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Kobayashimaru Trade Emporium v3 Options
Posted: Friday, April 1, 2022 9:17:18 PM
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Greetings Folks!
I am starting a new trade emporium thread.
Since Bloomilk Bazaar has been incredible over the years, I put all my various lists here,
I am looking to trade some of my SWMinis to get more of the upcycled tech I am into BlooMilk
over 8000 on the Amazon and Gumtree lists,
400 successful trades here at Bloomilk and 1200 at A.S.T,
so, simulsend preferable.
NB: I am an Oz-Based being so factor that in when envisaging logistic curve.

LEGO BIONICLE PARTS (series 1 through 13, new or CLEANED etc)
Full Wants List at my whirlpool and Internode.
TECHNIC MINDSTORMS 2013 Devkit <--- must be sealed 3 Disc or DVD disc set from this to be considered.
MCE is not necessary BigGrin
Hero Factory and Technic Robo Riders
Carbon-Carbon Lego (bionicle pattern)
Pyraminx Parts - connector type C.

Yes, I will consider off-brand equiv.
from Xheng-Hao Robo-Brik and MEGABLOKS etc.
in translucent green and translucent red preferred,
in Black, Grey, blue but not the Brown.

The Roads from Megablocks Road-Racers / "I can't believe its not slot cars"
again, in Blue, Grey, Black or Purple.

KUDACLIP signage connector and smart strip
KUDACLIP POP Knuckle Ball Joint (Retail Signage)
Delicatessen Sign 4" / 6" round, CLEAN - NEVER USED FOR SEAFOOD

Joy2Key TamFaengShik Logic Board (Tamkang edition)
486-6061 and 486-8088 chips

SP-2 style chassis, glass hinge or 2-stage interupted lug hinge.
Internals do not need to be functional. pre-cleaned a bonus.

LGKU902, LGKU950x Executive and LG-KUP990e, in part or whole.
must have verified origin chain / P-POI-DM proof.

Various SWMinis and LEGION,
2 x 1:48 Scale AT-AT MDF Lazer Cut Acrylic and MDF kit with ground Muscle-tech lid rotator.
KNIGHT MODELS x 2 of all Pewter Sets Made etc.
Model Parts Inventory Upon Request, 100s of Kits in Inventory,
the list at Bloomilk cruds out after a few thousand BigGrin


All inquiries considered,
many thanks for the folks who are always on the lookout
"Hey, Kobayashi, I found X,Y,Z, would you be interested? etc"
that has kept the hobby kicking along, especially as flight stands are becoming harder to source etc.
Posted: Friday, April 8, 2022 6:19:12 PM
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Many thanks for those extra parts which arrived!
I hope the Kotor themed 75piece 'squad' is enjoyed as much as that crate I just got inbound will hehe.
It is getting harder to source the troopers for KOTOR-SITH armies,
so that may be the last one for a while.

I'm also tapped out on the KOTOR "Aliens of the Old Republic" theme packs,
I don't know when I'll be getting more of those Tapis aliens and paaerduag miniatures in.

Only one box of flood-effected boosters remains and thats all she wrote folks. [bloogone]
Posted: Friday, May 13, 2022 6:20:55 AM
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UPDATE 14/5/2022
None left on the Flood Effected Boosters.
I am also out on Universe Boosters (premium unsealed)

2 squadrons of V19 MDF/3D Printed Tartakovsky Clone Wars V19 Fighters
on pivot arm flight stand.
No color - all blank as requested.
Please enjoy Chen.

Misc Turret parts x 2 sets.

Revised Spider Droid
Spider-Shield Droid x 2

GIAN speeder with modular weapon pack x 5 (great neil, that's all of 'em)

400 pyraminx connectors (thanks owen! life saver)
2 Gameboy SP-2's (non functional)
1 40L misc tub electronics (Thanks Steve! great)

Still looking for those
POP Acrylic Flight Stands,
I'll show you the image for illustrative purposes.

Above: the stand that Slave 1 is resting on.

I require more of the 4" round
"Wall Mounting Disc"
or, Deli Sign 4" round,
which look like this

Above: 4" Deli Sign.
I require this as a Go-To standing 'bounty",
PM me here, or at A.S.T. and at my Boardgamegeek or Tabletop Simulator if you are looking to trade.

If you have SP-2's or the DXlite which is like the SP-2 but after that DS series,
if you have winLux SP-2s,
or Samsung Experia,
or, LGKU, KZ and PM series phones with full history,
I am also looking for some of those.
For tech related enquiries, please go via my Planet Ark site.
thanks for the interest folks!
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