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Podcast Magic: Care for a challenge? Options
Posted: Monday, April 16, 2012 4:36:03 PM
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Yo, SWM'ers.

I was thinking about some of the episodes of two of our beloved podcasts - SWMiniverse and the SHNN - and I was recalling some of the fantastique information that is there at our disposal. (Kudos to you guys who make them awesome!) But then I thought - how do I access that info time and again, especially if I say to one of my playgroup: "oh, there's this awesome talk they do on [insert topic here] - you should check it out!"... how do I find that? Well, that got me thinking about you - you wonderful SWM'ers you! - and why don't I give you/us a challenge that will be of benefit to the entire community? Are you sitting down? Here we go:

Your challenge - if you choose to accept it - is to help provide us details for the entire collection of SHNN episiodes and SWMiniverse episodes. Date, length, who's hosting, who's guesting (if guesting is a word?), what are the major topics of conversation, when in the podcast did they happen... how many times is the Big Ten mentioned... everything! so that we can go back and track down the goodness. (I know that there is info out there already for the Miniverse - so that part of the challenge is probably quite easy!)

I figure that if all of us listen to a handful each, we'll have it cracked in no time. Who's wi' me? I know I am! (I have little choice in that)
Posted: Monday, April 16, 2012 6:18:16 PM
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EPISODE86 - Sith Holonews Network from 25/8/2011

Daniel, David, Bill, Ray

0:00 - Daniel and Bill talk about their utility bills.

07:00 - They discuss new figures from Renegades and Rogues, and what's going to be good. Some highlights include:
- Looking at the glamour high damage pieces, Bill predicts that Mace and Maul are going to be resigned to tier 2, and that they can be played competitively, but they won't win GenCon, while Daniel thinks Mace has potential to be good.
- Bill talks about how it's not appropriate that the Rebels are dominated by Commander Effects, since in the movies it's more like acts of individual brilliance, rather than big efficient armies with commanders.

It's interesting to listen to, now there's been some Regionals with Renegades and Rogues pieces. Everyone praises Kavar, Carth Onasi, and Atton 'Jaq' Rand, and they just won a Regional. But on the other hand, there's also praise for other pieces that haven't shaken out so well at Competitive Level so far - Master Thon, Nas Choka, and Vader Agent of Evil haven't seen a whole bunch of play in Regionals this year. While R2-3PO, who's shaped up well, and has already made the top 4 in a Regional, gets skipped over. No disrespect to anyone involved in the original podcast; it's just interesting to listen to at this point, and see how everything has worked out since everyone has had more chance to play everything.

Also, Miniverse do document their shows very well - you can just go through their Bloomilk posts (eg and get a synopsis.
Posted: Monday, April 16, 2012 7:54:41 PM
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I have a bunch of the earlier SHNN episodes saved. With a good number of them, I noted the guest or topic in the file name when I saved. I'll dig those up when I get a chance and make a list.
Posted: Monday, April 16, 2012 9:17:45 PM
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EPISODE87 - Sith Holonews Network - from 09 (ie September)/01/2011
With Bill and Daniel

10:00 - announce an Epic 500 tournament, which I think is the first.
21:00: The Design Process:
Starts with a discussion about Sith Alchemy - should characters bought in with Sith Alchemy count for points? Followed by a more general discussion about the design process, talking about how Celeste Morne was made simple to fit in with existing abilities, rather than creating complicated new ones.
1:00:00: Are activations out of control? Bill talks about the history of tempo control, and how it's always been a built-in issue for the competitive game. They also talk about how to use tempo control, and how to counter it.

Is this helpful, should I keep posting one at a time, going forwards? Should I e-mail them to you, rather than posting them.
Posted: Monday, April 16, 2012 11:41:36 PM
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Post 'em. We'll sort out how it looks soon! (I have a magazine to finish first...) - oh, and this is uber-helpful!
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 3:28:05 AM
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Kez, some of what you are looking for can be found in an article I wrote some time ago. (Actually Feb 10, 2010) The article is titled "A Biased Guide to Star Wars Miniatures Podcasts". Unfortunately you can't find this one under the 'Article' heading on the 'Gamers site for some reason. I would search under that title under resources. It's there... I'm looking at it now. At the end of the article it has a list of guests for all 3 shows up to that point. Obviously this is a dated document, but it should give you a printed resource of the early stuff. Hope that helps!
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 3:33:05 PM
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EPISODE71 - Sith Holonews Network
2 June 2011

