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GenCon 2019 Sealed Championship Game Options
Posted: Monday, August 5, 2019 11:35:53 AM
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TimmerB vs FlyingArrow

FlyingArrow's squad:

--Central Control Sealed (2nd place 2019 GenCon sealed)--
37 Darth Stryfe
34 Neimoidians at Central Control Computer
29 Satele Shan, Hero of Alderaan
24 Elite Storm Commando
24 Rebel Battlefront Commando

(148pts. 5 activations)

TimmerB's squad:
29 Octa Ramis
29 Satele Shan, Hero of Alderaan
24 Elite Storm Commando
24 Rebel Battlefront Commando
15 Black Squadron Pilot
14 Old Republic Ordnance Specialist
13 Coruscant Underworld Police Officer

(148pts. 7 activations)

Map: TimmerB wins map and chooses Rattatak Arena

Round 1:
FlyingArrow sets up first and put the CCC inside the arena. TimmerB lights it up for 110dmg before Stryfe and Satele can get in front of it to prevent further targeting. TimmerB's whole squad (minus his door opener) hides behind the 3-wide boulder just inside his door to the arena. FlyingArrow's Elite Storm Commando was his door opener and so is a bit behind everyone else. Gambit to FlyingArrow. 8-0

Round 2:
Stryfe rushes in and Charging Assuaults (with Twin) to kill TimmerB's Elite Storm Commando. Took an AoO from his Battlefront Commando on the way in (miss). Satele moves up. Some shots traded and Stryfe takes a lot of damage while TimmerB's squad take some, too. FlyingArrow's Elite Storm Commando doesn't get to shoot anything because he's too far away to see anything. This round, one big miss on Stryfe meant that Stryfe would live. 32-0 FlyingArrow.

Round 3:
FlyingArrow wins a big init. Octa Ramis Surprise Attacks Stryfe, but the miss the previous round means it doesn't kill Stryfe. On Stryfe's turn he puts a ton of damage on Octa, but doesn't kill her - the last bit of damage kills the bodyguard instead (OR Ordnance Specialist). TimmerB's shooters finish off Stryfe and his two Jedi go attack Satele, who was around the corner from that scrum with Stryfe. Coruscant Cop tried to Jolt Satele but failed. FlyingArrow's shooters took out the Coruscant cop and put some damage on his Satele/Octa. Octa moved in and attacked Satele.
FlyingArrow's Satele needs only a 7 to kill Octa. Looks bad for TimmerB. Roll: not a 7. Twin: not a 7. Roll: 20! But Satele doesn't have Double built in, and she wasn't using Force Dash this turn! The 20 was a roll for nothing. FlyingArrow decides to reroll, but of course you can't roll the die and then decide to spend the Force point, so the 20 doesn't count. Another roll... still not a 7. So instead of a dead Octa Ramis, she lives until the next round. Looking good for TimmerB. His Satele moves in and attacks FlyingArrow's Satele and gets a crit - but her Absorb Energy Mastery reverses it - an 80 damage swing! Looking good for FlyingArrow. 59-37 FlyingArrow at the end of the round.

Round 4:
Big init here and TimmerB wins it - Octa Ramis goes first and hits both, and this time Absorb Energy Mastery fails, so despite reversing the crit, FlyingArrow's Satele goes down. His Satele goes after a Commando. Looking good for TimmerB. His Black Squadron Pilot finds a line that can only see the CCC so shoots at that. And the CCC hits back for 10dmg despite its attack rating of 1. FlyingArrow's shooters take out Octa but have less-than-stellar rolling against Satele. Gambit for both. 96-74 FlyingArrow

Round 5:
FlyingArrow's Commandos continue their subpar shooting. Black Squadron Pilot and TimmerB's Battlefront Commando finish off the CCC. Satele finishes off the Elite Storm Commando. Gambit for TimmerB. 140-96 TimmerB

Round 6:
TimmerB finshes off the Battlefront Commando for the full win.

Long after the game, I realized that Satele would have had Synergy+4 when she had her epic miss against Octa Ramis. There were three straight rolls below 7, but they weren't all below 3. She would have hit, and Octa Ramis wouldn't have been around to kill Satele at the top of round 4. If my Satele lived long enough to put a potential 80 onto his Satele, it might have been a different outcome. Big swings in both directions made this a great game.

(from memory so I'm sure there are mistakes there, possibly major ones)
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