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Bloo or Bloo not, there is no try.

Hit Points: 70
Defense: 18
Attack: 0
Damage: 0
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Creator: NewGuy117
Created: 12/13/2017
Updated: 12/17/2017

Special Abilities

  • Augment Healing (Adjacent allies that use Heal or Force Heal double the amount of damage removed)
  • Heal 30 (Replaces attacks: touch; remove 30 damage from a living character)
  • Stable Footing (Not slowed by difficult terrain or low objects)
  • Medical Implant (At the start if the skirmish, choose one ally, that character gains Heal 20 and Medical Supplies.)

Commander Effect

All living allies remove 10 damage when they activate.

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12/13/2017 2:36:05 AM

wow! we had a few similar ideas. hmmm. I did not know Medical Supplies was a thing. i made almost the exact ability. I will have to change mine a tad. Stable Footing is a nice call! I do not know if I understand the CE at all. care to explain?
12/13/2017 2:59:33 AM

i think maybe the minus to speed is to represent moving around all the "injured" not sure tho
12/13/2017 3:01:30 AM

ur kinda right CHS I'm gonns swap it out cuz it is confusing.
12/13/2017 4:34:34 PM (Updated: 12/13/2017 4:37:59 PM)

Speed 8? I would think Speed 4 would be more appropriate since medical people move more carefully around the sick and injured. On a side note, NG you always seem to go Big when you create a character. Although I grant you you're not as bad as Alex. :)
12/13/2017 5:45:54 PM

I would Drop Medical Field Training or Medical Supplies, as they are close in function that having them both seems almost redundant.
12/14/2017 7:00:59 PM

I would combine medical supplies, medical field training, and your CE and just call it Medical Implant (At the start if the skirmish, choose one ally, that character gains Heal 20 for the rest of the Skirmish and removes 10 damage whenever it activates). Then drop the CE and the other SAs. He is a pretty potent medic as is.
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