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With extended sensor.

Hit Points: 10
Defense: --
Attack: --
Damage: --
Base: Small
Gender: It
Creator: donnyrides
Created: 6/15/2017
Updated: 6/16/2017

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Light HP Boost (Add 10HP to the equipped character's max starting HP)
  • Equipment (This is not a character and does not get placed on the map. Once attached to a valid target, it's cost value is considered part of the attached character's cost for purposes of defeated scoring only. A character may only have 1 piece of equipment.)

I hate when I finish my squad build at 199 points

Average Rating: --
6/15/2017 9:27:23 PM

HAHAHAHAHA. yes....yes I def get this. and would DEF use it!
6/16/2017 4:13:34 AM

I like the idea of equipment and think could be fun if limited. For instance make a rule that says you have to add the cost onto the character before the skirmish and the SA to the character before the skirmish as well. So this would make GOWK cost 56 and have +10 HP from the start. this "piece" is not on the grid at all and has no HP, it just adds to the character. like Stealth Generator cost 15, before set up choose an ally, that ally gains Stealth and costs 15 more cost for purposes of Gambit. or Regenrative Implants. Cost 15. before set up choose an ally, that ally gains regeneration 10.
6/16/2017 9:36:42 AM

What does a female vest do?
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