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War in the North 2019 Options
Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 1:09:33 PM
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After surviving one of the coldest winters in our regions recent history, it's time to warm up over the fires of war! It's time for:


Saturday, March 30th, 1700 hours

314-248A Grosbeak Way
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Tournament Start: 1800

200 points
SWMGPA floor rules with following changes:
-Bastilla's ABM lasts until end of current round
-Unkar Plutt is banned

Map List:
Both Administratice and Criminal

Swiss hour long rounds, followed by playoffs for top 4 positions

Head Judge: General_Grievous

Currently 9 players signed up for event and waiting to hear back from a couple more.

Contact me via bloomail on here if you have any questions.

Posted: Monday, April 1, 2019 2:32:27 PM
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The war has ended and the Empire is victorious! Final standings are as follows:

Josh 657 (2 2 3) Empire Revan the Returned/Palp'a'chair/Mithrawnado/fodder 7 Points
Nathan 536 (2 B 3) Sith Maul/Vitiate/Gloomwalker Infiltrators 7 Points
Jon *General_Grievous* 440 (2 3 0) Rebel Rianna Saren and Zeeo/Dryden/Tobias/Kyle/Jan/Lando Infiltrator 5 Points
Matthew 358 (B 1 2) OR Bastilla/Bao-Dur/HK-47/Droidekas 5 Points
Dan *ObiDanKenobi* 333 (2, 0, 2) Republic Boba/Yularen/Republic Commandos 4 Points
Zach 242 (1, 2, 1) Rebel Sabine/Reiken/Rebel Vanguards swarm 4 Points
Luke 387 (2 1 0) Mando Jango/Jaster/Mira Elite Supercommandos x3 3 Points
Curtis 98 (1, 1, 1) Empire BT-1 and 0-0-0/Daala/Dark Trooper phase 1s and 2s swarm 3 Points
Veronica 48 (1, 1) Republic Mothma/Yularen/Elite Wookie Commandos 2 Points

Awesome time all around though we broke from tradition of final four battling it out and due to time constraints went for best score in Swiss tournament. Fringe Revan is a monster and went undefeated in all three games, and even wiped out my poor Rianna second round due to me losing initiative and having basically Force Renewal 5. And nice to have some new pieces! I was fully set on running last years new Grievous with battle droids, but I got the cards in the mail the day prior to the tournament and had to run Rianna, been asking for her for a long time haha. She was great combined with Dryden, Tobias and Lando. Was also cool to see her helping out Kyle and Jan which are also excellent shooters.

Canada had an excellent tournament and thanks for taking the time to read.
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