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Alberta, Canada Regionals. Held in Edmonton, Alberta. Options
Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2014 2:21:10 PM
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Edmonton, AB will host the Albertan Star Wars Miniatures Regional.

Saturday, July 5 , 9:00 pm

5304 Rue Parc
Beaumont, Alberta

Call that phone number for registration
tourney will begin at 9 pm

We dont have any prizes as we dont expect anyone from our group will be able to make to gencon but this is a friendly tournament so we encourage any locals to come by and maybe we can expand our group. Me and my friend (General Grievous from these forums) both think it would be cool to make our tournament a regional.

200 points
SWMGPA floor rules
restricted Map lists A, B, and C

Doing a group format where players will be divided into even groups where a round robin will commence. Best two results will face off in final next two for 3rd place.

Head judge: Myself.
Posted: Sunday, June 29, 2014 4:05:29 PM
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Woot! Going to be a blast. See you there
Posted: Monday, July 7, 2014 8:15:39 PM
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Regional results:

8 players participated:

Squads were:


Republic 2 wins, 1 loss (championship game)
Republic Pocketbook: Pong, Rex, Kazdan, Lobot, Monnok, Ghhhk

Republic 2 wins, 1 loss
Munnilinst 10: GOWK, Rex, R2, Fordo, Mas, the rest Arc Snipers

Sith One win, Two Losses
Maul's "Grenades": Maul Death Watch Overlord, Pre-Visla, assorted Death Watch

New Republic 3 Wins
"War Machine": Embo, Jacen, Vergere, Jariah Syn, Mara Jade Smuggler, Wedge, Luke Ghost

(The rest)

Vong 1 Win, 1 Loss
Invasion: Quarrel, Prefect D'gara, Subcommander, pratorite Scouts x Many

Imperial 2 Losses
Blue Storm: Storm Commandos, Storm Commando leader, Thrawn, Nyna, Assorted Imperial Commanders and Mas

Mando 2 Losses
Mandalorian Block Party: Kelborn, Mandalore Ressurector, Shae, Jaina, Mirta

Imperial 1 Win, 1 Loss
Dalaa is coming: Daala, Snowtroopers commanders, Piett, Snowtroopers x A lot

After two sets of round robin the championship was between:

Myself "Republic Pocketbook" and Obi_Dan_Kenobi's Munnilist 10
Very close game where I got 270 points of reserves in the five rounds it lasted. But I just couldn't get past GOWKs soresu in time. Bringing a reserves team to a regional was a bit risky but Republic Pocketbook is the strongest one out there and helped me to win my other games no problem (the clone trooper on speeder bike is a great reserves option especially when I fought the auto-damage Vong swarm and I think would have helped me beat the Snowtroopers if it had gone that far). In the end though I ran out of time and wasn't able to finish off the 20 Hp left GOWK. Very close game.

The New Republic and Sith battled it out for third place and Embo's war machine armour combined with some killer Evade rolls helped the New Republic win that bout. Surprised no one brought Klats or Bastilla other than my Lobot reserves but up here people tend to play with a theme they enjoy rather then top meta. All in all a reserves team getting second place in our regional really was a surprise and a ton of fun. Well not to my opponents at least.
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