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Secret Police VS. Bring the Rain. Options
Cassus fett
Posted: Monday, May 29, 2017 6:48:11 PM
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Alright a buddy and I decided to play a game and i decided to make a play report out of it.
I brought
47 Te Ani'la Mand'alor
37 Cassus Fett
28 Neo-Crusader Officer
46 Neo-Crusader Elite Trooper x2
30 Neo-Crusader Scout x2
10 Neo-Crusader Trooper
"Bring the Rain"

He brought
45 Colonel Jacen Solo
30 Captain Shevu
24 Ben Skywalker, Jedi
23 General Wedge Antilles
17 Galactic Alliance Officer
51 Galactic Alliance Special Guard x3
10 R2-D2, Galactic Hero
"Secret Police"

We agreed to play the ROTS starter map, 5 rounds and to designate a rectangle in front of the elevator as the gambit zone, a model there earned you 10 points.
We tied for map side pick (11,11)
Rolled again and I won (20,19)
I selected the airlock side, he took the blast doors.
Round 1
He won initiative and passed it to me. (13/3) (House rule dictates that you move two models each turn, just for consistency, unless a commander effect specifies it)
My scouts rushed across to the command center and posted up inside.
On his turn Jacen cloaked himself an artoo moved out and locked the other door to command center (blasted it i thought).
The rest of the round was un-eventful just movement and positioning, the one important note was the group of 3 that my opponent bunched up behind cover in the maintenance station and neither of us made it to the gambit zone either.
Round 2
Initiative i won 16/14
Cassus fett handed Fire support mission (Abbreviated FSM for the rest of this write up) to one of the scouts who popped out the door i had to make LOS to the group of three and brought the rain. The Special Guard failed his save and got creamed across the deck (one wonders how a fire support mission blew through multiple ship decks armor and shields but it did, couldve sworn i didnt bring the Eclipse to this fight...)
Wedge and the GA officer made their save and each took 10 damage after the officer failed his Flak shield save.
Wedge and the officer shot back both missed.
One of my elite troopers moved into gambit and the officer followed and triggered a quad attack from the elite trooper. Who proceeded to miss 3 shots and the only one that landed didnt get evaded but did get flak shielded down to 10.
One of the special guards backlashed around the corner he'd flanked and double opportunist-ed my elite trooper (whos so elite he missed 3 out of 4 shots). The special guard absolutely drilled the trooper leaving him at 10 health after some (failed) beskar saves.
the other guard pulled the same stunt against my officer and left him at 10 health as well.
The other elite fired back at the guard 3/4 of his attacks hit. 2 were evaded (blasted you wedge) the other hit, failed the flak save. Mandalore moved out and shot the wounded guard (no the gun is not just for hoisting above his head while he yells). The shot landed was not evaded and i like to assume blew the special guards head off. After Mandalore's turn the scout got to FSM again, this time only the GA officer caught it and he flakked off the 10 damage after making his save. Jacen moved up more and R2 locked the door again.
Round 3
10 points for both of us
Initiative was won by my recon, shout out to Recon he's a dope special ability (2,10/5)
Cassus moved and passed FSM to the same scout.
The crippled elite trooper quads at the enemy crippled guard, natural 20 plus the other 3 shots hit. Opponent elected not to bother rolling flak after failing the evade on 2 out of 4 (including the crit as hell still die).
Captain Shevu makes his deadly entrance backtracking 3 squares to blast the FSM scout right off the table then back up 3 to be safe again (jaw dropped on that one, man can shoot).
Wedge attempts to kill my crippled trooper and missed (ha ha)
Mandalore and my officer re positioned to safety.
Ben solo hopped the corner he was hiding behind and force pulled the cripple to him and killed him.
Meanwhile my trooper impotently stands there and lets it happen. My other elite sneaks into gambit on the final move. Jacen posted up on the corner and R2 locked the door Again.

End Part 1
Cassus fett
Posted: Monday, May 29, 2017 7:11:32 PM
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Joined: 6/10/2010
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Round 4

Initiative was won by me (shout out to Recon again) (5,13/9)
Ben Surprise moves back around his corner (cowardly)
Cassus hands FSM to the other scout, who moves a couple spaces to cover and drops the salvo on Wedge's camping a$$. Who saves and only takes 10 (sigh).
Shevu diagonals over and dumps all over my impotent trooper from last times, blowing him clean off the board (blasted seriously dude can shoot)
Meanwhile Jacen sprints across the open to stand a square away from the door.
My officer moves up to the scout and shoots at the GA officer, misses.
Mandalore moves two spaces to trigger FSM again, and again wedge saves for 10 (ugh).
The GA officer waiting for his mandalorian counterpart to show his cowardly and almost dead self moves and shoots, and misses (ironic almost).
My elite moves further into gambit for a quad attack next round, and Ben sneaks into gambit behind him while R2 moves up, and doesnt lock the door...

Round 5
Initiative goes to me again (18,10/9)
We each get 10 points for gambit
Cassus moves out and shoots the cowardly Skywalker, two hits, Ben opts to defense one, and fails the save. Cassus (through the officer, relay orders and such, hands a set of Danger Close FSM coordinates for the scout to call in)
The scout does so. Ben fails his save, and is pasted as a result (success, vindication and celebration)
Shevu goes to shoot and misses (double 2's against my Cassus, take that Clint Eastwood).
Jacen doubles back and sith rages, he proceeds to eviscerate my elite trooper and laugh about it (curses)
My officer triples Jacen and after the first hit Jacen uses his reflexes to dip out of los (coward). Officer uses the rest of his attacks on wedge (and missed).
Mandalore triples jacen through the not locked door that he clumsily stood beside (yes)
after the first hit he elects to move back into gambit.
Wedge shoots and misses, as does the officer. Im out of people so R2 does a little donut and the final round is over. We do a final gambit check, 10 for him, nothing for me.

Final Score
Me: 105 (30 gambit, 51 (all special guards), 24 (ben skywalker)
Him: 101 (30 gambit, 46 (elite troopers), 15 (scout)

Mando's eek out a tiny victory.

Overall great game. I was super scared when i saw his team, thought i'd get stomped. But my team did a good job, the consistent initiative win was awesome and it helped that My opponent missed some key rolls (lots of awful shooting all around i must say). And blasted can Shevu shoot (expect that one time).
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