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Rapport (Clone Troopers -1)


Card Text

Characters named Clone Trooper cost 1 less when in the same squad as this character

Glossary Text

This special ability specifies a character and a condition. The specified character costs less to add to your squad when the specified condition is met. If that character is defeated, it scores victory points equal to the reduced cost. If you add a character eligible for Rapport through Reinforcements or Reserves, use the discounted price for the newly added character.

Multiples of the same Rapport ability do not stack. However, different versions of Rapport from different characters could grant multiple reductions to the cost of a given unit. For example, Clone Commander Cody reduces the cost of Clone Troopers in his squad, while Queen Amidala reduces the cost of non-Unique Republic followers. If both these characters are in the same squad, Clone Trooper characters in their squad would all receive a total discount of 2 points. (Should a situation ever arise in which different characters’ Rapport abilities could reduce a character’s cost below 1, its minimum cost is 1.)

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