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Official beverage of the Boonta Eve Classic.

Set / Faction Set / Faction Character

Imperial Saberan Marcross 25 
Counts As: Saberan Marcross
Hit Points: 60
Defense: 17
Attack: 8
Damage: 20
Rarity: Rare
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Saberan Marcross

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Trooper
  • Twin Attack (Whenever this character attacks, he makes 1 extra attack against the same target)
  • Stealth (If this character has cover, he does not count as the nearest enemy for an attacker farther than 6 squares when choosing targets)
  • Independent Outfit (Also counts as a Fringe character for the purpose of commander effects)
  • Override (At the end of his turn, this character can designate 1 door that he can see as open or closed; it remains open or closed until the end of this character's next turn, or until he is defeated)
  • Synergy +2 (Imperial allies with Independent Outfit get +2 Defense while within 6 squares of this character)

"Hey, I was just thinking, we're the good guys, right? That's what they told us during the brainwashing." "Orientation, Brightwater!" -- Korlo Brightwater and Saberan Marcross

Average Rating: 8.00 (2)
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