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upcoming 125 point tourney.. which team should i use? Options
Posted: Tuesday, December 25, 2018 11:46:30 AM
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ok so i got an imperial team, a sith team and a rebellion team... which should i use?


--125 point emperor palpatine squad--
40 Emperor Palpatine
51 Nightsister Sith Witch x3
11 Royal Guard
8 Probe Droid
15 Stormtrooper x3

(125pts. 9 activations) i was thinking about dropping the royal guard and making the one nightsister a nightsister mother. if you like this the most tell me which alternative


30 chewbacca rebel hero
5 rebel trooper x2
46 han solo, scoundrel
39 luke skywalker, legacy of the light side

125 points. 5 activations i was thinking about tweeking this team as well


82 darth bane
29 dark jedi master
10 twilek bodyguard
4 tusken raider

125 points, 4 activations

i am right now leaning toward the imperial team with the nightsister mother but i would like some pointers. which team do you think is the best outta these and why?
Cassus fett
Posted: Tuesday, December 25, 2018 2:39:02 PM
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My favourite is the imperial team no doubt. But I'm seriously biased towards the Imperials in general. The rebel team for sure has the most power. Han, Luke and Chewie can do a lot of shooting for some good damage too (assuming no evade, deflect, defence, etc...) However, with all that lightning the imperial team can do some damage for sure. The biggest issue is the lack of activations in the rebel squad. If it's against pretty much anything you'll get out activated. So my advice would be the imperial team, it's lacking some ranged damage but I think the lighting and activation count offsets that. I don't have much to say about the Sith team. It's very hard to build Sith teams especially with the older pieces that were very high cost.
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