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Build your best scenario Options
Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2018 6:25:24 PM
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Hey, I was just curious about scenarios people have created. Anything between 150-300 point squads each. Would love for it to be as thematic as possible, with objects... Victory conditions for both sides. Created characters in it is fine, especially if your going very thematic. I would love specific scenes/book scenes. Something you could look up and go yeah, that's it.
Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2018 6:58:50 PM
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Capture and rescue campaign:

We only ever played it once but I've been meaning to return to it.


They're all pretty standard scenarios except for 3.1.1: Escape from cells. Made up our own rules for that one but we didn't use them.
Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2018 11:00:20 PM
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Long ago, I had an idea for a 'Boss' type scenario on a huge (any of the inter-connectable map setups, as long as there are enough buildings) map.

The goals roughly were to keep your squad alive against competing squads and streets filled with random thugs, gangs, scoundrels etc, and the odd creature here an there. A number of buildings have a Bacta Tank in them.

Each squad starts from a different zone on the map. Squads must visit each location, and upon reaching a Tank any number of things could happen based upon the roll made. (different for every Tank). You might heal up your squad, take damage, lose a turn...gain a temporary buff... or release the Boss for that location who you must then defeat. (really strong high-cost pieces). Competing squads can try to avoid each other, but since you'll be street fighting random stuff along the way you may not be able to control that with any certainty.

Essentially, mayhem. More of a mass-battle idea than a set scenario. 2-# squads (?? build points).

Not a simple idea at all. It's the kind of thing a guy with WAY too much stuff thinks about as an excuse to build a giant map, and set up a bunch of his collection on it for more than just a picture. Wink
juice man
Posted: Monday, August 13, 2018 3:12:15 AM
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Not scenario, just an idea.

Once long ago, when NE Ohio had many players, we had two teams play "blind". Three of the same map, three sets of two different squads and several judges. The opposing teams could only "see" what the characters on the map could see. We used a control map with all the pieces on it, out of sight of the players. When one character had los to an enemy, it was put on their map and vice-versa.

One team used stealth the other didn't have accurate shot. It was short. Wanted to try next time we got together, but Wiz stopped shortly afterwards. Crying

Maybe no stealth/cloaked would be the way to go.
Posted: Monday, August 13, 2018 3:53:41 AM
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We did a Zombie scenario once.
We had to survive the ever increasing hoard of brain eating ghouls!
pretty cool, don't remember the specifics, maybe Juicey does.

did a sharknado scenario, a few weeks back, play HeroClix.
in the middle of our battle, the sharknado whirled around depositing sharks on the map
that attacked adjacent characters.
awesome fun!
the figures used were really cool.
a POPS Sharknado, and toy sharks,
perfect scale!

best part for me?
having colossal Groot pick up a shark, and smack an opponent with it!!
#The Fish-Slapping Dance
Posted: Monday, August 13, 2018 2:22:07 PM
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It's been so long ago (think Universe-era) that the exact rules have since been lost, but me and my friends had come up with a scenario that merged SWM and Risk.

Basically, we had one of the Star Wars Risk maps and set up as normal, but each piece corresponded to 100 points worth of characters, and instead of dice rolls, fights were played out as miniature battles. For maps, we assigned a map to each territory, with one side for attackers and one for defenders. And to keep the overall length reasonable, players only had one attacking action on their turn (like Galactic Conquest from Battlefront II) and reinforcements were kept at basic levels.

We also had extra rules for uniques. To keep people form using the same squads over and over, if a unique character was defeated, the player lost access to all versions of that character until their next turn.

We also gave an option where a player could also retreat their units off the board (by leaving via their starting zone edge). The benefit for that was if enough points worth retreated, then the retreating player could move an army piece from the defending territory to an adjacent one, and if a unique retreated, then they couldn't be used for that planetary battle, but could still be used later on in the round. But retreat too many characters, and you're routed instead and lose the entire army.

All and all, it was a fun scenario and we enjoyed it, but didn't finish because of one player bringing everyone else down. He chose New Republic as his faction, then constantly complained about not having enough squad choices (at that time, the entire faction was 5 characters), but refused to switch factions when offered. The constant negativity eventually ground things to a halt.
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