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Set / Faction Set / Faction Character

Fringe Djas Puhr 19 
Counts As: Djas Puhr
Hit Points: 40
Defense: 14
Attack: 6
Damage: 10
Rarity: Rare
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Years: 10 BBY - 7 ABY
Djas Puhr

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Bounty Hunter +2 (+2 Attack against Unique enemies)
  • Double Attack (On his turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
  • Opportunist (+4 Attack and +10 Damage against an enemy who has activated this round)

Hiding in the shadows of the Mos Eisley cantina, this Sakiyan bounty hunter observes everyone who passes through the spaceport city.

Average Rating: 6.16 (64)
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