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100 PT. GenCon 2015 Championship Galactic Domination Report. Options
Posted: Sunday, August 16, 2015 10:11:07 PM
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Gen Con 2015 100 pt Championship Galactic Domination Report

Truth is I wanted to play in Randy's Minis Madness tournament but it was sold out. I should have purchased my ticket beforehand but I kept becoming distracted by ladies in costumes and chauffeuring a wounded Spry back to our room. Anyways, my second pick was the 100pt tourney which was comprised of more of the seasoned competitive players. Which is great, the only problem being that I didn't have a 100pt squad
Then UrbanJedi said, "no problem I've got the perfect squad for you right here."
It was Emperor Palpatine on Throne.. and i just happened to have my Sith Robe. haha!
The squad was excellent... so I'm assuming Laura built it. Anyways, it looked something like this...
GenCon 2015 100pt Champion Squad

Round 1: on Rhen Var v.s. Unknown player.

Unknown player was running a NR shooter squad. I was able to sit old Palps on Potty in middle of map and collect that precious 5pt Gambit...felt kinda nostalgic! I positioned Dash where he could greater mobile shots down the long corridor and the Witch ran for the gambit room with Palps. The match can best be described as, "pew, pew, pew, pew, Zzap, Zzap, pew, pew! GAME OVER 1-0

Round 2: on Rhen Var v.s. ACE ACE

ACE ACE was running 6 gungans, clone flamethrower and Tarpals. I fully anticipated losing this match. I set up potty Palps in gambit per usual. I ran Dash and friends around towards the long corridor. Mike moved gungans around middle and upper doors. Fortunately, he seemed intimidated by my Sith Robes and didn't make a concentrated assault on my crew. I was able to kill off some of his door control early and that helped. The rest of the match was, "Zap, Zap, pew, pew, pew, pew"...I was having so much fun I'm pretty sure I started making those noises at Mike. (How did I win the sportsmanship award GAME OVER 2-0

Round 3: on Rhen Var AGAIN!! I so love winning map rolls.... that was v.s. Darth Father of Alex...

Playing ehhh.....100pt Darth Sidious, Sith Mastermind! Sidious on Sidious action! Must depose this impostor to my potty. Anyways, I was able to lure him to the door and then base him with uggs. If he had chosen to go after Dash it probably would have been trouble for me. However, I was able to zap the living Sith out of him and then the rest was history. Finally, I could reveal myself to the world as the true 100pt champion!!

The tournament was so much fun and everyone was commenting on how refreshing 100pt was after having played the 200pt Championship. Honestly, it was a great group of guys and I don't even remember what my prize was because I just enjoyed playing that much.

I would also like to say to my opponents that if this post seemed a little crass in places...
GOOD, GOOD, let the BUTTHURT flow through you!!
Posted: Monday, August 17, 2015 5:35:51 AM
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A single activation squad sounds absolutely awesome.
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