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Smells marginally better than the inside of a tauntaun.

Hit Points: 80
Defense: 17
Attack: 10
Damage: 20
Base: Medium
Gender: Male
Creator: gandalfthegreatestwizard
Created: 12/4/2018
Updated: 4/11/2019

Special Abilities

  • Unique
  • Double Attack (On his turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
  • Greater Mobile Attack (Can move both before and after attacking. This character can make extra attacks even if he moves this turn, but he must make them all before resuming movement.)
  • Camaraderie (An ally whose name contains Luke Skywalker gains Pilot)
  • Willing to Serve (Counts as a follower for purposes of allied commander effects)
  • Synergy +2 (+2 Attack and +2 Defense while an ally whose name contains Luke is within 6 squares)

Commander Effect

At the end of this character's turn, 1 Rebel pilot follower within 6 squares may immediately move up to its speed toward an ally whose name contains Luke Skywalker.

"Wedge is in command of Rogue Squadron now, and he told me if I ever needed them they'd come running." ―Luke Skywalker, to Chewbacca

Average Rating: 10.00 (1)
12/4/2018 7:41:06 AM

Are you deliberately mixing legends and Disney?
12/4/2018 8:11:10 AM

Not really. After Luke left Rogue Squadron, Wedge became Rogue Leader. However, Luke flew with the Rogues as Rogue Leader on several missions after he left them, as the squadron was always ready to answer his call. On those occasions, Wedge flew under the callsign "Rogue One". So Wedge is the original Rogue One, and this mini represents him as that (as well as being a playable Wedge for Rebels, which is long overdue imo).
12/4/2018 11:19:02 PM

So... that would make this legends Rogue One getting boosts for Disney Rogue One? It's a really cool piece, I'm just curious why you specifically put the Rogue One modifier in there.
12/5/2018 12:17:06 AM

Well, yeah, he would. That doesn't seem like a huge problem to me- there are plenty of other cases where Disney characters boost Legends characters or vice versa, like the NR Legends Han Solos in a Resistance squad, or Daala/ First Order builds. It's not exactly thematic that the Rogue One crew helps him, of course, but I intended it mainly as an obscure reference to the fact that Wedge was Rogue One before it was cool.
12/5/2018 12:28:04 AM

Haha I approve. No hate on that at all, I think that's really inventive. I just wanted to know if it was intentional.
12/5/2018 3:54:25 AM

being the "flavor nazi" I can't get behind the Rogue One. Can we change the CE to not Double Speed and keep it up to speed? double speed movement breakers are crazy powerful. Especially in a faction that has some other movement breakers. Double Speed towards a Luke to get within 6 just to be levitated 12 more is 30 squares of movement. Quite a bit. and you have Artoo who can slingshot someone towards Luke as well.
12/5/2018 3:54:29 AM

I love the Pilot love and the double GMA with Willing to Serve. All good stuff. I dont know how I feel about the +4 +4 though. Artoo grants +2 and Rogue One can get all sorts of Attack bonuses. +2 from Jyn and +4 from Reprisal. this guy is sitting at a possibility of a 10 base +2 jyn +2 artoo, +4 synergy +4 reprisal for a total of 22 attack.
12/5/2018 3:55:14 AM

If you drop Rogue One and make the CE up to speed I think you might be able to drop cost to 26 and we would have a really fun piece.
12/5/2018 4:45:54 AM

You make a good point about Luke RC. I imagined this guy as an alternative movement breaker to that Luke so you can run other Lukes and still have a good movement breaker, but if you do run RC it's very powerful. I'll change that somehow. Rogue One is staying though- Wedge can't be in the CCC without it.
12/5/2018 4:58:13 AM

I'm not sure if he can get Synergy with Luke and Jyn at the same time- they're the same ability so I don't think that would work. Anyhow, I added a new ability that eliminates Rogue One synergy. CE is now only up to their speed, though I think I'd prefer it if I could find a simple way to exclude Luke RC and keep it as double.
12/5/2018 6:25:54 AM

Haha whaaaaat. I'm sad to see that synergy go, but the new ability is almost worth it just for the name. Anyways, he's still boosting "pilots," so there you go. Still a subfaction. This is still a phenomenal piece, actually. Helps out with Raddus, and Rebel Pilots are already pretty good at close-quarters. You can have a Luke with Pilot go charging in with Battering Assault. Next phase, Wedge pops out with GMA, then loads a Gold Squadron Ace into position for a Pinpoint Attack.
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