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Imps vs Rebels Options
Posted: Saturday, June 24, 2017 12:11:28 PM
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Just played against Sithbot on Jabba's Palace

My build


Not going to lie, it was an absolute slug fest and super fun. Even though I smashed him pretty good.

Evazan healed Vader twice for 60 damage, Ponda absorbed 60. Than Absolute devotion absorbed 80. (or he targeted the uggie or r7).

Kylo Ren died pretty quickly but did choke someone away from the fray and his +6 to init helped me win an init I would have lost which set up a force lightning to activate Ahsoka and kind of changed the game.
We ended up being in the big room in the middle right of the map because Battle Ready had me flying up there super quick.
he positioned Artoo and C-3PO wrong but cloaked does not matter since all my guys have melee anyway.

Vader had 90 HP (after being healed for 60 and Ponda absorbing 60) and Emperor had 40 left all the rest of my squad was dead.

That was a very fun battle
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