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Lets the Wookiee win.

Hit Points: 10
Defense: 13
Attack: 4
Damage: 20
Rarity: Common
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Creator: kuden24
Created: 9/7/2018
Updated: 1/24/2019

Special Abilities

  • Order 66
  • 501st (Counts as a member of the 501st, subject to commander effects from 501st leaders and contributes to squad bonuses.)
  • Double Attack (On his turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
  • Squad Assault (+4 Attack while 3 allies with the same name as this character are within 6 squares)
  • CQB +2 (Gains +2 attack when within 6 squares of his target)

Some clones of the 501st carried multiple blasters to increase effectiveness in the close range environments they served.

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