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Only legal in the Outer Rim.

Set / Faction Set / Faction Character

Fringe Morrigan Corde 31 
Counts As: Nyna Calixte
Hit Points: 70
Defense: 19
Attack: 9
Damage: 20
Rarity: Rare
Base: Medium
Gender: Female
Morrigan Corde

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Agile (This character can move 2 extra squares at the end of her turn)
  • Bounty Hunter +2 (+2 Attack against Unique enemies)
  • Charging Fire (Replaces turn: Can move up to double speed, then attack)
  • Evade (When hit by an attack from a nonadjacent enemy, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)
  • Suppressive Fire (On this character's turn, enemy characters attacked by this character cannot use special abilities or Force powers that respond to this character's attacks for the rest of the turn and enemies hit by this character's attacks cannot benefit from or grant commander effects for the rest of the round)
  • Twin Attack (Whenever this character attacks, she makes 1 extra attack against the same target)

In 137 ABY, Moff Nyna Claixte "reactivated" her true persona of Morrigan Corde to help save her son, Cade Skywalker.

Average Rating: 8.81 (16)
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