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Posted: Saturday, January 9, 2010 7:12:54 PM
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Code of Conduct to go by on BlooMilk (Rule of thumb):

-There will be no negotiations on/about punishment, aggressive or otherwise.
-The following rules are not subject to discussion. This list does not comprise all future rules and may be updated in the future.

1) No swearing. Profanity or vulgar language on Bloomilk is not permitted and will be edited out of posts containing them. There are plenty of other four letter words to replace them that do not offend the senses; you can use them as long as they are not offensive.

2) No personal attacks. Any of the conditions that contain baiting, trolling, harassment, inflammatory action towards member(s), leading to disruption causing flame wars will be edited or removed from posts containing them. This includes things like name calling. We are here to discuss the topic, not the poster and if someone violates this rule and/or verbally attacks you, don't feed into it by responding, immediately message a moderator.

*A moderator's discretionary power will be exercised if any of the following rules/conditions were violated. Warnings will be issued first, continued violations will result in a temporary suspension in his/her account for X amount of hours, days, or months, but multiple violations (3 or more) will result in an immediate banning in his/her account.

3) Anyone who threatens or promotes physical violence to a member via pm and/or in the forums, that user will be banned permanently, not a suspension, no warnings... that person will be banned for good. So please watch how you say, you are responsible for your actions.

4) In the interest of promoting the SWM community, Bloo Milk not tolerate posts attacking, provoking, or discrediting other SWM community web sites and/or community projects being created by other web sites. Posts violating this may be edited, moved, or even deleted at a moderator's discretion, and the poster may face temporary or permanent suspension depending on the severity of the violation. We are all one community, and it is imperative to the survival of the game that we act like one.

The above rules apply to ALL aspects of this site, not just the forums. This includes PMs/Bloomail to other members. If any member feels that another member has violated these rules, please contact a moderator and have the information available.

Please keep in mind that within these forums are there to encourage positive experience for our members within the Bloomilk community. BlooMilk

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