Bill, Lou, Daniel, Graham, Jim, Ian, Jason

9:00 - Atlanta Regional recap - Greentime won with a Whorm/Lancer squad

25:00 - Virginia Regional recap - Jester007 won with a Bastila squad

38:00 - general discussion about 3 point wins and Jar Jar

1:23:00 - full Renegades and Rogues setlist

1:43:00 - Previews - Wookiee Jedi, Master Kavar, Republic Commando Niner

EPISODE72 - Sith Holonews Network
9 June 2012

Ray, Bill, Daniel, Jim, Jason, Laura, Lou, Graham

2:00 – 3 Regionals – Michigan, Owensboro, California – Urbanjedi (Echanis) and Greentime (Scourge/Arica/Pallaeon) recap their wins.

~35:00 – A bunch of related issues: When should you be awarded a 200 point win? Should your commanders fight? Should you get lockout wins?

1:07:00 – Preview: Dooku

EPISODE73 - Sith Holonews Network
16 June 2011

Bill, Lou, Jason, Daniel, Les, Greg, Tim

Regional recap - Greg won Charlotte (?) Regional with Solo Charge
34:00 - how are the new maps working out?
57:00 - Top 5 squads right now?
1:06:00 - Previews: Lord Kaan, Mandalorian Advance Scout, Tycho Celchu, Jedi Diplomat, Jon 'Dutch' Vander

No 74 or 75

EPISODE76 - Sith Holonews Network
23 June 2011

Bill, Daniel, David

Wisconsin Regional, Northwestern Regional
Bill talks about his Cad/Joruus squad
38:00 - Previews, Celeste Morne
49:00 - Jon 'Dutch' Vander, Alpha Squadron Pilot, New Preview - YV Firebreather

EPISODE77 - Sith Holonews Network
30 June 2011


This was a really short episode, with just Daniel
04:00 – Names of pieces in the Battle of Theed subset
11:00 – Tennessee Regional Results – won by Graham Bingham

EPISODE78 - Sith Holonews Network
7 July 2011

Daniel, Bill, Ray, David

09:00 – There’s going to be a Cantina Brawl

15:00 – Epic Setlist

24:00 – What Faction do you think will win GenCon 2011?

39:00 – Is it a good time to start playing? Answer, yes.

51:00 – GenCon customizing workshop

1:02:00 – Kezzamachine talks about the New Zealand scene

EPISODE79 - Sith Holonews Network
14 July 2011

Bill, Lou, David, Daniel

5:00 - Small talk about man thongs etc

22:00 – Epic Set Discussions: Complaints about Luke as the Epic Rebel piece, suggestions of R2-D2 (when this character is defeated, roll a save. If you roll 2 or more, you win)

33:00 – Best fringe pieces based on

57:00 – Renegades and Rogues spoiler – Chadra Fan Pilot

EPISODE78 - Sith Holonews Network
21 July 2011

Daniel, Ray, Bill

Ray talks about GenCon – what events

28:00 – epic Maul is blank

32:00 – Atlanta travel tapes

38:00 - Competition, WotC pieces with errors on the card

EPISODE81 - Sith Holonews Network
28 July 2011

Lou, Bill, Eric

04:00 - Shipping Renegades and Rogues

20:00 - Is new Mace Windu too strong for casual play? - based on

34:00 - R&R Preview: Klatooinian Captain

44:00 - Previews of the new set names

50:00 - How strong will the EU factions be after Renegades and Rogues?

There's no Episode 82.

