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I Wrote a Book! (Well, two actually...) Options
Posted: Monday, October 5, 2020 11:02:10 AM
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Kia Ora, all you SWM'ers.

In 2002, I began writing a fictional story about people, culture, swords, ships and faith. It took 11 years before I was, thanks to my incredible family and friends (including some of you guys!), able to self-publish the novel "To Hold the Moon". After that 2013 release, and a truly awesome time of being able to share my fantastical vision with others, I began writing the follow-up story - entitled "Dark Princess" ...and its now ready to go! Now I want to again give friends and family a chance to share in that journey by supporting this novel.

I've setup a PledgeMe - which is an NZ version of Kickstarter - and I'm trying to raise $2000NZ (about $1350US) so that I can print both Dark Princess and reprint To Hold the Moon. If you're interested in supporting the book (and me!), you can head to the link below and choose a pledge. $85NZ (which is about $55US) will get you the two books mailed to you, but if you're not too fussed about getting hard copies, $15NZ (which is only $10US) will get you the .pdf's of both books!

At 390-pages, the book and artwork are now complete and are going through a final quality check. The printing is ready to go and on October the 16th, we'll be ready to make the call. All we need now is you! Even by reading this you are supporting this work and I thank you for being awesome. You rule! especially you...

Blurb from To Hold the Moon:
This story is about one man, the Captan Praed, and his attempt to piece together a crew for a journey to the Undiscovered Country – a shadowy world called Mænon – at the behest of his Emperor. All, however, is set against him; his crew has dispersed, their ranks in tatters, the political infighting eats away at the attempt, the Emperor himself has lost his mind, Praed’s wife drifts away, strange visitors from the west arrive, and a mysterious character called ‘The Rogue’ seeks to pull the whole thing down.

Blurb from Dark Princess:
In the days of the Empire, one man, the Captan Praed, led a brave crew across the unconquered Black Sea to the shadowy world of Mænon and he became the first to hold the moon. Now, he returns to find a crazed Emperor who will stop at nothing to see the Captan fall, an unjust war, and danger at every turn. Is Mænon the only safe haven for him and his renegade crew? Or must he travel into the greater beyond, unknowingly into the realm of the Dark Princess?
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