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Dooku's CE interaction question Options
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 7:39:21 AM
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on Dooku, Speratist Leader it says "If this character would take damage from an attack, an adjacent follower can take the damage instead. Whenever an enemy within 6 squares damages this character, one adjacent follower with line of sight to that enemy may make 1 immediate attack against that character. This attack does not use the targeting rules."

Does the damage to Dooku happen first and then he moves it to an adjacent person and then that follower can attack? The wording is a bit confusing to me cause it seems that he would just make adjacent followers take the damage but he wouldn't take any damage thereby negating the last part of the CE triggering the free attack. Dooku has to take damage for the immediate attack to happen, so does him initially taking the damage and shunting it off to someone else adjacent trigger that still? Thanks for any help on this. Haven't seen this guy played in a long time and was doing some theory crafting with him.
Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 7:53:56 AM
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If you chose another character to take the damage for Dooku, then the immediate attack does not Dooku did not take damage.
It's your choice though...Dooku takes damage and there's an attack, or bodyguard the damage from Dooku to someone else.
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