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Replacing Turn and Force Abilities Options
Posted: Monday, July 19, 2021 6:59:13 PM
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This has probably been asked and answered before, but...

If a character uses an ability like Charging Assault or Master Lift, can that character use abilities like Force Leap, Overwhelming Force, or even Sith Rage on that same turn?

Thanks in advance
Posted: Monday, July 19, 2021 7:23:22 PM
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Zero-time abilities cannot be used when you replace your turn. However, you can use abilities if the appropriate trigger comes up. All 3 of the ones you mentioned can potentially be used. Sith Rage is used when attacking, so if a replaces-turn ability generates an attack you can use Sith Rage. Same thing for Overwhelming Force. I know that Knight Speed and the unnamed move-faster Force power can be used before movement even if that movement is part of a replaces-turn effect like Charging Assault. If I were judge I would rule that the same is true for Force Leap, but I'm only about 95% sure on that one.

Zero-time abilities is the one that usually trips people up. Targeting and Jedi Mind Trick are examples of zero-time abilities, which cannot be used if using a replaces-turn ability.

Abilities that trigger at start or end of turn (e.g. Override) can still be used if using a replaces-turn ability.

Picture the turn like this:

1. Turn starts
2. Take the turn
(Insert all the attacks, movement, replaces-attacks abilities here, with zero-time abilities coming before or after any of the movement/attacks/etc)
3. Turn ends

A replaces-turn ability replaces all of step 2, which is when you would need to use your zero-time abilities. But the turn still starts and ends, so abilities with those triggers can still be used.
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