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3D printing in-home? Options
Posted: Thursday, September 10, 2015 1:44:46 AM
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I'm wondering what folks have tried for in-home 3D printing; specifically, any rapid prototyping
experiences with the k82--- series (ie, k8200, k8206b etc)

In-home 3D extruders are a lot of fun; though I wonder how folks are converting skp's into .stls mesh corrected?
(there's a lot of minis just out there waiting to be converted hehehe)

How are people finding other platforms like the Afina or Form+1 for scintilated lazer ablation approaches?
are there any brands you'd recommend?
any particular hotend changes you'd recommend?

I'm asking, as I'm about to try a new type lazer cutter head after the previous CNC unit blew up both the on-rig power supply AND the laptop powersupply (it was drawing through the USB port... shudders).
This is the beauty of working in a 'co-op' fashion - a lot of hands make light work for achieving projects like this.

I'm thinking this'd be the more cost effective way to try and make an army of battledroids allsorts,
after looking into the perforated die cut or lazer etched sheet styrene... and metals,
it was looking to be ~$9USD or $14.50AUD per unit made, and that's if I supplied the sheet metals and went with the most cost effective option.
To say nothing of the concept to make 3D printed 'weapons effects' etc (ie, jetpack, contrails, floating blade, explosions etc)... that was looking to be ~$13USD/ 19AUD per unit even on a hollowed out sprue hehe

thanks in advance folks,
and hopefully we find a way from there,
to making cheap vehicles in a cost-affordable manner for wargamers too BigGrin
(I'm still looking into things like an AT-XT and AT-TE, and the MAF/HMP too; if we can get total unit cost to $40AUD or under, it becomes viable)

Any ideas or concepts and 'research' on options there would be welcomed BlooMilk
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