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Set / Faction Set / Faction Character

Fringe Boba Fett 50 
Counts As: Boba Fett
Hit Points: 110
Defense: 20
Attack: 12
Damage: 20
Rarity: Very Rare
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Years: 19 BBY - 23 ABY
Boba Fett

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Flight (Ignores difficult terrain, enemy characters, low objects, and pits when moving)
  • Accurate Shot (Can attack an enemy with cover even if it's not the nearest enemy)
  • Bounty Hunter +4 (+4 Attack against Unique enemies)
  • Double Attack (On his turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
Average Rating: 6.82 (89)
Synergy Providers ()
Synergy Receivers ()

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