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VSETS for Vassal Options
Posted: Sunday, October 6, 2013 12:52:52 PM
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Hi...I want to install the vsets to my vassal...where i can find it....thanks..
Posted: Sunday, October 6, 2013 1:47:14 PM
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thereisnotry wrote:
SWMResources originally had 2 videos that explained everything. Here are 2 links, which I hope work. The first one shows how to install, the second shows how to use the new features of Mod 11.0.
I can't emphasize this enough: You really need to follow my instructions EXACTLY if you want this to work. So when I say "Get rid of all the other extensions and vmod files on your computer"...I mean it, I really do. :)
--Use Windows' Search function to find your old files and then delete them. They are usually found at c:/ProgramFiles/Vassal on most Windows computers. Delete'll be reinstalling with the new stuff when you follow my directions.
--Use your Windows Control Panel to uninstall your former version of Vassal. You'll be reinstalling with the updated version (and yes, it will matter) of Vassal.
--This one shows how to use the Vassal mod, once you've got it installed. And again, when I say that you must first have followed my first video (so that you now have version 11.0 and 5.1 installed), I really do mean it. :)

Follow the first link exactly as he does it then ull have the V-sets (:
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