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Dancing on the Skiff - GenCon 2017 9th place (plus the rest of GenCon) Options
Posted: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 7:40:59 AM
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Had a great time at GenCon. I'll update this as I have time. Hopefully I'll get it all written up before I forget everything.



Championships didn't start until 2:00 this year, so I had a free morning. I went to the dealer hall but in about 5 minutes I found myself heading over to the dealer hall for a demo of the board game Fallen Land. It was fun, and I might end up buying it someday. But the main event for Thursday was the championships. I brought the familiar Caedus/Barriss combination - this time putting them on the Skiff to provide survivability and extend their reach.

--Dancing on the Skiff (GenCon 2017 9th place/18)--
54 Darth Caedus, Sith Lord
31 Barriss Offee, Rogue Jedi
28 Mira of Nar Shaddaa
25 Barada on Desert Skiff
20 Queen Amanoa
14 Exar Kun, Dark Force Spirit
11 Freedon Nadd, Dark Force Spirit
10 Squib Trader
4 Sith Recruit
3 XT-6 Droid

(200pts. 10 activations)

Map: Simulation Deck

Round 1: Versus AceAce's blastbugging Vong

This looked pretty much like an auto-loss. I rushed the commanders with a fully loaded skiff, and I got pretty close. Then two rolls went against me. First, when he killed the skiff, Caedus rolled a 1 so I couldn't even use the Recruit to reroll it. Dead Caedus - he did nothing. But I had moved the skiff close enough that Barriss and Mira could reach the Subcommander. Mira hit him for 40dmg, and then Barriss based him and survived to the next round. Barriss then killed him, but he also got Reserves on the next init. All of his scouts became useless at the very time that he got a new attacker, and he was able to take out Barriss and Mira for the win. If I hadn't lost Caedus and he didn't get Reserves I might have actually won this! But maybe not. In any case, I was very proud of getting even 1 point here.

Round 2: Versus DarkDracul's Ghost Crew

I'll have to check my notes on this one to remember the details but it was pretty close. I won 2-1.

Round 3: Versus DarthJim's Savage Uvak

I was able to get put everyone on the skiff so that the Uvak couldn't do much. I think it hit the skiff once but then Caedus came out and killed it before it could do much damage. He did some damage with the rest of his squad, but had invested a lot of points in the Uvak (Watto+Celeste+Sidious to pawn it), so the fact that he didn't get much out of it gave me a huge advantage. I got 3 points, but I don't remember if he got a point out of it.

Round 4: Versus Timmerb's Femme Fatale

I played this horribly. The matchup was very much in my favor, though. Enough that I won despite my play errors. I forgot Amanoa's CE at least twice. I didn't advance as quickly as I could with the Skiff. Although that may have been a good thing. Tim killed the skiff and everyone made the save. I had only moved 8 instead of 16, and that let me disembark Caedus. He had rolled that 1 against the Vong when falling off the skiff, and by disembarking him I didn't risk losing him to a dead skiff. But it also slowed me down. It took some work to chase down all of his slippery attackers. I managed to kill them all by the end of time, but just barely. I didn't have time to spin in gambit to get up to 200, so I was left with a 2-1 win.

Round 5: Versus spryguy's LukeLeiaSpeeder +Kyle/Jan

I had a decent lead in the game against Spry at one point. Jan, the Speeder, R2, and Crix were all dead, I still had a bunch of Force points, and he had almost no damage on my damage dealers (just poured it into the Skiff). I made a bad error - leaving Exar outside of the main combat room and planning to move him into the room early in the next round. Turns out I needed him in the room before I had a chance to move him. On top of that, I didn't recognize Kyle's top dmg output. Top of the round I pulled Kyle across 3 Mines squares adjacent to Caedus. But 3 Mines saves (Kyle made all 3 saves) and then attacking with Caedus didn't kill Kyle. If Exar were in the room, the Mines and Shields saves would have been harder, but more importantly I would have spent Exar's FPs on SBM, leaving Caedus with enough to Master Illusion twice when Kyle attacked him. But instead Caedus had only 1 fp and went down quickly. With Exar in the room it would have been save 20s on Master Illusion and Caedus would have almost certainly lived. If I had simply had Exar in the room, I'd put my chances in that skirmish at 80-20, maybe better. That's not to take anything away from Spry - I made the mistake and he won because he played without making such mistakes.

That left me at 9 points and in 9th place. 7th place also had 9 points, while 6th place had 10 points. I probably didn't have the tiebreaker, so getting that extra point against Tim probably would have still left me in 7th place and out of the top 6 (playoffs). But if I had beaten Spry that would have put me into 3rd place where he was. That's how close things were in this tournament. I had a blast, though. The meta was really good this year - I even had fun playing against Vong if only because earning that one point felt like such an accomplishment.
Posted: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 7:44:50 AM
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Through the Ages Tournament

I didn't take notes on this one. I remember I played Alex, then atmsalad, and then a brand new player.

Against Alex, we played on a map from Map Pack 1 (was it Dxun?) that had a kill box right in the middle of the map. He probably had the slightly stronger squad (Mandos v Mandos) but I had the much better side of the map, and he walked right through the killbox. He tried to come around the side, but the damage was already done. He conceded and we re-started for fun. He tried the third door and we were basically at a stalemate when time was called.