EPISODE83 - Sith Holonews Network
4 August 2011

DarthJim (everyone else was preparing for or at GenCon)

Interview with GM Brev - talking about Fantasy Flight Games and general philosophy

55:00 - Banning Figures for casual play

1:16:00 - Epic Spoiler: Lord Hoth,

EPISODE84 - Sith Holonews Network
11 August 2011

Bill, Daniel, Ian Gordon, Jason, Laura

Post Gencon Edition

11:00 Championship Summary - results at

20:00 Ian Gordon's Championship summary

1:01:00 Jason and Laura talk about their GenCon Experience, then everyone talks about other events

1:42:00 Matt Petersen's reasons for not using 10 Mouse Droids in Solo Charge, Bill shares how he bought in a Rakghoul in Mystery Map

EPISODE85 - Sith Holonews Network
18 August 2011

Ray, Bill, Matt, Daniel

Doesn't start until about 17:00

23:00 - GenCon costume suggestions. Complaints about the standards of Slave Leias in 2011.

26:00 - announcement of MGM in St Louis

32:00 - Mystery Map tournament

59:00 - Preview - Vengeance, Jek Porkins, instruction on how to make a Jek Porkins custom out of Gha Nacht (quote: Darth Jim "He wasn't in canon, he couldn't fit".

EPISODE88 - Sith Holonews Network
15 September 2011

with: Daniel, Les, Ray, Bill

15:00 - Discussion about development for v-set 3.

36:00 - Talk about declined activity on the boards, especially swmgamers.

40:00 - Balance between figures that have been made a lot (eg Luke/Vader) and new figures in the v-sets. Including 52:00 - Discussion about whether Boba Fett is a good character (Bill is strongly in favour of nay), and whether a new one is justified.

56:00 - new abilities from v-set 3 discussed - Noble Sacrifice, Coordinated Command

1:04:00 - preview from v-set 3, Pre Vizsla

EPISODE89 - Sith Holonews Network
22 September 2011

Bill, Daniel, Lou

9:00 - Power creep in future v-sets. Talk about Yammosk, Mando CIO, and Bastila being the power 10 pieces from DotF. Conclusion - trying to have lots of good pieces, rather than terrible or overpowered pieces. Discussion on which pieces from Renegades and Rogues will make the biggest difference - suggestions include Atton 'Jaq' Rand in Sith, A-Series Assassin Droids, Nas Choka, Winter, R2-3PO.

28:00 - Your favorite character that hasn't been made yet. Zirro the Hutt, Darth Wyyrlok, Lowbacca, Tekli, and Cuddles the Rancor were all mentioned. Characters from WotC that need a remake.

49:00 - Preview: The Huntress

EPISODE90 - Sith Holonews Network
6 October 2011

Daniel, Ray, David

6:00 David's Sharpie story

13:00: Discussed the Bloomilk thread "V-set highs and lows - your thoughts?"

40:00: Previews, the two pieces from Renegades and Rogues with Proximity Mines; Bothan Saboteur, Zann Consortium Defiler

EPISODE91 - Sith Holonews Network
13 October 2011

Daniel, Jim, Bill

6:00 Daniel suggests talking about the Floor Rules Update, but Bill decides it's time to talk about the Big 10.

15:00 They actually start talking about the proposed Floor Rules updates for 2012; New maps, Soresu Style Mastery.

33:00 Where do the Rebels fit in the current meta-game?, based on this thread:
Daniel argues that the Rebels have been left behind between changes in the map list and by Bastila, while Bill thinks that people are using the wrong pieces and the Rebels still have potential through pieces like Luke's Landspeeder, Loda, and Chewbacca Rebel Hero. Bill thinks that more recent Rebel pieces are designed to work with Rieekan and Dodonna, and the older pieces are more viable now. Daniel announces that he's making a new sub-faction for them.

1:12:00 Vengeance Preview - Corran Horn, Jedi Master. They express hopes that Corran Horn will provide a viable alternative to Mara/Ganner squads.

Episode 92 - Sith Holonews Network
20 October 2011

Daniel, Jim

18:00 Wampa Stompa - Jim talks about molds being made for new pieces

30:00 Should the Seps have a swap CE? Talk about how Durge Jedi Hunter is good, but limited by lack of movement.

1:02:00 Vengeance Preview, Nimbus Commando

EPISODE93 - Sith Holonews Network
27 October 2011

Daniel, David, Lou

4:00 - discussion about a bunch of stuff, mixed in together, including:
* discussion on the 500 point format
* progress on v-set 4
* GenCon formats
* discussion about 3-2-1 scoring system

31:00 - preview, Tonnika Sisters from Cantina Brawl

EPISODE94 - Sith Holonews Network
3 November 2011

Daniel, Jim, Bill, Lou, Ian

5:00 Jim tries to replicate a New Zealand accent - and ends up with a really good Australian accent

8:00 Football

14:00 Molding pieces

26:00 Discussion on the Bloomilk thread "State of the Faction. Mandalorians" ( Talk about undisruptable Commander Effects.

