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V-Set 19 Playtesting Options
Posted: Monday, November 18, 2019 4:54:23 PM
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Help us, SWM community. You're our only hope.

Contact me here or at swmgamers for stats. You have through December to playtest this set. If you can't PT, consider squadbuilding. That's a major aspect of PT. Cheers.


(1) Please list the VSET 19 mini(s) used with the stats.

(2) Squads
2A: Your name and squad, including reinforcements

2B: Your opponent's name (if applicable) and squad, including reinforcements

2C: Map

2D: Brief summary of game. How did the tested piece(s) perform? What did they achieve?

(3) Thoughts on the tested piece
(a) Did you understand how the SA/CE work after reading them just once? If you were at all uncertain about anything, explain how you interpreted them.

(b) Is the cost accurate?

(c) What do you like about this piece? Does anything bother you about this piece? Thematically or in terms of gameplay? Does it obselete another piece?

(d) Do you have any other ideas for squads we should test this piece with?
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