Against atmsalad, I totally blew it. I had death-shot Plo Koon and Wolf Pack troopers versus Aayla and Star Corps troops. (It was on Simulation Deck, so it was a training exercise between clones - I love the theme on that.) I had a decent lead and we were coming down to the last round or two. I left Plo without a bodyguard adjacent at the end of a round. I had checked that the enemy troops couldn't kill Plo at the top of the round, and neither could Aayla in a single activation. So instead of running a bodyguard adjacent, I took a shot with that bodyguard instead, knowing I would have time to run the bodyguard up at the top of the next round even if I lost init. But I hadn't checked the stats on Commander Bly, and atmsalad won init... with Final Shot and then combining fire left and right, Bly was able to kill Plo in one activation. Ugh. After that, I would have needed some miracle dice to kill Bly to make up the points, but I didn't get them.

In the last game, I played a new player. It was Imperials and Rebels but I don't remember the details and don't even remember if I won. I won the initial roll and gave him the better squad. I think I still wound up winning but I'm not sure.

Team Tournament

I played Kanan Kyle Cannon in the Team Tournament:
--Kanan Kyle Cannon (GenCon 2017 Team Tournament)--
51 Kanan Jarrus
43 Ahsoka Tano, Champion of the Rebellion
34 Kyle Katarn, Rebel Hero
20 Princess Leia
18 Jan Ors
12 See-Threepio (C-3PO)
9 General Dodonna
9 R2-D2 with Extended Sensor
4 Loth-cat
3 Mouse Droid
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist

(206pts. 11 activations)

First game was against DarkDracul's Resistance squad. I jumped out to an early lead as he had put Chewie in a bad spot where he didn't have line of sight on any of my squad for his Retaliatory Barrages. I was able to take out Finn and Han and had only lost Threepio in the exchange. The game was pretty well in hand but then with one bad move it all went south. He brought Chewie up and posted him in a much better spot and ran BB-8 deep into my squad. I locked a door and killed BB-8, knowingly trading Jan for BB-8. (After locking the door she was the only one left in Chewie's sight for the Retaliatory Barrage). Shortly after that he had Rey posted in front of Chewie with her Evade/Parries on a 9 and with a reroll. I ran Ahsoka past Rey to Chewie but forgot about Force Absorb. I could have easily just moved one square further and based Chewie diagonally while not being adjacent to Rey. ARGH! Force Absorb meant Ahsoka wasted her entire turn when she could have almost certainly killed Chewie. I wound up at something like 95 points for the skirmish for a 2-0 loss.

My partner, spryguy, had also lost - getting 1 point. That actually ended up helping us as that meant we faced some newer players for the second two rounds, and we swept for two 6-point wins in the last two rounds. 13 points was good for second place in the tournament of 7 teams.

Round 2 for me was against Darth Moore's Mando squad that he had taken to top 4 in the championships, but it was a new player piloting it instead of Darth Moore. Round 3 was against Sam, custom-maker-extraordinaire, but I'm drawing a blank on the actual skirmish right now.
Posted: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 7:45:23 AM
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Casual Tournament

Played Imperial Knights

Win versus Gizmotronx's Mandos.

Loss versus Darth Moore's ... I forget what.

Win versus Lily_Wan's Sith (Krayt and friends).

Tile Wars

--First Dance (GenCon Tile Wars 2017 2nd Place)--
54 Darth Caedus, Sith Lord
31 Barriss Offee, Rogue Jedi
28 Mira of Nar Shaddaa
17 Marka Ragnos, Dark Force Spirit
15 Ree-Yees
14 Exar Kun, Dark Force Spirit
11 Freedon Nadd, Dark Force Spirit
11 Watto
8 Muun Tactics Broker
4 Loth-cat
4 Sith Recruit
3 XT-6 Droid

(200pts. 12 activations)

The idea with this squad is to win before my opponent even gets a turn. MTB will let me win init. Against another MTB, Ree-Yees + Sith Recruit still gives me a close to 90% chance of winning init. Going first, I pop the XT-6 to activate 2. Caedus uses SBM twice (once with Marka's Force points) to spin everyone around the Mines with Watto's Loaded Chance Cube active and leaves the biggest guy adjacent to Caedus for a Double-Cunning Attack. Also leaves all the enemies clumped together and adjacent to green and adjacent to Ree-Yees. Second activation, Mira does Grenades 20x2... autofail from Rigged Detonators, and take another 40 from Ree-Yees' SD40. So, basically, do about 120dmg to everyone in the opposing squad and about 180dmg to their biggest character.

Win versus Brendan.
Worked just about as planned.

Win/loss versus Darth Moore.
Father/Bane/Vergere... I "won" this and I ended up being announced as the Tile Wars winner. But during the game with Tim (3rd round), he pointed out that Loaded Chance Cube didn't work on Force users. I knew that at one point but had forgotten. Bane was rolling for Loaded Chance Cube all game and I would have lost if we played it correctly. I gave Paul the tournament prize, and he's the rightful Tile Wars 2017 champ.

Win versus TimmerB.
Worked just about as planned... used his own Self-Destruct against him.
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