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When 900 years old Bloo Milk is, taste as good it will not.



Card Text

Other characters do not provide cover against this character's attack

Glossary Text

When making an attack, this character ignores characters other than the target enemy for purposes of cover. Ignore intervening characters when determining both whether that enemy is a legal target, and whether it gains the +4 bonus to its Defense from cover. This ability does not allow the attacking character to ignore terrain that provides cover.

For example, the Nikto Soldier has Sniper. He can shoot past a Clone Trooper and attack the Clone Trooper Commander behind that Clone Trooper, and the Commander does not get a +4 bonus to Defense. However, if there were low objects between the Clone Trooper and the Clone Trooper Commander, the Nikto Soldier would still not be able to target the Commander.

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