41:00 Vengeance Preview, Cassus Fett

52:00 Vengeance Preview, Old Republic Trooper

58:00 Vengeance Preview, Null ARC Trooper Captain Ordo

EPISODE95 - Sith Holonews Network
10 November 2011


David's Infamous Solo Show - where he talks continuously for more than 40 minutes solo.

5:00 - talk about 500 level - David predicts that Old Republic with Hoth and Bastila will be dominant

Talk about Kezzamachine's map list:

Talk about Kezzamachine's thread on the Essentials:

25:00 - Preview - Master Vandar

EPISODE96 - Sith Holonews Network
17 November 2011

Daniel - he also talks 40 minutes solo, but doesn't seem as ground-breaking, since David did it the week before.

1:00 Donations for Vengeance and Cantina Brawl

3:00 Tournament recap - La Porte 500 - won by Tim Ballard using Old Republic, run down of each of the squads used.

26:00 Preview - Yuzhaan Vong Hunter

30:00 Renaming Special Abilities for Vong - eg Missiles becomes Plasma Eel

EPISODE97 - Sith Holonews Network
1 December 2011

Daniel, David

2:00 Epic Ve-hicles Wishlist

8:00 Melee Reach

20:00 Coolecticon Recap

30:00 Vengeance Preview - Spec Force Infiltrator

EPISODE98 - Sith Holonews Network
8 December 2011

Daniel, David

1:00 - Discussion of new maps, including Cantina Brawl

7:00 - Talk about - Vong reliance on droids and other fringe pieces.

14:00 - Talk about Soresu Style

35:00 - Vengeance Preview - Prefect de Gara

49:00 - David complains about people bringing pets into his work

EPISODE99 - Sith Holonews Network *
15 December 2011

Daniel, David

5:00 2012 Hall of Fame Nominations

18:00 Squad Design

48:00 Previews from Cantina Brawl - Doctor Evazan, Galactic Criminal and Ponda Baba, Galactic Criminal

1:03:00 - David complains about Tebow

EPISODE100 - Sith Holonews Network *
22 December 2011

David, Jim, Daniel

6:00 - Maps, a really good, in-depth discussion about what maps are good

53:00 - Previews: Anakin Skywalker Chosen One and Pruneface

1:10:00 - Vengeance Previews: Grand Admiral Rulf Yage and Mandalorian Crusader

EPISODE101 - Sith Holonews Network

** need to come back and do this one **

EPISODE102 - Sith Holonews Network
5 January 2012

Daniel, David, Les, Jason

5:00: Floor Rules Updates, new formats, ranking system, V-set Update

43:00 Vengeance Previews, Eeth Koth and Elite Commando Droid

1:04:00 Trivia

EPISODE103 - Sith Holonews Network
12 January 2012

15:00 - Kezzamachine talking about the ranking system.

33:00 - Vengeance Previews: Baran Do Sage, Rohlan Dyre

52:00 - discussion on whether Han Solo actually a pilot?

EPISODE104 - Sith Holonews Network
19 January 2012

Jim, Daniel, Les, Brad

From near the start: Brad runs through the 2012 Floor Rules

40:00 - talk about R and R meta

1:20:00 - Cantina Brawl preview - Ben Kenobi

There's no episode 105

EPISODE106 - Sith Holonews Network
26 January 2012

Jim, Les, Jason, Eric

Start: talk about the process making the cards, and how Vengeance is nearly ready to ship

37:00 Talk about the new ranking system:

51:00 Talk about star wars toys

1:05:00 Preview - Nightsister Mother, Vong Hunter on Quednak

EPISODE107 - Sith Holonews Network
2 February 2012

Daniel, Jim, Jason

Vengeance has been released

9:00 Summary of Vengeance faction-by-faction

1:36:00 Capital City Champs run-through

1:41:00 Trivia

EPISODE108 - Sith Holonews Network

Jim, Les, Bill

This one's kind of rambly - it's hard to break down into pieces.....

