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Comes with a trial size packet of "Bloo-B-Gone" teeth whitener.

Set / Faction Set / Faction Character

Hit Points: 60
Defense: 17
Attack: 8
Damage: 20
Rarity: Common
Base: Large
Gender: Unknown
Cloud-Rider on Swoop Bike

Special Abilities

  • Pirate (Counts as a character whose name contains Pirate)
  • Speed 12 (Can move up to 12 squares and attack, or 24 squares without attacking)
  • Flight (Ignores difficult terrain, enemy characters, low objects, and pits when moving)
  • Advantageous Cover (+8 Defense from cover instead of +4)
  • Artillerist (+4 Attack against enemies with Flight)
  • Distraction (Suppresses adjacent enemy commander effects)
  • Magnetic Restraint Cable (Whenever a Large or larger enemy with Flight or Mounted Weapon becomes adjacent to this character, that enemy must end its movement and cannot move as long as it is adjacent to this character)

"Bring me their weapons." -- Enfys Nest

Average Rating: 7.33 (3)
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