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XT Droid ruling for gencon specifically Options
Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2020 12:01:31 PM
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When you sac the XT, you then go with the "new" character. You then might have to go back and finish some End of Turn abilities for the characters turn you interrupted.


Revan SL moves 20 squares. XT next to atton rand gets sacced. Atton rand goes and does his thing. Now we revert back to finishing revans turn (ie swapping if desired).

2. Revan goes 20 squares, swaps in Darth bane. Then XT within 4 of atton sacs, then atton would go.

You CANNOT move revan, sac XT next to Atton, then swap, THEN go with Atton, as Atton would have to go right after you sac the XT but before you had swapped.

So you can stack it in any order you wish, you just have to go with the "new" character as soon as you sac the XT

This follows with all the other End of turn rulings from wotc (door check games with RS leia or override, etc)
Posted: Tuesday, August 4, 2020 7:34:58 PM
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Just trying to follow/understand this. What is even is XT?
Posted: Tuesday, August 4, 2020 7:49:20 PM
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The XT-6 Droid has the Service Droid special ability.

Service Droid (At the end of an ally's turn, you may remove this character from play (it is defeated) to activate an unactivated ally within 4 squares, without counting toward the number of activations this phase. Service Droid can be used only once per phase.)
Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2020 6:11:04 AM
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The interaction of Service Droid with other end-of-turn effects was raised as a rules question right before the GenCon Championships tournament, and there wasn't time to discuss it with the rules committee. A ruling was needed for the tournament, though, and that's what urbanjedi described above. I think what he posted is likely to remain the ruling (and it remains the ruling until/unless otherwise posted), but the caveat of "for GenCon specifically" is just to alert people that it's possible that it could change after further discussion.
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