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SWM First for me. Options
Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2016 12:03:30 PM
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Played a few games with ACEACE last night and the third game we played was a SWM first for me in that we had a true tie at the end of the game. he was runnig NR with Old Mara Jade, Ganner, Kyp durron tionne a few force spirits and Eryl besa. I was running a rep. all wookie team with Tyvokka, Chewie, Merumerru, a wookie jedi and a couple of elite wookie warriors. We played on The Oceanic Facility map by Armored Cartographer and both squads build total was 199. At the end of the game it came down to him with Ganner and Dodonna left and I had wookie jedi with 20 HP left and R2 astromech left. I win init and kill ganner with my wookie jedi but missed on the first of the twin att. and so had to make two splash saves on myself and missed both to kill my wookie Jedi leaving only dodonna and r2 astromech on the board and both of us with 219 points scored as we both had 2 rounds of gambit. he cant kill full health r2 in one round with dodonna so we have to try to get to center of the map. we were out in the hallway with only 2 squares of gambit available and a shut door in between us and the center of the map. he activates first with dodonna and has to move to the square that was not adjacent to the door otherwise he would have opened the door for me to fly into gambit and then I win, but instead I have to go to the only other square of gambit available and therefore we are both equidistant from the center of the map with equal point pieces and equal build totals and equal Gambit. A Super fun game and one Ill prob. remember for a while as it was the only tie Ive ever even witnessed in this game.
Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2016 2:46:13 PM
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Awesome ending. And awesome to hear of a game on Oceanic Facility. I like that map a lot.
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