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100 Point Meta? Options
Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 6:44:25 PM
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Just a thought experiment here: what if we went back to a 100-point meta? Keep all floor rules as they are, just change the meta to 100 points instead of 200.

I wasn't here back in the 100-point days, but from what I've read, it was usually tanky. Often just one or two attackers, maybe a little bit of tech. Wild guess that 5-7 acts was average, but don't quote me on that.

SO, what do you think the meta would be like in a 100-point meta?

Short Version: I think the top squads would be Arkanian Jedi General + 2/3 OR Troopers; General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Elite Sev, Darth Bane + Shae Vizsla.

I think Thrawn might take a hike, but I'm not sure. You'd spend 1/3 of your squad on him, and probably at at least half of what's left for a good swapper. I suppose Thrawn with Boba AFH could be good still, but with them and Ozzel you're still looking at about 5 activations. I think Daala would be out as well due to lack of space for other commanders, but not necessarily - I could see her boosting Kylo and Phasma nicely.

I think OR is in the best spot, and ironically, I think they'd do it without Bastila. I think Bastila isn't good enough to be 1/3 of your squad, but the OR's Prideful options would be fantastic. The OR Troopers with the AJG are brutal - the Arkanian, three OR Troopers, and two Army of Light Troopers gets you 270 ranged damage with GMA, a mediocre melee beat, and door control. That's pretty stiff. Also, Army of Light is crazy - Valenthyne is almost worth 45 on his own, so bumping your squad up to 120% of your opponent's squad is awesome. I'm sure Ven Zallow and/or Satele and/or Jaq would show up somewhere as well, just being solid pieces in their own right.

Republic - General Obi-Wan Kenobi is back. 100-point squads don't have as much room for tank-busting. I'd bet Obi-Wan and Elite Sev would be a good squad. I don't think Critdu would show up much, but maybe - I'd put my money on him one-on-one against most other beats that would show up in this format. I think YoBuck would still be hanging around even without GenSky or Swap - he's solid enough that he can be both your melee beat and your scissors at the same time.

Sith - General Obi-Wan Kenobi is in, so I'd say Darth Bane, Sith'ari is in. Definitely one of the best pieces for quickly taking down GOWK. Bane can take a lot of punishment, and I think is well-equipped for dishing out pain to whatever comes up in a 100-point game. I might put Bane, Shae, and a Killik Drone for Satchel Charge and call it a day. I'd expect to see Zannah somewhere too, maybe with Jaq or Shae for ranged damage. New Sheev would be good here too.

Mandos - Jango Mandalore will be great here. He's tough enough to go fisticuffs with a lot of melee pieces, and in the event that you do find a swarm squad he'll be able to take it down quickly. In addition, all of that is only half your squad, so you still have room for some other fun stuff.

Fringe - Not sure if Talon with Boba AFH would be good? Or Talon with Jarael/Marn/Zayne? I'm thinking Rakghouls would be not quite tier 1, but better than they are in 200. Celeste, a Rakghoul or so, maybe the Sith Wrangler. If you get a chance to Sith Alchemy something it'll significantly turn the tide. I bet the real kicker in Fringe would be Obi-Wan Desert Hermit, he brings his own awesomeness to the squad so you don't have to build around him. I'd almost put him and Boba AFH in a squad, or maybe him and Mira.

NR - I want to say Mara Jade, Jedi would reestablish herself. Her, Ganner, and some backup shooter could be good, but on second thought, they'd lose horribly against tanks like GOWK, Bane, or Critdu. Maybe Han, Corellian Legend, Dodonna, Wedge, Ganner? That fits, right? Maybe no Dodonna... hmm. Maybe Han GH would be better...

Rebels - Honestly not quite sure. Maybe Luke RC and a Han? Han Smuggler? Han with Versatility? Maybe Han, Captain of the Millenium Falcon! 100 Damage output top-of-the round, and really easy to keep his Commander Effect. Luke and Leia on Speeder with Crix would be pretty tough, too. Also, General Rieekan is still viable at 100, I think.

Seps - Not much of a Seps player, so no idea. Maybe the NR Enforcer with a BX Commando Droid Spotter? General Grievous, Separatist Hero might be cool. Grievous on Wheelbike could be powerful.

Yuuzhan Vong - also no idea. Something Domain Lah, maybe? They're pretty tough on their own. The Warrior Caste Subcommander and a handful of Lah warriors diversifies your damage output and gives you some solid direct damage... however, the Vong are in general so bad without a bucketload of tech that I don't think they'd be able to compete here.

Moral of the story: SSM should probably be banned for this, Prideful probably should also. Reinforcements and/or Reserves could be a problem as well.
Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 9:47:34 AM
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Id sign up if people did it for Gencon.

I think 200pt with an activation cap would potential solve your problem too.
Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 11:47:27 AM
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I wasn't here back in the 100-point days, but from what I've read, it was usually tanky. Often just one or two attackers, maybe a little bit of tech. Wild guess that 5-7 acts was average, but don't quote me on that.

Back in the days of the 100 point meta, there were two core types of squad builds: One big hitter with filler, or 2-3 solid 30-40 point units. The important thing was being able to hit first and to hit hard (as back in those days, first activation activated 2 minis). When the game shifted to 150, there were basically 3 dominant squads at 100: HAL (Han Solo, Aurra Sing, and Lobot), Operation Dirtbag (Boba, Aurra, R2 Astromech), and Bane & his 6 Ugnaughts (rather self-explanatory).

As you can see, no one really bothered much with commander effects or the like as anything that wasn't a main attacker tended to have short, brutal lives.
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