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Glossary Terms


commander effect

Certain characters can affect the skirmish, especially their allies, with commander effects. Some commander effects have a range. Line of sight is not required for a commander effect to function unless otherwise noted. However, you must count around walls, doors, and similar impassable terrain when measuring range. Commander effects normally do not affect Droid or Savage characters.

Duplicate commander effects never stack. A single character can benefit from any number of different commander effects simultaneously, but if more than one grants a bonus to the same roll or statistic, only the highest bonus applies. When a commander effect grants a special ability, the ability is treated as though it were printed on the card. Bonuses conferred by that ability do not stack with any other instances of the same ability, but they would stack with any bonuses to the same statistic granted by other commander effects.

A commander effect ends immediately when the character with the effect is defeated.

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