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Runs strong in my family...

Set / Faction Set / Faction Character

Imperial Admiral Gilad Pellaeon 16 
Counts As: Gilad Pellaeon
Hit Points: 60
Defense: 17
Attack: 6
Damage: 10
Rarity: Very Rare
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Admiral Gilad Pellaeon

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Ysalamiri (Characters within 6 squares cannot spend Force points. This character and characters within 6 squares gain Force Immunity.)

Commander Effect

At the start of the skirmish, after set-up, you may replace one allied Imperial commander on your squad with an Imperial character of equal or lesser cost.

Gilad Pellaeon had a very long military career spanning over seven decades, beginning before the Clone Wars and staying active up through the formation of the Galactic Alliance.

Average Rating: 8.86 (36)
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