes like 5 minutes

To get fancy I stick clear tape on either side to make the name tag more durable so I can reuse it.

It is so simple, and I cannot tell you how many opponents thank me for the clarity it brings. Nothing worse than thinking one figure is actually another. Having it be crystal clear is only fair.

I also have a marker of some kind to distinguish base squad from reinforcements (clay dot on base vs clay dot on head). This also helps keep track of which uggie/mouse droid is yours/not yours for easy separation afterward.

There is really no excuse for not doing this. If it's not clear exactly which figure is which - it amounts to laziness, being obtuse, or intentional deception.
Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2018 6:49:28 PM
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@ Alek , " Great list man! Thanks for posting it ThumpUp "

On another note, a thought just crossed my mind;

That's a "!$%#" load of minis! Have we now passed Wizards, in the number of released characters/minis stat cards in total? Just my curiosity. Does anyone know off hand? That would be incredibly cool if we have. Shows how awesome our community really is, and how much an accomplishment it is that we are still going BlooMilk
Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2018 9:49:29 PM
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DarthMaim wrote:
@ Alek , " Great list man! Thanks for posting it ThumpUp "

On another note, a thought just crossed my mind;

That's a "!$%#" load of minis! Have we now passed Wizards, in the number of released characters/minis stat cards in total? Just my curiosity. Does anyone know off hand? That would be incredibly cool if we have. Shows how awesome our community really is, and how much an accomplishment it is that we are still going BlooMilk

Timmer has been keeping track. We talked about this exact thing on the ride home. We have released more stat blocks (not counting the duplicates WOTC did) around set 14.
Posted: Monday, July 23, 2018 3:28:59 AM
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urbanjedi wrote:
DarthMaim wrote:
@ Alek , " Great list man! Thanks for posting it ThumpUp "

On another note, a thought just crossed my mind;

That's a "!$%#" load of minis! Have we now passed Wizards, in the number of released characters/minis stat cards in total? Just my curiosity. Does anyone know off hand? That would be incredibly cool if we have. Shows how awesome our community really is, and how much an accomplishment it is that we are still going BlooMilk

Timmer has been keeping track. We talked about this exact thing on the ride home. We have released more stat blocks (not counting the duplicates WOTC did) around set 14.

Wow! This is such an amazing accomplishment that the SWM community has to be extremely proud of!
Posted: Sunday, August 5, 2018 4:57:54 PM
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Thanks all! Much appreciated.
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