EPISODE109 - Sith Holonews Network
16 February 2012

Daniel, Ray

06:00 - GenCon schedule

24:00 - Solid squad bases before Vengeance, and new squads from Vengeance pieces

59:00 - 500 point meta after Vengeance

EPISODE110 - Sith Holonews Network
23 February 2012

Daniel, Les, Bill

1:00 FrostyCon 2012 Results

44:00 Ranking system up and going

46:00 Extreme Star Wars Minis

53:00 Favourite v-set 3 pieces - bad ones Savage Opress - Daniel suggests next year's Clone Wars victim will be called Wicked McBadBad

EPISODE111 - Sith Holonews Network *
1 March 2012

Daniel, Jason

1:00 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees, Jason tells his story of how he started in the game.

17:00 Best maps for different squads

EPISODE112 - Sith Holonews Network
8 March 2012

Jim, David, Eric

5:00 - a salute to Kezzamachine's Hall Of Fame induction

15:00 - Vengeance Overview - Weeks thinks that most pieces are good, but are best for plugging into existing squads.

27:00 - Regional Meta - predictions of what squads will be played.

EPISODE113 - Sith Holonews Network
15 March 2012

Daniel, Les

2:00 - LowerHuttACon 2012

12:00 - Regionals

36:00 - Scum and Villainy Preview: Squib Trader

EPISODE114 - Sith Holonews Network
22 March 2012

Daniel, Eric, Lou, Jason, Jim, David

05:00 - Use of Lobot and reinforcements, based on

47:00 - Scum and Villainy Preview: Crimson Nova Guild Leader

EPISODE115 - Sith Holonews Network
29 March 2012

Jim, David, Eric, Les, Jason, Laura

Interview with Jason - Michigan Regional winner, chose Echanis as big tanks had been winning recently

Discussion about

57:00 – Talk about Regional Previews: IG-88B

No episode 116

EPISODE117 - Sith Holonews Network
12 April 2012

Daniel, Les

0:00 – looking forward to Owensboro Regional

10:00 – top 10/bottom 10 pieces from Vengeance based on Bloomilk ratings at the time:
Top 10 (from 1 to 10) – Foul Moudama, Master Vandar, SpecForce Vanguard, Jedi Shadow, Carnor Jax, Demagol, Marka Ragnos, Sith Alchemist, Null ARC Trooper Captain Ordo, Bothan Saboteur
Bottom 10 (from 51 to 60) – Baran Do Sage, Elite Commando Droid, Silri, Death Watch Mercenary, Mandalorian Crusader, Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid, Nightsister on Rancor, Queen Mother Tel Ka, Defel Pirate, Ugnaught Jedi

1:16:00 – Vengeance Preview - Tekli
Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:25:20 AM
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FWIW, here is what I can glean based on file names I used when I DL'd some of the shows, mostly guest names

EP 1 - Moses (Jim Fraser)
EP 2 - Ironlightsaber (Jack Irons)
EP 3 - FingersnTeeth (Deri Morgan)

EP 5 - Jedicartographer (Matt Francella)

EP 7 - Lou (Lou Vasilion)
EP 8 - jew3 (James Wys...?)

EP 10 - Koch (don't know who this is without listening again)

EP 12 - Boris (Dennis Beard)
EP 13 - Mapmaker (Chris West)
EP 14 - Matt Peterson
EP 15 - Engineer (Eric Larson)
EP 16 - Klecser (Michael Fryda)
EP 17 - Nickname (Jason Tanner)
EP 18 - future of the game?

EP 43 - Shinja

EP 45 - kickstarter drive

EP 55 - Vset 2

EP 57 - 2010 HOF

EP 78 - Epic Set 1
EP 79 - previewed RaR42
Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2012 6:30:00 PM
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Great idea everyone!,
especially for those who half heartedly tuned in to the show and missed a couple of years... BigGrin
Posted: Friday, May 18, 2012 3:12:33 AM
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swinefeld wrote:

EP 10 - Koch (don't know who this is without listening again)

EP 12 - Boris (Dennis Beard)

To fill in the gap:

EP 11 - Mark from SWMiniverse
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